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Get ready for plenty of canine fun with the Zoomer – Toys’R’Us Exclusive. This interactive dog follows you with his eyes and even understands commands in English, Spanish and French so you can call his name or tell him it’s time for a walk. When you download the free iOS or Android app, you can get training tips for your new friend (devices sold separately). The multiple sensors help Zoomer mimic the movements of a real dog, and you can even teach your puppy pal tricks, such as sit, play dead, roll over and more. Zoomer even wanders off or “pees” on the floor when he gets bored. Bring home man’s best friend without the mess, vaccinations or responsibilities of an actual dog!

Teach him tricks, such as roll over and sit. The more you teach him, the more he remembers
Follows your movements with his eyes
Free iOS or Android app download lets you gain access to training tips (devices sold separately)
Understands English, Spanish and French and responds when you say his name or teach him a command
Multiple sensors enable Zoomer to make realistic dog movements
Wags his tail, barks, speaks and even sings
Gets excited when his belly is scratched
Wanders off or “pees” on the floor when he gets bored

What’s Included

  •     Zoomer – Toys’R’Us Exclusive
  •     USB charging cable
  •     Instruction guide
  •     Reference guide


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  • sarah  says:

    zoomer os the best my son have one

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