Yumiko reviews the Power Rangers Super Megaforce Hero Portal Game

Thanks to #JakksToys for sending us the Power Rangers Super Megaforce Hero Portal with 4 Power Rangers. I not only show you what you get in the box, but also take on Level 1 and beat it with my first try. The game play was fun with lots of bad guys to beat up. Can’t wait to take on Level 2 in my next #Gameplay video. My only wish for this game was more attack variations or additional controller buttons to allow for more combinations or special attacks.

The cool thing about the Hero Portal is that it plugs directly into your TV with the game contained in the controller.

Product Description:
Choose Your Hero, Place on Portal, Unlock in the Game! The Power Rangers Hero Portal is your all-in-one gaming system that features RFID technology. All games are built inside the controller, so there is no gaming console needed! The Hero Portal System includes Controller, Portal Base, Two Figures (Red and Blue Ranger), 6 Levels, 18 Missions, and Hours of Gaming! Collect the Booster Packs to Unlock additional characters and correlating missions. Age 8+

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