Win a Carla Esparza Signed Team Oyama T-shirt

Yumi and Sachi take on UFC MMA Fighter Carla Esparza the UFC’s 1st Women’s Straw Weight World Champion in a CAKE EATING CONTEST. Ian McCall comes in as a Celerity Judge to determin the winner of this Cake Eating Contest. Vote in the comments who you think will win.

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3 comments to Win a Carla Esparza Signed Team Oyama T-shirt

  • Alexandria  says:

    Can’t wait hope I win… I have tried for years 🙁 no luck yet thou…

  • Kaitlyn godfrey  says:

    I’m Kaitlyn from USA FL and my First year but my dad left and if I get this my mom will smile and it’s been year since we have smiled hope if I don’t get it somebody else will be happy

  • carmen pardo  says:

    I hope I win the giveaway because I am a great fan of Carla espraza
    Hope you pic me!!

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