What’s In My Backpack 2017 GIVEAWAY + $500 Amazon Giftcard

Hi Guys to start 2017 with a bang I’m giving away everything in my FNAF Backpack to one lucky fan and a $500 Amazon Giftcard to another Fan. 2016 was such an amazing year on YouTube and I am truly grateful for your support. I love making entertaining videos with my siblings and we couldn’t do this without you. I love you all and good luck!

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  • Ohami  says:

    I would really like the first prizes

    • Johnnita Willis  says:

      I want the frist prize and also I love you guys channel. Its so awesome congrats on 200,000 subs. I did all the enteries

      • Stephanie Nadia Sanchez  says:

        I really love your videos I will love to enter this giveaway and gift card put I can’t wait for the giveaway I love you if I don’t win well is okay I may be win in the other giveaway please and thank you

        • Stephanie Nadia Sanchez  says:

          I just really want to win the school supplies please give me a chance please and thank you

    • Jenni gully  says:

      I would love to win the giftcard because I dont go to public schiol & I would have no use for the first prizes . But the amazon card would be amazing to win 😀

    • Amy.Benavides  says:

      I want the camera

    • Renessa  says:

      I really won’t mind what I get even if I don’t get anything all I know is that I tried;)

    • jack  says:

      your so funny in your videos entered giveaway

      • Stephanie Nadia Sanchez  says:

        I want the first prize

    • Alana  says:

      Um. Hi. I don’t usually watch these kind of videos. So um I would really appreciate a laptop or something I could do my schoolwork on. You see me and my sister have to be homeschooled because we can’t in roll in school or my father might find us. Which would be bad. But homeschooling is really hard when all you have are a few SAT practice books from the last battered woman’s shelter you were in. So if I were to have an electronic resource me and my sister could start learning properly. Sorry for making this some kind of sob story but I just wanted to explain why I really need a laptop. Thanks. Love your channel ☺

    • Marco Kuzmanovski  says:

      Same I would like the first prize if I win and the reason is because off the thought of taking time to see why u wanna get

    • Zeinab Alebadi  says:

      I really want the fist prize or anything else

  • Roxanne Merrow  says:

    Going to share ur page with my Granddaughter 🙂 She will love you guys & she is who i would LOVE to win ur awesome LOADED backpack for..Thanks you guysss!

  • Liseth  says:

    I love u guys so much i hope you have a wonderful 2017 thanks for making youtube video’s for us so much love from us

  • Liseth  says:

    I love u guys

    • Taliyah Delavale  says:

      Can i please have something you are the only youtuber i watch i watch

  • Ohami  says:

    I also love your channel it is so amazing in i hope you’ll have even more subscribers this year 2017 ✨✨✨In i hope i when a prize have never won a prize for you’ll in i try a lot because i don’t got no school supplies like crayons markers color pencil and notebooks please hope that i would win that prize

  • Anushka Ferrao  says:

    I love all your videos ther are so nice
    Also I love you all.

  • Ashly  says:

    I will like to win the prize because I will to get for me because this year my parent just brought notebook thank you love u

  • Mariam Moshood  says:

    Thank you for all your videos I really like your videos you guys are so awesome go team unicorn and panda

    • Latifa  says:

      I really like your vidéos guys you are so awesome keep going

    • raymond  says:

      i hope i win i love your vid i hope i win love your channel

    • An-nish thomas  says:

      I love your Channel ao much and you guy hope your new years was great

    • Amie jobarteh  says:

      Yes I agree I love her because she is really genarous

    • Farah faizul  says:

      Omg…this is has all the things I needed for my school. I luv u , yumi….

    • Farah faizul  says:

      I m in total luv with this.
      I have all the things I need for skool

    • LaToya A Jones  says:

      thank you so much for this i couldnt do it without you and i hope i win and if i dont i hope somebody else could win and i really wont just dance 2017 because i loveeeee that game so much and that emoji pillow i loveeee those pillows and i loveeeee both of your youtube channels and i subscribed to them and if i dont win the first time i will win the second time for the 500$ and if i dont win the second time i hope somebody else will get it and please make more giveaways because i loveeeee thim sooooooo muchhhhh thank you!!!

  • Natalie  says:

    Your videos are adorable

  • Lisbet Garcia  says:

    I love u guys so much. You guys are my favorite you tuber.

  • Keira Mistry  says:

    I really like your videos. I really appreciate the effort you put into you videos to make them fun and entertaining

  • Vega  says:

    Hi im Vega!I live in India and u guys so cool I love watching your vids!keep making more

  • Esraa-alhayek  says:

    Thank you for the amazing videos
    And i really really want to win this giveaway

  • China merise  says:

    I love you guys so much and you guys are so funny but I hope I win this giveaway and love you guys

  • Aira berna sotto  says:

    Your video is pretty awesome

  • raymond  says:

    i hope i win i love your vid i hope i win love your channel

  • Florencia de la Fuente  says:

    I love your videos! I think they are really useful and you girls are really funny! Love you ❤

  • Hibaouchem  says:

    Thanks for the videos i like it so much

  • Joana kirsten J. Borja  says:

    I realy like your videos asine so much☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺.

  • Joana kirsten J. Borja  says:

    I realy like your videos like crazy ☺☺☺☺☺☺.

  • Princess  says:

    i love all your video because you soo cute and your sister too…..

    And i hope i to be a win because i never to the win and maybe my dreams come true …….

    Love you byeee …..

  • Faiqa saeed  says:

    Thank you Thank you so much for all the videos you make and bring smile on peoples face.
    Your best youtuber I know

    Love you guys keep going

  • Azra  says:

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway that you always made I know I’m nit himna win but howewer ly guys

  • Caitlin  says:

    Your videos have inspired me to make my own channel i have no videos at the moment but i am working on it go team unicorn

  • Victoria Ortiz  says:

    For Sachi’s instagram entry I accidentally put @katycat316 instead of @katycat317! I’m sorry, hopefully it’ll still count or if not that’s fine!

  • Johnnita Willis  says:

    I love you guys and I love your videos you guys are so funny and amazing people hop you have a wonderful day!

  • Veronika  says:

    Love you and the givaeaway wish you all the best in 2017 ❤

  • Nate  says:

    I love your videos there so awesome

  • Nate  says:

    You do good videos

  • Mackenzie Mullins  says:

    I really hope I win because it would be the best thing to happen to me in my life

  • Madison Johnson  says:

    Thank u for all the positivity in your vids. It really makes me and my cousins happy when we watch your videos. You guys helpef me thru the rough times in my life that i thought i could never walk away from but i did because of u. Know i love u guys and have an amazing day. Love u, Bye

  • Estefany  says:

    Yea i love yalls vids i really dont enter givaways but i ll try i love yalls vids can you do a more like close up Christmas haul

  • An-nish thomas  says:

    I love your vids and your whole Channel hope your new years was great

  • Kiyana  says:

    Hi I would really really love to win the giveaway and if I do I don’t care if I get whats the backpack or the amalong gift care

  • Kiyana  says:

    Amazon sorry

  • Sienna  says:

    You guys show me that kids can do anything

  • Safa  says:

    You guys are awesome. You’ve always made my day and you always made my siblings day. I never seen such an amazing family like this. Keep it up with the great hard work. And I also mean this from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for everything you done for your subscribers and fans ❤

  • Sahra  says:

    I love you guys so much I wacth what ever bid u post

  • Jazmine  says:

    U guys are amazing I loved to watch your channel whenever we don’t have cable and even if I do have cable but I love everyones emoshions and it felt like I was apart of it as well. Thanks u soo much for this amazing year

  • KingRoel  says:

    Hello Kid Toys Testers!! I really love your videos and I loved to win The giveaway because I win the backpack I can donate them to kids or give them to my niece are in schools and If I win the $500 Amazon gift card , il find a cheap laptop on Amazon and buy it so I can make my YouTube channel

  • Isabella b  says:

    Hi guys I looooooooove your videos sooooooooooooooooooooooo much P.S #team unicorn because they are magical

  • Jaylisse  says:

    Love you

  • maya hussain  says:

    i love you guys so much i am so grateful to get to watch you guys my nana past away today aswell you made me smile thank you so much guys hope you have a amazing new year bye have a grrat day BYE GO TEAM GO TEAM GO TEAM UNI ( DORRY UMI I COULDNT FIND A UNICORN EMOJI I WANT TO SEND YOU FAN MAIL COULD YOU PLZ TELL ME WHERE TO SEND IT TO BYE

  • maya hussain  says:

    have a great day

  • Diana  says:

    Hi thank youuuu so much for the giveaway i love your videos your the best youtuber ever

  • Gilbert Garibay  says:

    Hi Kidoytesters can I win the give away please I have never haded a give away not even from other YouTube’s please can I have the give away

  • Vernecia M Rooks  says:

    Hi guys s I Love your videos and I love team UNICORN!!!!!!!!

  • Syed matin  says:

    Love your channel so much!
    When i realized that you guys made a game channel , i was super happyyyyy!!❤❤
    Can you please make a video on just dance 2017 , you and sachi could challange each other but btw i would like to win backpack giveaway if i could
    Love you guyyssss so muchhhhh!!!❤❤❤❤❤

  • Emily  says:

    Unicornsss are almost as awsome as youuu

  • Alexis Ayala  says:

    You guys are so cute. I love your videos. Plus your videos cheer me up. #teamunicorn #magical❤

  • Oriana Loureiro  says:

    I love so much your videos and i love unicorns

    • Annabelle  says:

      i love your vibeos sooooooooooooooo much

    • Brenda  says:

      I love your channel i think its really cool if someone didnt subscribe you got to got click the subscribe button love u

    • Francisco miranda  says:

      Hi guys this Diana & kiko we love video’s guys.!!!!

  • Victoria  says:

    I love you guys
    I really actually need it for school
    I would like the card instead so I could by some supply’s instead of I don’t get the bag

  • Brionna Woolridge  says:

    I it’s me again I have been watching you’ll videos and your live gaming videos…so hi! Your so funny.
    If I somehow win the first price I would like you to give the games to someone else. I’ll would gladly keep everything else.

  • Lorrie Brown  says:

    I love your videos can u please enter me into the give away love u guys

  • Karina  says:

    HI yumi I really need this backpack because I don’t have one for school or supplies please pick me

  • Haniya Faisal sheikh  says:


    another amazing giveaway from you guys and I litterelly love love love your giveaways
    Can’t forget to enter this

  • Karina  says:

    HI yumi I really need this backpack because I don’t have one for school or supplies please pick me and I would love to give my teacher the apple oh and happy New Years

  • Haniya Faisal sheikh  says:

    ANOTHER awesome awesome giveaway from you guys
    I freaking love love love the huge giveaways you guys do
    Thank you so much for these giveaways
    Have to enter this one

  • Haniya Faisal sheikh  says:

    Sorry for writing two times

    Its probably a mistake


  • Joey  says:

    That video was so cool.
    That stuff in that backpack is so cool.you guys are best YouTube in the world. You are the only YouTube that I watch that shows us what you guys are giveaway thank you.

  • Seaniliss acevedo  says:

    Love your videos and I really hope to win live you and the best videos ever keep going ï

  • Amazingness  says:

    I wuv u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH u never seem to fail at making me smile at ur vids!! U brighten up my day so if I one that would be impossible because NO ONE EVERRRR chooses me but I hope that if winning the backpack giveaway (that would mean the entire universe to me)that it would make me happy and that would make you happy and that would make me even more happy and I am in year six or for Americans I am in 5th grade (I am English and live in England) just to ask is this giveaway international??? I hope u have a great 2017 and ma family is in a tight budget and I don’t have much school stuff SO YEEEAAAHHH

    • Amazingness  says:


      • Amazingness  says:


  • tasneem  says:

    u guys r the best and i really enjoy whatching ur videos

  • tasneem  says:

    i love ur videos so much and unicorns

  • Cindy Guzman  says:

    I love you guys so so so so much I always watch your YouTube videos #my favorite YouTubers I hope I win I will pay

  • Hazel Hoffman  says:

    Go team Unicorn and Panda.

  • David  says:

    I love Your vidoes since u ever stared.i would want to win cause i want to give the tablet to my brother who in the hosptial..

  • Jayla  says:

    Thank u 4 all you love you have given us i watch all your videos and i subscribed in 2014 i hope you chanell keeps growing and you reach the ruby button i hope u and your siblings have fun building your chanell so u have something to look back on when your older and can say “I remember doing that when we were younger and we had lots of fun” bye love u see u in your next video

  • Melanie  says:

    I love unicorns there the best thing in the world like your channel.

  • Melanie  says:

    I love yourchannel i hope i get to win

  • Melanie  says:

    I love your channel and love your giveways so much i hope you still keep on doing blind bags #teamunicorn

  • Melanie  says:

    I hope i win your giveaway so much im crazy for all the stuff your giving away

  • Patience  says:

    I love all of your videos you guys are so cool

  • Patience  says:

    And all your videos are so funny

  • Dulce Aragon  says:

    I love your videos so much and i am really thankful for this AKA go team unicorn and panda

  • Antoniyah  says:

    Y’all are the best YouTube’s I ever seen y’all are the funniest the nicest and !! Let’s go team unicorn and team panda

  • Litzy  says:

    I love your videos so much and I watch them every single day and thank you for making the giveaway for everyone

  • Natalya  says:

    I love your vids I really hope I win I started watching your vids in November and I already love it

  • osvaldo  says:

    omg I love your videos I watch your videos every day I really want all of that but I can give away the people that needed

  • Heena Bakaliya  says:

    I love your videos you guys are so much fun to watch. Whenever I’m bored I watch your guys videos and they make my day so much better than before. Thank you for all of your videos love you 🙂

  • jo  says:

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  • Team unicorn  says:

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  • Kristina Ortiz  says:

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  • Emily Walton  says:


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    I love your videos you and your whole family are awesome I hope I win if I don’t then that’s OK good luck to everyone who entered this giveaway

  • LaniayaNorris  says:

    I really love ur videos .you make the best utube videos. I am your biggest fan.
    My most favorite videos you make are the challenges and the give aways

  • LaniayaNorris  says:

    You are very cool. You make cool videos.
    I loke your challenges and ur giveaways

  • Tracy Gonzalez  says:

    KidToyTesters I love you so much. Your videos ALWAYS brighten my day. I wish the best of luck to everyone Including me, lol. #teambundacorn4life

  • jasmine  says:

    I love all Of your vídeos And they are so funny
    Team pandicorn

  • jasmine  says:

    I love your videos so much because they are so funny and team pandicorn

  • Sammi Potter  says:

    Such a great giveaway , i would love t enter your channel is awsome, keep it up , never fail to make me smile

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    Hi kidtoytesters I love your Channel sooo much this is how much I love your Cannelthank you soo much for the awesome video’s!! 😀

  • Adrian Gonzalez  says:

    So excited for this giveaway, can’t wait to see who wins!

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    hello my name is alexandra and i love you and your family i always watch every video i love the videos my favorite animal is also unicorns so i just want to say GO TEAM UNICORNS

  • Manal Alahyan  says:

    I love you so much and i am crazy about panda and unicorns

  • Cpurtnei.H  says:

    Unicorns are so adorable I love them just as much as I love you videos ^ω^

    • Courtnei.H  says:

      Unicorns are so adorable I love them just as much as I love you videos ^ω^

  • Okpor Esther  says:

    Thank you so much for doing this giveaway and happy new year

  • Okpor Esther  says:

    You are so generous and so giving, thank you so so much!!! BTW Happy new year!!!

  • Raul  says:

    Your the best youtuber in the world and i really want to win because i love all those things you showed in the video and i hope im winner 1 i love you also my website or channel is with a foxy face and its called raul torres

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    You guys are so adorable! I just started watching your videos and you guys are #newsubscriber

    • Elisa Gonzalez  says:

      Whoops.. I meant to say entertaining after the second ‘are’

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    I love your videos and your happy personality, stay positive. ❤❤

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      go team unicorns and panda

    • Zocold  says:

      I hope that i win i never won and i remeber ur very first video when kimi was with her scylanders just please i nevre won and i whant the backpack☺☺ THANK YOU GUYS

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    Hi Yumi if you are reading this my comment is on youtube I didn’t know about this because when I was watching the giveaway video my Cellphone fell on my couch and I said wow that was a quick video then I wrote the comment and after I decided to watch the video again then you said you may enter this giveaway in the link in the description box below after that I said WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
    so that’s why my comment is on youtube I hope you understand.xoxo-Michelle Reyes ^_^

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    Thanks! This was such a cool video! Thoroughly enjoyed it♥

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    I wanted to say thank you for every video you have done, they make me really happy. Your videos look so much fun to do I wish I was there with you. So thank you.

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    You make
    me Smiley.

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  • Kylie  says:

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  • Ella Laine S. Ferrancol  says:

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  • Vanessa  says:

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    As a student I know that who ever wins those will be so thankful because I know I would if I win

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