Vrum Leonardo Ride-On Toy Box (kids suitcase) by Wicked Cool Toys

The Vrum Spider-Man Ride-On Toy Box from Wicked Cool Toys is a super tough ride-on storage case.  We love the designs, especially the Teenage Mutant Turtles.

You can check out all the other designs(Dora the Explorer, Iron Man, Disney Princess, Sponge Bob, Batman, Spiderman, and more) by going to this website www.govrum.com or www.wickedcooltoys.com.  It has a pull cable that doubles as a shoulder strap, and the 2 locking rings are very child friendly.
Vrum toy case models wickedcooltoys


My 3yr old brother and 5 year old sister totally love this storage case, and your kids will too.  Go pick one up today at Toys R Us or Target stores today.

We would like to say a special thank you to Genn Comm, and  Wicked Cool Toys!

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