Valentine’s Day Haul Giveaway Sephora $250 Gift Card | What’s in my Backpack $500 Amazon GC Winner

Thank you to all our fans for your love and support. We love making videos for you guys and love giving back when we can. Good Luck!

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191 comments to Valentine’s Day Haul Giveaway Sephora $250 Gift Card | What’s in my Backpack $500 Amazon GC Winner

  • Pragati yadav  says:

    I like your positive energy beauty is common thing in all but positive energy is very rare

  • Pragati yadav  says:

    You might be bored of hearing these 3 words, but i can’t resist saying it again – “You look beautiful “

  • Pragati yadav  says:

    Hi i want to win this giveaway plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺❤❤❤❤You might be bored of hearing these 3 words, but i can’t resist saying it again – “You look beautiful “

  • evelina kucinskaite  says:

    hey, i really want to win this because i haven’t won any giveaways and i really like your youtube channel i think is great. love you lots

    • Julia Louise Bernardo  says:

      I really want to win this

    • Isabelle hercher  says:

      he doesn’t pick the people she puts everyone in this raffle thing and pulls how ever many I think

    • Anabel  says:

      Hi guys I hope I win this time I love your channel and I really want the camera love you guys❤️❤️❤️

    • Hope  says:

      Me too

  • Azariah Shaleski  says:

    Heyy @kidtoytesters ummmm love all your videos i seriously gave your new giveaway before watching it lol hopefully i can win this new giveaway because i didnt win the last but theres always room for more giveaways especially from you guys and goodluck to everyone else that are entering…………….. and



  • Vaia Kantza  says:

    I love your guys videos and I am in love with the sephora!! I never won anything here and It would be great if I was the winner!! Much love from Greece!!

  • Rexinne  says:

    Yeyy another giveaway. I hope this time i win btw i love your channel guysss you are the best amd the sweetest xxx

  • Abriana. H  says:

    Hey i would lovw to enter this give away

  • Mahek Nawaz  says:

    Wow…very nice giveaway!I really loved it…thanks for it n I love u unicorns!
    And, most exciting is the ending date because that day is my birthday:)

  • manique Phillips  says:

    Hi kid toy testers your so awesome i love you so much i hope i can win your valentines giveaway you are so awesome i love you alot and all your videos bcause they are amazing just like you are

  • KingRoel  says:

    Hey Sachi and Yumi and Also KidsToyTesters Family , I would like to try this giveaway =D if I won I will give it to my mom and crush ❤ And give to my mom the gift card for shopping!! On your backpack giveaway , I mean I try but , there’s nothing wrong of trying again and againright?? Wish me luck❤✌

  • Susanti  says:

    thank you so much for this opportunity

  • Azra  says:

    Hi guys..OMG I love you so,si Michael. I entered in 4 giveaways and nothing…But I’m not gonna loose anything trying againg ly guys so,so,so much#teamunicorn

    • Orinda  says:

      Gays you are my favorite youtubers you inspired me be more happy i am sick from cancer i am 11 years old and i want to have something god for my life becuse my lufe is so dark i will love to win these amayzing stuff and please reply and dont forget me btw i am doing everything for you so please can you do this for me please give me a chance to win i will love camera and the other awesome thinks please

    • Genesis mendoza  says:

      Hey you do awesome vídeos you guyd are superstars and I love your Channel ❤❤❤❤

  • Haashira  says:

    I love you guys. Your video is interesting .i am always waiting for your giveaways and your video. I hope I will win thank you for making giveaway and video I like you guys and once again thank you I hope I will win plz plz

  • kchelle anne lopez  says:

    Hi kidstoytester thank you so much for making the giveaway
    Love watching your videos and i will always watch your future videos
    Love you guys

  • Avelyn  says:

    Hi I love valentines day and I love your channel I would L❤VE to win this giveaway cause I never one a giveraway

  • Saniyah  says:

    I really want to win in your videos

  • Raul  says:

    I did not wen the giveaway but i really want that valentines stuff iv seen your chanel alot alotb

  • Thomas F Scott  says:

    Yumi And Sachi Can You Please Pick Me I Love Watching Your Channel And It Would Mean Everything To Me ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Estefany  says:

    I would want this because I haven’t won giveaways but if I don’t win its ok good luck to everyone

    • Mila B  says:

      I love to win this becouse i have bin very very sad wen i lose

  • Fun With The Bugs  says:


  • Mila B  says:

    Pliz i love to win because ven i lose i’am very SAD.

  • Sieun  says:

    I shared this on Facebook, twitter and gmail… I hope that I win because I never won any giveaways in my life… 3 years has been past but still o couldn’t win I don’t why… I think I am not lucky to have these gifts from a YouTuber…. Just one time, if I win this then I would be glad….

  • Renessa  says:

    Okay so I won at mommy and Gracie’s show and that was the first time I ever won a giveaway so I’m gonna try to win something else.

  • Gurleen  says:

    I an so so happy that i hz ve another chance to enter i look forward to you videos i hope i win

  • Melanie  says:

    I love your channel

  • Lama zantout  says:

    Hello guys I love so much anand I hope I win this giveaway since I didn’t win a giveaway before

  • michelle  says:

    I love your videos and you’re videos always make my day hopefully I win this giveaway

  • Amykim nguyen  says:

    Hi kidtoytester I’m from Vietnam I watch your video all the times I verry love your video because it funny and cool I hope u make more video so I can watch it!!!!!! I hope that I won this giveaway because I didn’t win any times the Back To School giveaway that I enter it but i faillllll
    Love u guys so muck ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Heylin  says:

    Love ur videos and thx for this chance to win a giveaway

  • hannah  says:

    Omg so excited!! I love your guy’s videos sooo much! :333333 Hopefully I win xDD! Fingers crossed XP! #teamunicorn 😉

  • Diana  says:

    Hi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii loveeeeeeee yourrrrr videossssss

  • Esmeralda avila  says:

    I love all videos and I am thankful for the giveaways you do

  • Tracy G  says:

    I love you guys so much. Best of luck to all❤

  • Dulce Aragon  says:

    I love giveaways even if i dont win them.They inspired me to have giveaways in the future,if i dont win congrats who wins because i will experience in the you guys and have a beautiful Valentine’s day

  • TRACY G  says:

    I love you guys so much. Best of luck to all including me

  • Valentina Niculae  says:

    hello, I participate in this giveaway, I’d really love to win there you have a very nice channel and you’re well-versed thanks to having given the opportunity to your subscribers to win these things magnificent thank you and GOOD LUCK TO T

  • Sara  says:

    Oh my god you’re so sweet and generous, i hope i win

  • Keira mistry  says:

    Hi. I love you videos so much!!! I watch you everyday. Your the best youtuber I know. You should definitely make more videos

  • Amy  says:

    OMG this giveaway is amazingI love ur guys channel!!

  • Aditi  says:

    I am so in love with you and you’re channel…. You guys always make me laugh

  • Krisha Manaligod  says:

    I want to win this time!! Please I really want to win!!!

  • Marija Opačić  says:

    I think that this is very generes of you to do another giveaway

  • Okpor Esther  says:

    I love giveaways , so thank you so much for doing this giveaway for all your subscribers. As you have given out out so shall more come in!!!

  • Johnnita Willis  says:

    i enter your giveaway i hope i win you guys are so awesome ily.

  • alexandra  says:

    I iam Alexnadra I love you guys you are amazing hope i win this time #unicorns & #pandas rule love your videos

  • Malak hamoud  says:

    I entered for both giveaways I hope I will win anything. . Thnx

  • Damaris  says:

    I really want one of the camera

  • Auau  says:

    I love you guys so much!!!! # teamunicorn #teampanda #kidtoytesters

  • Sammi Potter  says:

    You guys channell is awesome , watched all your videos & always get inspired, you inspired me to go get my kid cousin and take them out and stuff, and use always cheer me up because your always so upbeat and I love it , keep it up guys

  • Lea love  says:

    I love you guys you are the best and i watch all of your vidios,your vidios make me happy. You guys are awesome and you inspir me every day i hope to win this giveaway because i want to go shopping with my mom and sister.hopefully this is my chance to win I LOVE YOU GUYS ☺☺☺☺☺

  • destiny rogers  says:

    hey Yimmi and sachi I think ur so cool please give me a shout out

  • Nicole  says:

    Hey Guys! I’m so excited that you have another giveaway! I’ve entered a lot of them! I didn’t win but I hope that one day I will… I watch all of your videos and live streams and you are my favorite channel! Can’t wait to hear the winners!

  • Sylvia Mastros  says:

    I hope I win because I have never won a YouTube giveaway and this is for a special needs class so it would be awesome!!

  • ShabanaRodiguez  says:

    I love your videos because you sllways give us somthing and the other pearsons have luk bey..gues the measage ❤ 100

  • Bettina M Santiago  says:

    I really want like the basket with a candy but you decorated I don’t want the $250 gift card I really don’t want then just give it to another lucky person please

  • Bettina M Santiago  says:

    I really like the notebooks and the hand sanitizer that’s what I really want to win and I like the other stuff too and please do not give me the Safari gift card $250
    so please don’t give it to me

  • Asadillo  says:

    I wanna win because I never won and I want to give some of this stuff for my best friend leaving to another state far away and I want to remember me by the stuff. Your channel is so cool. You guys are so sweet to do these giveaways. Again thx so much. My gmail I hope I winAND GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE.

  • DaisyJ.  says:

    I want to win because I never win nothing

  • Alina Yvonne Gonzales  says:

    I love your videos I watch them all the time. And I really want to win so bad I need a new camra. I hope that I win and that you guys pick a good person to give it to. And I wish everyone the best make Shure to subscribe to them there so cool and make the best videos love Alina

  • Tracy Gonzalez  says:

    Hi Yumi, Sachi, Kimi, Kenzo, and Raiden i love you guys so much. I wish the best of luck to everyone Including me

  • Tracy G  says:

    I love you guys so much. ❤

  • charlisa sanders  says:

    i would love this for my daughters

  • Sha  says:

    My BDAY was on the 24th. Thank you for all the videos you post they always make me happy if I feel down. Love you guys so much. Go unicorns and pandas

  • Sha  says:

    You can email me if I win. It is

  • KOTON  says:


  • KOTON  says:

    ps can i win i have never won a giveaway

  • KOTON  says:

    i lv you guys ps can i win

  • KOTON  says:

    hi yumi and sachi thank you for all the videos i always liked them also i subscribed ps pandacorn also may i win i have never won a giveaway it will be great for a birthday gift thxs once again also please can you guys may more video you inspier me soooooooooooo much thank you

  • KOTON  says:

    this is my email

  • Brianna Soto  says:

    Love your giveaways

  • Katherine Rank  says:

    LOVE YOU GUYS! why are you so cool I would like the 1st valentine prize.

  • Tracy G.  says:


  • hanan  says:

    i have not won any thing and i do the giveaway plz let me win for once plz and ps i dont uplode anything on my channl

  • Ayesha  says:

    I really really wanna win.I have done all the rules so can I win.I have never won a giveaway before. I love your vids sooooooooooooo much.I hope I win! 🙂

  • Ayesha  says:

    And by the way my email is

  • Tanase Lacramioara  says:

    I wanna win for my daughter I love very much.Love from Romania

  • nikita-lee  says:

    can I have it because my boyfriend got me suff but he love 5 night at feddy

  • nikita-lee  says:

    if I win email kitalee06@outlook,com

  • Farah faizul  says:

    Seriously I wanted the poleroid camera and I seriously wanted that body lotion as I couldn’t afford that much Money. I would be thankful if I would win those both. Gud luck!!

    • Naomi Hudson  says:

      I love your channel sooooo much!!!! you guys are the coolest and sweetest people ever you make my day everytime I watch your videos! I would love to win this giveaway for gifts for my friends I

    • Zyan  says:

      I wish I could have the camera cause I don’t have that much money in the UKgood look everyone

  • Crystal  says:

    I would love to win because I have never won a giverway and I’m not saying give it to me I’m saying it would be ingredible to win that amazing giverway. I have wached every single one of your vids from day one and u love your back to school giverway videos they are my favourite. Thank you for your amazing videos that when I’m down make me have a big fat smile thank you crystal x

  • Maryam  says:

    Heya love
    How are you
    This is really sweet of you guys to do such giveaways
    I really really hope to win inshAllah

  • Anyius  says:

    Team unicorn 4life this loveable unicorn would love to win this giveaway love u

  • Nicole Castrosanto  says:

    I know I won’t win just because I commented and I really like your vids which I think is cool for you, teenagers and makes more cute videos good luck to all of you

  • Lea love  says:

    I also want to win because my ant is going to paris and i wand to give her some of the stuff in giveaway to say goodbye for a month i am so sad but also happy that she is going to live her dream p.s i LOVE YOUR CHANLLEL

  • turanj  says:

    hi yumi and sachi i am entering this giveaway for my friend she is very poor she don’t have money to buy stuff like this she is my best friend and i wanted to do something for her i hope u under stand and i watch all ur videos i am ur very very big fan my email is i hope u will give it to me for my friend thank u
    my name is turanj

  • turanj  says:

    if i win just let me know on my email

  • Johnnita Willis  says:

    Hey guys thanks for doing this awesome giveaway I love you guys do much you guys are so funny and awesome 🙂

  • Johnnita Willis  says:

    I really want to win this giveaway I want the camera and candy and all that good stuff 🙂

  • Christine Pearl  says:

    I really want to win this giveaway I want the camera

  • Christine Pearl  says:

    I really want to win this giveaway ☺ I hope i win

  • Serena  says:

    I would love to win this giveaway because I love you’re channel so much and you always do the most AMAZING giveaways!!!!!

  • layla Bryan  says:

    hey really want to win cause I have never won a giveaway before and I really # love your videos. 🙂

  • Elora .B  says:

    I want to win one because I have never won a giveaway before and to I want to give some of the stuff to my best friend.# 😉 🙂

  • Qualyn  says:

    Hey guys I want to win because I enter about 10 giveaways and I only won one giveaway and that was a natural hair product video. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my products and I thank @teebellatv for picking me! I hope to win to facetime my family in Minnesota because I barely see them and it’s them so much! If I won the five-card to Amazon I would buy a new phone for myself because my phone glitched and dies all the time I would also buy a new purse for my mom and sister. Then I would buy some cologne for my dad. I love you guys so.much and good luck to everyone.

  • LPS Warriors  says:

    I really wanna win because I love everything shown and would use some as gifts (this is LPS Warriors from youtube)

  • Abigail Anderson  says:

    I love this channel you are so sweeeeeeet. I have never one anything.

  • Janelle Crow  says:

    I entered for both giveaways I hope I will win something. . Thnx

  • Hailey Higgins  says:

    Hi I really want to win and thank you for doing this giveaway

  • La  says:

    I would really love to win. I have been watching your stuff and I love it!! I would love to win!!(P.S. I have never won a giveaway)

  • shaley murray  says:

    I would love to I have not won yet good luck to everyone.

  • Abagail Girard  says:

    hi who won the whats in my back pack giveaway

  • Anahiva  says:

    I would love to win bc I’ve never won a giveaway ever in my life!!!
    P.s yumi and sachi, you guys make great videos and you guys are awesome

  • Katelyn Alvarado  says:

    please i wish that i win because i love you guys. Love u sachi. Love u yumi. 🙂

  • Jade  says:

    Hoping i win because i really love all of these items!!! They are so awesomr i love pink and i follor you all on social media! Goodluck to everyone. I hope my luck wins me this time! Lots of love from PH

  • layla  says:

    keap doing what your doing. your doing great things and you should never stop. do your best and try your hardest and dont forget to stay humble.

  • Violet Thompson  says:

    Hello, I really would like to win because my family is in real need, but I know that the website chooses a random person. Have a great year!and GO! Unicorns,, and LLAMAS!!!!!!!!!

  • Melissa Carlson  says:

    I love your videos so so so so so so so so so so so much! If I win I will be giving this to my best friend that has cancer and I just don’t want her to leave me!! Anyways, I wish everyone good luck! My friend in cancer has also been wanting a poloride camera for like forever abd I really want to cheer her up with one! I am going to see her the day after Valentines Day and I will be telling her about the contest if I win!! I wish everone good luck! LOVE,
    Your favorite fan Melisda Carlson

  • Jenifer paguila  says:

    Hello guys i absolutely love your valentine giveaway:))) all items are really awesome ! So, fingers cross good luck to all:)))

  • Alexis  says:

    Yay another give away!!!

  • Racheal Prada  says:

    Love your channel! you guys are awesome! Hope I win this giveaway! I want this so bad! Good luck to everyone enetering!

  • Kyra Pulda  says:

    Love you guys so,so,so,so much!!!!!! I wish I could met you guys in real life!!! Without you guys the world wouldn’t be as amazing as it is right now!!!!! Love you guys once again!!!!!

  • Kyra Pulda  says:

    I love you guys so so much!!!!!!! You guys are so amazing and if you guys were not alive right now the world would be doomed and it wouldn’t be as amazing as it is with you guys!!!!! Love you guys so much once again!!!!!!

    • Kyra Pulda  says:


  • Jazzi  says:

    So excited for this giveaway…on the backpack giveaway, I forgot to enter on this website. XD

  • Fatema  says:

    i love to watch you

  • alyssa  says:

    i realyly really really want the whats in my back pack giveaway can ive never got a give away before and im the bigest fan im the world can i please plz plz plz plz plz plz have it

  • alyssa  says:

    sry about up there i hit the rowng keys and i did noy know

  • alyssa  says:

    and sry not the wats in my backpack giveaway i ment this one

  • Paguilajenifer  says:

    Hello guys! Advance happy valentines! And thank you for this awesome giveaway!:)

  • Johnnita Willis  says:

    Can I win the Valentine’s stuff btw I love your channel I been subscribed for 2 yrs. And also I had never win a giveaway before so I would like to win this one pls

    • Vivianna Rivega  says:

      Heyy u guys are awesome & i’d love to be a winner !

  • Emma Kennedy  says:

    Hey!! I love watching your videos:) y’all always make me happy!! Your so sweet and funny:) I have never one a giveaway but I would love to get this one because i really love all!:)Thanks!-Emma

  • Emma Kennedy  says:

    Hey girls! Love you two so much. You always make me smile and y’all make me laugh overtime I watch you:) Please choose me I have never won:) Love you and thanks for the hours of enjoyment -Emma

  • Isabel  says:

    I think u guys should pick me because I haven’t won any of your giveaway.

  • Adrianna Moreno  says:

    You Guys Are Great!

  • shubhanshi shelar  says:

    hey i am from INDIA would love to win #fingerscrossed n u all are so funny love u all

  • Tahiana  says:

    I Really want to get picked for this raffle like if i win this it will be the first giveaway for me to in ever hope i get picked

  • Julane martinez  says:

    I want to win so bad i wonder somebody wins

  • Julane martinez  says:

    I hope i win i wish plzz mee

  • Lea love  says:

    I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • addie josephson  says:

    I woupd love to win your giveaway!!! ive never won a giveaway before ;(, im a biggg fan and i LOVE your channel!! Xoxo, Addie

  • Jennifer  says:

    Hey guys thanks for doing this giveaway would love to win these goodies much love i enjoy your channel .

  • Zyan  says:

    Hi I’m 10 years old and l love you guyses
    Video s your guys are amazing

  • Hetal jain  says:

    Heyy. Please make me win. This will be the best gift for my sister. As she follows your channel on a regular basis. If she wins this i know she will love it. Please please make me win.

  • Ariana  says:

    I wish I win because I never win a giveaway.Good luck everyone!

  • Noderline valcin  says:

    I am honestly so excited for this giveaway I’ve entered into all of your giveaways before and there all so exciting hopefully I win this one god bless you guys for giving people such good opportunity to win stuff like this.

  • Chelsea  says:

    I would love to win this cause i enter all your givaways and i never win and your channel is so awsome

  • Ashley burgos  says:

    I help i win my youtube is Ashley Burgos and my pictures is shopkins

  • Arya pote  says:

    This is my first participation in giveaway….. This stuffs looks really cool ……..Now let’s see the winners

    • CandiceFarmer  says:

      I would like to win.Good luck everyone.

    • Stina  says:

      I just wanted to say I am a huge fan, I love your guy’s videos, I love the stuff, and I can’t wait to see who wins!

    • Samantha  says:

      I like to watch you’re video I hope I am one of the winner please pick me

  • Nikkie  says:

    Hi its my bday tomorrow so I would like to win this please please please I have not ever won a give away please I love al your videos

  • Nesha Carter  says:

    I love that you guys are giving back to your subscribers, it really shows what good people y’all are. Unicorns and Pandas

  • Tracey Pierre  says:

    I hope I win

  • Miashanee Howard  says:

    Hello my name is miashanee or mia I watch you guys a lot. I really want to win because I have be never won anything anywhere. LOVE YOU GUYS LOTS!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ YOU GUYS ROCK THANKS FOR POSITING KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Miashanee Howard  says:

    My email is

  • Natacha Gumbs  says:

    This literally look like an awesome giveaway and it would be even more awesome if i can win because i never won i giveaway in my life i love yall personalityand yall are awesome good luck everyone!x
    (If i dont win its okay i still love u guys)

  • Mercedez Hernandez  says:

    I would love to win the backpack prize because it has SOOO much cool stuff in it and I found you’re channel about a week ago and since then I have binged watched it :3 I hope I win

  • LeilaJanelle  says:

    This is my second chance so i hope i could win. You guys are amazing and Thank u for all the vids you make for us every single week to make us happy 🙂

  • Rica  says:

    I hope that i win wish me luck❤

  • Grace Bruner  says:

    January 25, 2017 at 11:02 am KingRoel says:
    Hey Sachi and Yumi and Also KidsToyTesters Family , I would like to try this giveaway =D if I won I will give it to my mom and crush ❤ And give to my mom the gift card for shopping!! On your backpack giveaway , I mean I try but , there’s nothing wrong of trying again and againright?? Wish me luck❤✌
    Reply #teamunicorn

  • Elmarie Hufke  says:

    I wanna win but if I don’t get chosen it’s okay because there are other people who wanna win too

  • Anahi alvarez  says:

    i really hope i win this giveaway because i would like to give some to friends and family plus i havent won any giveawaysBut anyways i love youall so much

  • Gabs  says:

    This is an Amazing Giveaway 🙂
    Hope I win 🙂 <3

  • Mihaela Drenska  says:

    You guys channell is awesome , watched all your videos & always get inspired, you inspired me to go get my kid cousin and take them out and stuff, and use always cheer me up because your always so upbeat and I love it , keep it up guys

  • Neydelin  says:

    Hello,I am your biggest fan and you are both so pretty!I have never won a giveaway.I will love to win at least one of them.I really wish evreyone good luck and hope to win!

  • Natily  says:

    Hi.I really like all your videos and love you guys.Hope I win and good luck to everyone.

  • Miss Kawaii Jade  says:

    I want to enter myself. ILOVE YOR CHOICE.

  • Jessica Ahialey  says:

    I love your channel so much and I love the way yalll put so much work into doing YouTube. I want to win the giveaway ♥️♥️

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