TWIN HATCHIMALS Surprise! 2 Hatchimals in One Giant Egg | 2017 New Hatchimals

New Hatchimals Twins for the holidays, celebrate Hatchimals Hatch Day (#HatchimalsSurprise) with us as we find out what Twins we are going to get. This video is Sponsored by Spin Master. Yumi, Sachi, Kimi & Kenzo are playing in the park when they see a Hatchimals Party with cupcakes, chocolate, balloons and confetti blasters. Comment Below if you think we are going to get twin #Giraven or #Peacat.

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The Hatchimals have some surprising new news. Find out who’s inside the big new egg of Hatchimals Surprise! These eggs are bigger than the original Hatchimals and that’s because there are two cute little creatures inside. There are two sets of Peacat twins and two sets of Giraven twins to collect.



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