Trixie, Apple Jack, Apple Bloom , Zecora & Tmnt coming to Buildabear!!!

You heard right!! July 11th will be the day that Buildabear has alot of cool new releases!!! There will be 4 new My Little Pony Buildabears!! Trixie, Apple Jack, Apple Bloom and Zecora!! and if that wasnt enough…and just in case you’re not a fan of My little pony ( how can you not be?!?! ) Buildabear will also be releasing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!!!! yup…thats right all four of them. Raphael, Leonardo, Michaelangelo, and Donatello!!!
The Applejack plush makes the perfect gift for a fan of the rodeo-roping My Little Pony star. You can accessorize her with a Cape, Classic Cowboy Hat & Boots and Red Sequin Bows. Trixie can be personalized with her Cape & Hat Set and Lavender Flats. MY LITTLE PONY MINI CUTIE MARK CRUSADER APPLE BLOOM will look cute with her Rainbow Tutu! Zecora doesn’t come with any specific outfits…but you can accessorize her however you want.
All four of the teenage mutant ninja turtles can be matched up with their appropriate weapons which you have to buy seperately. You can also buy a Shredder outfit to fit a regular buildabear. it looks very cool and I suggest you check it out!!! 🙂 enjoy my video! like and subscribe!

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