Tony Hawk Box Boarders Custom Double Skate Ramp

We designed a custom Double Skateboard Ramp and recorded some crazy tricks with Skateboarding Legend Tony Hawk.

Thanks to Hog Wild Toys for sending us this awesome Collectors Pack of Tony Hawk Box Boarders featuring these incredible Skateboarding Legends: Samarria Brevard, Aaron Homoki, Ben Raybourn, Clint Walker, David Loy, Elliot Sloan, Kader Sylla, Lizzie Armanto, Shawn Hale, Clint Dixon, Riley Hawk, Thalente Biyela,

EACH ACTION PACK SET INCLUDES: 1 Skater, 1 secret Tony Hawk (collect all 4!), 4 mini Trick Ramps and 1 Camera Holder. Collect Tony Hawk and all the Box Boarder skaters!
DOWNLOAD THE FREE APP Tony Hawk Box Boarders Studio to record, edit and share all your favorite Box Boarder trick videos!
PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS AND TEENS who love to skateboard and make home videos!

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