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Skylanders Swap Force at Toys R us – KidToyTesters

Skylanders Swap Force released in the USA today, October 13th 2013!! This is a hot new toy!! will be very popular for christmas!!  I will be doing a swap force review in the future!  🙂
p.s sorry if its shaky…my sister filmed it! 🙂

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Minecraft Diamond Edition Steve vinyl figure – KidToyTesters

Minecraft Diamond Steve Vinyl 6″ Diamond Edition Figure. Steve is ready to go face the dangers of the world at large. Maybe he might even be geared up for the trip to the End. Only YOU know where he’s headed on his next adventure! This 6″ tall Diamond Steve Vinyl comes with removable diamond sword and helmet accessories. Steve has a ball jointed head and poseable arms.

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Skylanders Giants Eye Brawl Pumpkin Special Halloween 2013 Edition – KidToyTesters

This is a variant of Eye Brawl that seems will be released around Halloween time for obvious reasons. On The box displays an icon in the top right reading Special Halloween 2013 Edition, however, it’s commonly referred to as Pumpkin Eye Brawl.

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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures – Transforming vehicle. Pacs Pineapple Tank- KidToyTesters

Pineapple Tank look just like they do in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. This vehicle transform from an average piece a fruit into the ultimate adventure vehicle for Pac-Man to fight off the bad guys!

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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures – Pac-Panic Battle Arena – KidToyTesters

t’s Pac-Panic Battle Time in the Pac-Panic Arena! Rev up your Pac-Panic figures on the launch path! Let the battle begin! Includes exclusive Pac-Man and accessories to use in you battle. Work with the Pac-Panic System

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Skylander Giants Trigger Happy’s Dart Blaster Mega Bloks – KidToyTesters

Kids can become their favorite Skylander Giants hero and let their pistol do the talking with Trigger Happy’s Dart Blaster by Mega Bloks! Defend Skylands from the forces of Kaos with this detailed replica of Trigger Happy’s Gold Coin Shooter. A six-shot barrel, six darts and a loose trigger finger will give evil minions the message that messing with everyone’s favorite cackling gunslinger is no laughing matter!

Mega Bloks Skylanders Trigger Happy’s Dart Blaster:

  •     Become favorite Skylander Giants hero
  •     Iconic, detailed replica of Trigger Happy’s weapon
  •     Multi-chamber dart launcher
  •     Includes 6 darts

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