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Disney Princess Royal Real Wood Kitchen unboxing – KidToyTesters

Maker: Wicked Cool Toys

Now you can become your favorite DisneyPrincess with the all new Disney Princess Royal Wooden Kitchen Set. The Royal Kitchen is huge – standing over 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide and made from premium qualitywood. The kitchen includes the play features: Playable sink, opening refrigerator door for storage, opening oven door with rack, two burners with twisting knobs for play-temperature control and more. This kitchen features 9 accessories in intricate detail – Accessories include: Skillet, Spoon, Spatula, Knife, Salt Shaker, Pepper Shaker, “Flower”, “Sugar” and “Rice” bags.

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Toy review of the Covert Ops Recon Bot by Jakks Pacific – KidToyTesters (Yumiko & Sachiko)

Thanks to #JakksPacific for sending us this super cool Spy Net Covert Ops Video Recon Bot:

You can toss the RC bot over any wall obstructing your vision.  It has an amazing range of about 100feet, and with a fresh set of batteries it will climb over almost any obstacle in the way.  This RC transforms into roaming vehicle that can be controlled remotely by the video screen display on the control.  The streaming video makes is so much fun to be a spy.

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Star Wars Rebels Ezra Bridger 18″ tall figurine Review – KidToytesters (Yumiko & Sachiko)

Straight out of the new Disney XD television show, Star Wars Rebels its the new line of action figures from Jakks Pacific.

This assortment features the crafty Ezra, brave Kanan, and TIE Fighter Pilot.

Each character stands over 18″ tall and has seven points of articulation so you can pose him any way you want!

Collect all the Star Wars Rebels figures to recreate your favorite scenes from the television show. May the force be with you!

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Go Go “Tomogo” or “Tomago” from Disney’s Big Hero 6 ToyReview by Yumiko

Disney’s BIG HERO 6 GO GO TOMOGO Poseable Action Figure 4″.  9 places where you can move it, 4 snap on “mag-lev discs”, and totally poseable.  For Ages 4+

Little confused about the name of this toy,  it says Go Go Tomogo on the back, and Go Go Tomago on the front.  Tomogo or Tomago?  Toys R US have it listed as Tomago, and ebay sellers have it as Tomogo?

Also Movie Accurate?  Moviecally accurate?  What’s the right word?

Super cool figurine with lots of details, and just $9.99 at stores already.  Can’t wait for the film to arrive in November.  Check out my Toy Review of Baymax here:

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Baymax Toy Review from Disneys Big Hero 6

Transform your favorite character from Disney’s Big Hero 6, Baymax, from his white, Nursebot form to his crime fighting, super hero form.  Use the over 20 body armor pieces to Armor Up the 6” Nursebot Baymax figure and construct a powered-up version 8” super hero figure ready for action.  Easy to assemble with the exception of the armor on the arms and hands, you have to assemble them in a specific order or it’s a little hard to get together.  It’s fun to transform back and forth as you re-enact all your favorite moments when Baymax prepares for battle and returns to his lovable form.

  • 6″ figure with armor pieces which transform Baymax to an 8″ figure with a 14″ wingspan
  • Recommended ages: 4 years and up


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Wicked Cool Toys #CatPaw,Dr Who Dalek, Cicadas, Preying Mantis with Yumiko & Gru

No #CatPaws or #Bugs were injured in the making of this interview, and although it looks safe, this should not be attempted without proefssional supervision. Cat Paw – The Friendly Yet Feisty Toy!

The Original Cat Paw by Wicked Cool Toys! Join the cat craze on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and post your own #catpaw pictures and videos!

4 Cat Paws to choose from! Cat Paw features 4 different cat styles to choose from. Each Cat Paw includes 2 realistic sounds and an awesome clawing action!

Available at Kmart, Toys “R” Us, and Amazon – MSRP $9.99

Check out #CatPaw on Twitter:
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