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Exclusive interview with Seea Founder and Fashion Designer Amanda Chinchelli – KidToyTesters

Today was awesome…….  I got to meet a famous fashion designer from Italy who has the coolest job in the world.  Amanda Chinchelli is the founder and creator of Seea Clothing.  We talked about how she got into becoming a designer, surfing, and most importantly what super power would she want to have, and which color of crayon she would be if she could choose any.

Check out The Seea Website via this link.

Yumiko & Amanda Chinchelli

Amanda Chinchelli poses for a photo with Yumiko from KidToyTesters

Seea founder and designer, Amanda Chinchelli, connected with the ocean early on. Growing up on the island of Ilhabela, Brazil, Amanda played in the surf of the tropics until she was ten, when her family moved back to Italy, their native country...

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