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Toy review of the Covert Ops Recon Bot by Jakks Pacific – KidToyTesters (Yumiko & Sachiko)

Thanks to #JakksPacific for sending us this super cool Spy Net Covert Ops Video Recon Bot:

You can toss the RC bot over any wall obstructing your vision.  It has an amazing range of about 100feet, and with a fresh set of batteries it will climb over almost any obstacle in the way.  This RC transforms into roaming vehicle that can be controlled remotely by the video screen display on the control.  The streaming video makes is so much fun to be a spy.

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Star Wars Rebels Ezra Bridger 18″ tall figurine Review – KidToytesters (Yumiko & Sachiko)

Straight out of the new Disney XD television show, Star Wars Rebels its the new line of action figures from Jakks Pacific.

This assortment features the crafty Ezra, brave Kanan, and TIE Fighter Pilot.

Each character stands over 18″ tall and has seven points of articulation so you can pose him any way you want!

Collect all the Star Wars Rebels figures to recreate your favorite scenes from the television show. May the force be with you!

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