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Finding Dory Gelli Baff Slime Pool Challenge | Messy Fun | KidToyTesters

In this video Sachi and Kimi take the Finding Dory Gelli Baff Slime Challenge.  They have 1 minute to find as many Finding Dory Movie Toys hidden in a pool filled with Slime and Plastic Balls of all colors.  The loser gets a giant bucket of Gelli Baff Pink Slime dumped on them.

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EXTREME PINHEAD BALLOON CHALLENGE | Ghostbusters Gross Slime Edition | KidToyTesters

In Today’s video Yumi and Sachi take the Extreme Pinhead Balloon Challenge. This one is different because some of the balloons are filled with GROSS GREEN SLIME, and some with ICE WATER. Whoever gets the most slime on their head wins the grand prize (Ghostbusters Toys From Mattel). Vote in the comments who you think will win!

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SURPRISE Package – Bug Marbles Slime Geodes Dinosaur Bones Meteorites dig kits

Special Thanks to everyone at Discover with Doctor Cool for sending us these awesome kits.

  • fossil mini dig kits
  • shark mini dig kit
  • gemstone mini dig kit
  • meteorite dig kit,
  • slime kit
  • Break open real geodes
  • treasure mini dig kit
  • Glow in the Dark Slime Science Lab

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