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Maleficent movie review – this film just turned the world upside down

angelina jolineI waited almost a whole week to go see the very much anticipated Maleficent movie! Thanks to the bad weather we’ve been having here it just kept getting delayed! So tonight I wanted to go but we had karate and I thought there was no way I could skip that … But because I hurt my foot bad they decided we could go!! Hooray!!
It was all I thought it was going to be and more! I loved it! My sister Sachi went too and she even loved it!
The movie had amazing visual effects…lots of action, some romantic bits, and funny bits…all in all a good balance to please very kind of viewer.
Okay so if you haven’t seen it..don’t read on as there will be spoilers! The beginning was not what as I ¬†thought what it would be…it showed Maleficent as the opposite of what we all picture her to be...

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