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Transformers : The age of extinction grimlock toy review

Transformers age of extinction

The Transformers are back!! “Transformers :the age of extinction” is coming out soon!! (Look below for release dates in your country).

I am soooo excited to see it! My parents want to see it…Sachi and my younger siblings are not so interested. But like with all cool movies…new toys come out too!!!! And so far  I think they are going to be a big hit!! Even my two year old brother loves them. It might have something to do with it having the transformers turn into Dinosaurs! He is obsessed with Dinosaurs!! So anyways my first Transformer review will be the Transformers: Age of Extinction flip and change Grimlock figure by Hasbro for 5 years and up.

transformers grimlockThe Grimlock figure has robot and dinosaur mode and whichever mode he’s in, he converts in a flash to the other mode when you flip him! It w...

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Maleficent movie review – this film just turned the world upside down

angelina jolineI waited almost a whole week to go see the very much anticipated Maleficent movie! Thanks to the bad weather we’ve been having here it just kept getting delayed! So tonight I wanted to go but we had karate and I thought there was no way I could skip that … But because I hurt my foot bad they decided we could go!! Hooray!!
It was all I thought it was going to be and more! I loved it! My sister Sachi went too and she even loved it!
The movie had amazing visual effects…lots of action, some romantic bits, and funny bits…all in all a good balance to please very kind of viewer.
Okay so if you haven’t seen it..don’t read on as there will be spoilers! The beginning was not what as I  thought what it would be…it showed Maleficent as the opposite of what we all picture her to be...

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