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MERMAID vs Human Minute To Win It Challenge with MyFroggyStuff

Making videos with friends is the best part of being a creator. Sachi & Kimi challenge Mermaid Bela from #MyFroggyStuff to a #Shopkins diving challenge in Hawaii. #MooseToys #mermaid

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FIN FUN MERMAID vs Girl | Minute to Win it Challenge!

Fin Fun Mermaid Yumi challenges Sachi to Minute To Win It Challenges.  Who is going to Win?  Team Unicorn (Mermaid) or Team Panda (Girl)?

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Fin Fun MERMAID OLYMPICS 2016 | Winner of Fin Fun Giveaway

Yumi and Sachi compete in the first ever Fin Fun Mermaid Olympics. Who is going to win all 5 events? Plus we announce the winner of our Fin Fun Mermaid Tail Giveaway!

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Fin Fun Mermaid Girls – How Do Mermaids Sleep? | Enchantails

In this video Mermaid Yumi & Mermaid Sachi find a human camping tent with Magical Enchantails Mermaid Sleeping Bags, the only sleeping bags fit for a Mermaid, plus they glow in the dark which is really cool!

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REAL MERMAID GIRL relaxes in the Orbeez Spa with Sachi

Sachi and Fin Fun Mermaid girl Kimi relax in the Orbeez Soothing Spa filled with thousand of colored orbeez.

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Orbeez Soothing Spa
Fin Fun Destiny’s Tropical Sunrise Mermaid Tail

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Underwater Mermaid Treasure Hunt Challenge

Mermaid Treasure Hunt Challenge – Yumi, Sachi, Kimi, and Kenzo dive for Mermaid treasure to see who can get the most. If you like this video please give us a THUMBS UP, and tell us in the comments what challenge we should try next.

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Fin Fun Zoey’s Aussie Green Mermaid Tail


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