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Paige from BlueEyedJackson challenged us to take the MERMAID POLAR PLUNGE CHALLENGE. It’s 23°F, the lake has 5 inches of ice on it and the wind is crazy bad. Comment if you think we will last MORE or LESS than 10 seconds in the freezing water.

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Yumi and Sachi take the popular $10 DOLLAR TARGET CHALLENGE. Comment who you think has the best TARGET HAUL. #TeamUnicorn or #TeamPanda.

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$10 Dollar Tree Challenge – KidToyTesters $1,000,000 Chocolate Bar


Hi Guys,  We had tons of fun taking the $10 challenge in the Dollar Tree Store.  Who do you think got the best haul?  #TeamUnicorn or #TeamPanda


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EAT IT OR WEAR IT CHALLENGE Super Messy DOG food CAT food | BB-8 Force Band Racing Challenge


Yumi, Sachi, and Kimi race each other with the BB-8 Force Band controllers through an obstacle course of disgusting foods. Cat Food, Dog Food, Sauerkraut, Spinach, Canned Cheese and other gross foods. The girls have to do the eat it or wear it challenge with every can they run BB-8 into. Comment below which team you think is going to win this challenge. Yumi #TeamUnicorn, Sachi #TeamPanda, or Kimi #TeamBunny.

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Toilet Water Prank TOILET TROUBLE Gross Potty Game by Hasbro

KidToyTesters toilet-trouble-toilet-water-prank

Toilet Trouble is a Super Gross new game by Hasbro.  Kimi Pranks Yumi and Sachi by filling it with REAL TOILET WATER.  You spin the toilet roll and have to flush the toilet the number of times that shows on the roll.  Once you get sprayed by the toilet water you are out of the game.  We totally recommend this game for Family Game night, it’s sure to bring tons of laughs from everyone ages 4 and up.


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FIN FUN MERMAID vs Girl | Minute to Win it Challenge!


Fin Fun Mermaid Yumi challenges Sachi to Minute To Win It Challenges.  Who is going to Win?  Team Unicorn (Mermaid) or Team Panda (Girl)?

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