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💩The Poopy Diaper Challenge | Cabbage Patch Kids Little Sprouts

Yumi and Sachi do the poopy diaper challenge and eat poo, but it was not all disgusting, some was really good in the end. The winner gets all the Cabbage Patch Kids Little Sprouts Blind Bags and Play Sets.

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Limited Edition Cabbage Patch Kids by Wicked Cool Toys, only 1,000 made

For the first time ever, introducing the Cabbage Patch BIG Kids. Just like you, Cabbage Patch Kids are growing up! Each 18” Big Kid is extremely limited edition in nature and will be retired after a short production run. The accessories and dress will match the Kid’s unique personality and will be the highest end CPK apparel ever.  They are available in limited quantities via Toys R Us.  Click on the photo to buy one today.

Cabbage Patch Kids 18 inch Big Kid – Sofia Lorraine Performer

Sofia Lorraine Performer

Cabbage Patch Kids 18 inch Big Kid – Violet Anne Class President

Violet Anne Class President

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