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Zelfs Buttershy & Lil Zelf – KidToyTesters

Today I’m reviewing Zelfs. They are cute and come in different sizes. Check it out:
Meet Buttershy! This flower power flutter is a lil’ shy. But her sweet, happy go-lucky energy keeps her fluttering aroudn the garden, keeping the flowers growing year round!
There are 12 medium size dolls to collect! Each style of Zelf has a unique personality and power mark and comes with hair-riffic styling accessories and comb to keep those wayward locks in line plus a charm that can be worn by the Zelf or yourzelf! Also comes complete with their own biography and storytelling themes.
Also check out lil Zelfs. They come in a planter and can be used as a pencil topper and show off their crazy colourful hair. Total of 36 to collect including matt, glitter & pearl finishes.

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