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Pac-Man Pac-Panic Battle Spinners Pac & Betrayus by Bandai -KidToyTesters

Power Up with Pac-Panic Battle Spinners! 2 in 1 = Action figure plus Battle Spinner. Remove the base for battling action! Rev your figures to battle in the fight for good vs. evil, just like the animated series. Take your battle to the Pac-Panic Battle Arena (sold separately) for the ultimate battle! Add the base back to re-enact your favorite scenes with these awesome action figures! The Pac-Panic Battle Spinners 2 packs come with one good guy and one bad guy so you can battle to save the Pac World!

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K’NEX Pac-Man Betrayus’ Netherworld Maze Building Set- KidToyTesters

Collect your favorite Ghostly Adventure Characters like Pac, Cylindria, Spiral, Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde. Each set comes with Small Ghosts to Battle.

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