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Transformers Age of Extinction conversation with Mark Ryan voice of Lockdown – KidToyTestersHD

Super cool, we met Mark Ryan the voice of several Transformers including Lockdown, bumblebee, Ironhide / Hoist, Jetfire at #BritishFestival. He was super friendly, and grew up pretty close to our home back in London. Can’t wait to see if Hasbro resurrect his character Lockdown in the next Transformer movie.

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Transformers : The age of extinction grimlock toy review

Transformers age of extinction

The Transformers are back!! “Transformers :the age of extinction” is coming out soon!! (Look below for release dates in your country).

I am soooo excited to see it! My parents want to see it…Sachi and my younger siblings are not so interested. But like with all cool movies…new toys come out too!!!! And so far  I think they are going to be a big hit!! Even my two year old brother loves them. It might have something to do with it having the transformers turn into Dinosaurs! He is obsessed with Dinosaurs!! So anyways my first Transformer review will be the Transformers: Age of Extinction flip and change Grimlock figure by Hasbro for 5 years and up.

transformers grimlockThe Grimlock figure has robot and dinosaur mode and whichever mode he’s in, he converts in a flash to the other mode when you flip him! It w...

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