SKYLANDERS SUPERCHARGERS Vicarious Vision VLOG | Josh Duhamel | KidToyTesters

Skylanders Superchargers Activision Vicarious Vision VLOG Josh Duhamel, We were invited to tour Vicarious Visions in Albany NY, makers of Skylanders Superchargers to see how the game and characters are made. Guha Bala, along with his brother Karthik Bala founded VV in 1991, and have been pumping out hit video games for the past 20+ years. They’ve made hit gaming titles like Skylanders, Guitar Hero, Crash Bandicoot, Tony Hawk, Spider-Man and more across various gaming systems.

From an artists sketch, to 3D printed samples, modeling inside the game, animation, voice actors and sound effects, there is so much work put into the details of each character in the game that you wouldn’t believe. Josh Duhamel from Transformers showed us how he voiced his Skylander Character High Volt.

Kimi and I have loved playing Skylanders since Spyro’s Adventure, and now we have met the guys that brought them all to life. We got limited edition Frightful Fiesta, and Kimi had 2 of her Superchargers signed by Guha, Karthic, and John Paul Rhinemiller. It was amazing and we can’t wait to show you this quick VLOG of our visit. A full tour video will be uploaded to our YouTube channel in soon. So enjoy, I know we did.

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