Sachi’s 2017-2018 Back to School Giveaway

Thank you to all our fans and subscribers, we love you guys so much and can’t thank you enough for all your support this past year. Below are some different ways to get additional entries into the giveaway. We will pick a winner on August 15, 2017 and announce the winner on YouTube shortly after. Thank you, we love you all! #TeamPanda Rules!

Yumi will be launching her Back 2 School Giveaway in a few weeks, so subscribe and stay tuned.

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188 comments to Sachi’s 2017-2018 Back to School Giveaway

  • Mercedes  says:

    I really hope I win! I love your guys channel a lot and just really do hope I win.

    • Raven  says:

      This is my first time entering a giveaway

  • Okpor Esther  says:

    Love you so so much!!!!:-)

  • May Rodriguez  says:

    I just enter your giveaway.

  • Johnnita Willis  says:

    I just entered your giveaway.

  • Johnnita Willis  says:

    Love you guys so much

  • Esmeralda avila  says:

    I hope i win because i am really excite to go back to school i love school thank you for the giveaway i lo ve your videos

  • Manal Alahyan  says:

    Loveeeee you sooooo muchhh ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️!!

  • Karime  says:

    I hope i win because I really need a lot of school supplies. Thank you shachi for providing this I love you team panda ❤❤❤

  • tasneem  says:

    i love u

  • Joey  says:

    This give away is awesome I love your videos

  • Ruz Ramos  says:

    Good luck everyone..including me!

  • KOTON  says:

    pls can i win, cause i have nevered won a giveaway. and this will mean sooo much if i win. and i have been watching your channel for soo long. and i love you guys.i followed u guys in all your social medias. plzzz can i win.thank u a lot for making my day special. u guys inspire me alot.

  • KOTON  says:

    also i just want to tell u guys to follow your dreams and do not even think about the haters they are just jealous!! love u guys soooooooooooooooo much

  • Abagail Girard  says:

    i need to win we need alot of these slplise

  • Abagail Girard  says:

    i need to win

    • Marianela Torres  says:

      So does everybody else

      • Marianela Torres  says:

        I also want the camrera

      • Marianela Torres  says:

        #teampandacorn forever

  • Mariana  says:

    Hi,thanks for this beautiful giveaway.

  • fatima faeq  says:

    I hope i win and good luck for every one

  • Keira  says:

    I love you guys so much! I am a huge fan! I entered all your giveaways in 2017! cause that’s how long I have been subscribed for! Good Luck Everyone! including me I need luck as well, everybody does!

  • Keira  says:

    Good Luck Everybody!!

  • Dymond  says:

    Ooooooooooo i really hope i win.I am being homeschooled this year and the tablet would really help.Love you guys. #TeamPanda

  • Jennifer  says:

    I love you guys, and I wish everyone goodluck because everyones awesome.
    I can’t choose between team panda or team unicorn so #team unicorn panda for life. I hope I win I love school and my favorite subject are art, math, and music. Im going into 6th grade.☺

  • On'Yae  says:

    Really Really enjoy you’ll whole family you’ll always light up my day #teampandicorn!!!

  • Julianne Carl Ramos  says:

    Hi kidtoytester!!!i just wanna say na thankyou because you give us chance to won this contest espasially meee!!!i hope i will win…first of all i just wanna say your all videos are beautiful!!and awensome!!if you know i always watch your all videos but actually not all because you know i am busy on my study♡sorry but thankyou very much hope i will win this contest love you all guys hope you will always upload videos on youtube for you fanss!!!thankyou i really want the instax!

  • Valeria flores  says:

    Hi i am so so so exsited for back to school and love ur vids and i hope u have a good life and . YOU ENSPIRE ME EVERY DAY !!!!!!

  • Tracy G.  says:

    Cant wait and good luck to all

  • Kaylee Cannon  says:

    I would love to win this giveaway!❤ I tried to win the Last year one bc I didn’t get to so I hope I win❤❤❤

  • Esmeralda avila  says:

    Hi i am so thankful for the videos you guys do. And the giveaways that you do to help us with school supplies even if I don’t win any giveaway I am so thankful for doing videos and give aways I love you

    • Chelsea uzoho  says:

      Please I beg of you please pick me.I may Ave been late to enter but please give me a chance I would like to win the tablet and the backpack and the supplies. I want to win because my family is going through difficulty and we might not have time to bye supplies so please pick me. Thank you even if you don’t pick me because it is the thought that counts.

    • Katey Morris  says:

      I cant wait to see if I win. I really hope I do because I don’t have enough money to buy all of the supplies I need for school. I have been watching your channel for so long and every time I entered for a giveaway I always lost. I love you guys so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much!

    • Erika  says:

      Hi my name is erikacuevas i really need some school supplies because my mom needs to pay bills for our house and so many other stuff and she has no time to get me somthing so i hope i endup winning

    • cassandra marie  says:

      hello kidtoytesters I hope you will read this..the first of all I will be thanking you about this giveaway amd I hope you will pick me because this is my first time to join this giveaway but the thing is I live in the Philippines and I hope you will pick me. also I have a youtube channel but its like weird because I record it in my own but you can subscribe if you want..but anyways my name is cassey im a 6th grade pupil and I like school supplies(addict)because its awesome and cute so thats why I entered this giveaway and #teampanda’…good luck to everyone and me.and thanks in filipino:SALAMAT…MUAH

    • Susan pollard  says:

      I hope you do win

      • Susan pollard  says:

        God bless you all on your way to school for this year because he is always by your side and I hope you guys win the prize school is on if not no one is perfect

    • Lajai  says:

      I hope I win really I live you videos
      So much. . Love y’all. Stay litt

  • Emma  says:

    Hope I’m Gonna Win I Really Lobe You Gys Which you All the best I Know I’m Not Gonna Winn but let’s try

  • Mariam Mohamed  says:

    I love you so much I watch all your videos I really hope I win because I didn’t win anything before love you so much

  • nakaylia rose  says:

    i am addicted to your channel and im your biggest fans and i cant wait to go back to school knowing that i can win something to tresure from you going to school it would make going to school more exciting.I love

  • Akorede  says:

    Hi you two are giving to make this video

  • Akorede  says:

    Goodluck To Everyone

  • Thahseena  says:

    Hey love u guys soo much and hope everyone gets it and can i have the polorid camera plz i have been beging my dad and mom plz

  • Thahseena  says:

    Hey can u guys post a new video based on how to pack ur bags plz u guys are really help full

  • tzvia malka  says:

    thank you so much for doing this i want evrything so bad good luck to evryone

  • Genesis pineda  says:

    I really want to win. I love your videos I like nearly all of them. I hope I win.

  • EMILY  says:

    team pandicorn

  • EMILY  says:

    i like watching your videos and i like watching your videos team pandicoeN! I REALLY HOPE I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marian  says:

    Omg I love you guys thx for making this gigantic giveaway pick those who you want to win can you pls make more shopkins video you inspire me everyday you make a big gigantic smile on my face sorry for those who don’t have supplies the reason I entered us because I want to share with everyone to make them happy thx a gain and #teampanda #teamunicirn rule bye love you guys ☺

  • mileena  says:


  • asma luai  says:

    hi i love this kind of giveaway and i reall hope to win

  • nirjala  says:

    I hope i win please chose me i have never won

  • Kija  says:

    I really hope i win because there is this homeless girl i really want to make her day and is so hard last year her mom made 20$ for her and her brother and there dad past away is hard for them so i really wanna make this little girl day i love her so much im already starting to cry because im imgining me surprising her

  • Kija  says:

    I hope i win because i want to make this little girl day she homeless and last year her mom made 20$ andbarely bought her school supplies cuz is her and her brother her dad past away this is making me cry but ima be strong and she always put a smile on my face im imaging me putting a smile on her face

  • EMILY  says:

    i watch this videro everyday just for . a chance of winning

  • AABY  says:

    I LOVE LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!!!!!!! ❤️ I REALLLY REALLY wish I can win because I need school supplies and I really want a camera PLEASE YUMI AND SACHI

  • Mahgull  says:

    Hopefully all those who entered will leave with joy and happiness :):):):)

  • Clotilde  says:

    Hi….good Luck everyone I’m so exiting and it’s international (I’m French girl)

  • Withney  says:

    I hope win ! And i say everbody good luck!
    Thank you so much!!☺

  • Alexis rosario  says:

    You guys are giving away some really cool stuff and I think y’all are really cool and I really want to win this because I’ve never win anything big so please help me out !!! I entered and praying I win this ! Love you guys and you’re pretty

  • Alexis rosario  says:

    Pleaseeeeee let me win this pleaseeeee and follow me on instagram!!! @lexie.litty and tell me if I win cause my emails don’t come in most the time

  • Alexis rosario  says:

    I love both of you please let me win !! #teamunicorn #teampanda

  • Alexis rosario  says:

    I can’t describe how much this will mean to me !!!!

  • Alexis rosario  says:

    I’m a big fan just please pick me I need this so bad right now !! ❤❤❤❗❗❗❗

  • Alexis rosario  says:

    Please you guys will mean the world to me if you please just help me out I really need and want the stuff on the giveaway and I pray that random pick will be me !!❤❗

  • Alexis rosario  says:

    And you guys are so beautiful and fun to watch ! Please pick me

  • Asma  says:

    I always prepare my self to win but it actually ends on me without anything I hope I can win for the first time.

  • Laila  says:

    I really hope to win because i will be the most happy person in the world pleassee i really need the bag and all thing in the video because i m so exiting to back to scholl love youuu i really like you

  • Laila  says:

    Pleasee i want to win i really need all the thing in the video please i will be the most happy person in the word love you

  • Floranda Florvil  says:

    I hope i win I really need this. For last past years my sister tries her best to help 5 of us with school supplies I know this will help us very much.

  • laila lakhlifi idrissi  says:

    hi, i m laila from morocco i hope to win because i need all the thing in the video and i never ever buy something cute and cool like that if i win i will be the most happy person in the word hhhhh so i really wanted to win love you
    i m so exited for school so lucky for me and everyone

  • fadia asad  says:

    i love your channel

  • Elizah Irfan  says:

    Wow this is a huge giveaway! I would LOVE to win this.

  • Shaniya  says:

    Good luck to everyone who entered and LOVE YOUR VIDEOS❤.

  • Dayanara Sanchsz  says:

    Good luck

  • Christin  says:

    I really hope I win I have to use my old school supplies
    Because my mom didn’t have money.And no I am not lying.I watch your videos all the time .LOVE YOU GUYS

  • Melia Meadows  says:

    I love u both so much and enjoy watching your videos. I’m going into 6th grade and I start school August 17th

  • Melia Meadows  says:

    I really hope I win because I’ve never won a giveaway before

  • Abigail Maria  says:

    I really would love to win this giveaway. I never win anything.

  • Sofia  says:

    Love you so much u are the best and cool

  • Eman  says:

    I have whachted this video everyday 3 time and tweeted this every dayhoping I win good luck to everybody

  • Samantha  says:

    Can i plz win i have never woned any give away well this is my first giveaway i have entered and i like the things you are giving going to 6th grade i enter on August 17. Im so exited

  • Tomike  says:

    I’m really excited because if never won before.

    I really hope I win because I really need to win.

  • sikshya rai  says:

    now hope i win

  • Gin Dodson  says:

    I hope i win i dont have enough money to get school stuff.

  • Zainab  says:

    I have done all the things mentioned above Really hope to win this giveaway❤

  • Usubelli  says:

    I would win this giveway

  • Natalie Hernandez  says:

    Omg i hope tha5 i win it would mean a lot

  • Natalie Hernandez  says:

    Omg I am super duper excited for this years give away I can’t believe I have a chance to win

  • Grace Yan  says:

    I really lovee your videos KidToyTesters, and I hope I win… Also good luck to everyone else entering the giveaway, can’t wait for school to start! 🙂 I have never won any of the giveaways I entered before, so if I win this one, then I’ll be super happy! I even subscribed and clicked the notification bell for you. ;D

  • Grace Yan  says:

    I lovee all your videos,KidToyTesters, and I really hope I win this giveaway. Also good luck to everyone else entering the giveaway! 🙂 I’ve never won any before, so I’ll be really happy if I win this one! Can’t wait for school to start!(oh, and i subscribed and hit the notification bell.) ;D

  • Grace Yan  says:

    I lovee all your Youtube videos,KidToyTesters, and I really hope I win this giveaway. Also good luck to everyone else entering the giveaway! 🙂 I’ve never won any before, so I’ll be really happy if I win this one! Can’t wait for school to start!(oh, and i subscribed and hit the notification bell.) ;D

  • Grace Yan  says:

    I really hope I win… 🙂 Good luck to everyone else entering the giveaway! KidToyTesters you inspire me a lot and I love you so so much! (I clicked the notification bell and subscribed too) If I win this I’ll be soo happy, I’ve never won any giveaways before. 😀

  • Grace Yan  says:

    Oops, it entered 4 times… 🙁 sorry for that…
    One more thing – I’m on team panda!

  • Somaja  says:

    I really hope o win school starts 2017/8/15 and I’m excited for school more then anything idk why so I hope I win thank you!

  • Wilmide  says:

    I wish you all the best of luck

  • Diamond  says:

    Hi you really inspire me my family and I really love your bids

  • Diamond  says:


    • Diamond  says:

      I meant to day bids

      • Diamond  says:


  •  says:

    Nіcely, ѡhat does God like?? Lee added. ?I impⅼy, we like cookies aɑnd cartoons
    annd tоys, һowever ѡht sort of isssueѕ are enjoyable for God??
    It was a question that for a mіnute Mommky and Daddy haԁ to suppose about.

  • Lillyanna  says:

    You guys are my life is wouldn’t been here with out you guys LOVE YOU

  • hanna  says:

    thoose school supplies are cool i really hope i win , good luck to everybody!

  • cassandra marie  says:

    hello kidtoytesters im cassey so I have a youtube channel also but its like wierd because I just recird it by my btw..I hope I will win because its my first time to do this but the thing is I live in the Philippines but I hope I will win because I like so school supplies because you know I like.some super cute thing.I hope you pick me..and thanks

  •  says:

    Lee and Larrү lߋved their sixth birthday party. Though they have been twins, Mommmy and
    Daddy all the tіme made positive theʏ each had a special time.
    And wiuth their birthdays coming in December, Mommy and
    Daԁdy additionally always madе crtain their bіrthdɑys had been paгtіcular though Chhristmɑs was right
    acrss the сorner. Tһe occasion wаs sⲟ fun with a clown and cake and songs and great
    presents from their mates and grandparents and uncle and аunts.
    It went by so fast however earlier than they knew it, еberyοne
    had gone dwelling and it was tіme to lean up and prepare for bed.

  • cassandra marie  says:


    • cassandra marie  says:

      hello kidtiytester I hope I will win this giveaway coz this first time to enter a giveaway..and I also have a youtube channel please subscribe but my videos is like wierd coz I just record with my iwn..#teampanda.I hope God will answer my prayers a while ago..but ythe thing is live in the Philippines..just remember have faith in God in whatever you do even if you lose or you all and good luck…

      • cassandra marie  says:

        hello again im sorry for my spellings because I just doing this faster and again I hope I will win….and love all.#teampanda…

        • cassandra marie  says:

          and also if you pick me I will watch all of your videos and I have a lot of comments because im so really excited on who is the winner I hope I am the one of the winners and also I like school supplies im super addict on it but just 99.9% just kidding you all..#teampanda…muah

          • carla jelyn  says:

            its my first time to join wish I will win and my friend Im from Philippines thanks good luck and good bless in FILIPINO salamat and im carla for short….muah..#teampanda..pls pick you muah..

  • Jack  says:

    Everyone laughed trying tоo imagine what kind of birthday cеlebration Marү aand Joseph
    gave for Jesus when He was six. Larry puᴢzled, ?I gᥙess he liked the
    identical kind of toys ѡe like.

  • Melanie Barber  says:

    My Daughter, Miah loves your YouTube posts…Thanks!!!

  • Minilucy23  says:

    First of all thank you so much for this amazing things that you gathered for us that is so sweet of you to do this giveaway:)
    I’ve been following you guys for a long time and you guys really inspire me and i realy wanted to start my own channel and be like you guy:)
    i have entered your past 2 years giveaway but sadly i did not won so i really hope to win this one:)
    Goodluck to everyone entering

  • Samden ji  says:

    I really hope that it’s of luck for back 2 school

    • Samden ji  says:

      ❤you all and your videos . #teampandicorns

  • Samden ji  says:

    This is the first giveaway I’ve ever entered. I hope I am lucky enough to win

  • Princess Ann  says:

    I love your videos they make me smile and I would love to win

  • Devene Johnson  says:

    Hopefully I will be able to win this give away I am your biggest fan

  • Muneera Bebe  says:

    I really hope I can win this giveaway because my mom never lets me get the things you have for school I love you girls so much that I watch you every time you post and like all your videos and liked all your pictures on instgram

  • Kailynn  says:

    I watch your videos all the time they are so awsome i just saw the giveaway video now so i entered i hope i win soooooo bad or not i hope i didnt get my school supplies yet my school starts aug.28 I LOVE SCHOOL AND CANT WAIT TO GO you guys are so awsome

  • Saba  says:

    Hello i would love to win this u both are so cute and funny love the humour❤

  • LAILA  says:


  • terrin thompkins  says:

    I really hope I win you two are so cool I love your channel soooooooooooooooooooooo mutch you two inspier me I am you r biggest fan I am so happy you are doing this please pick me I will die If you dont pick me

  • terrin thompkins  says:

    You guy are awsome go team pandacorn you inspire me every day

  • terrin thompkins  says:

    Going to the sixed grade I am so exsigthed:-):-):-):-)

  • terrin thompkins  says:


  • Eesha  says:

    Hi , so I started watching your videos and they seem fun and entertaining so this giveaway was so nice of you guys to do ☺ it also made me kind of excited for school!!!☺

  • Gladys piedra  says:

    I really hope Iain I love your channel yall deserve more subscribers good luck everyone!

  • Michelle Guzman  says:

    I love love love love love your channel it is amazing.Thankyou so much for this awesome givaway I really appreciate this givaway if I win and I do really hope I win.goodluck every one and me.

  • Brionna Green  says:

    I love you both so so much you both are the best!! I hope I win!!!

    • Brionna Green  says:

      It is not only about winning though it is also about having fun love you both!!!!! And it’s fine is I don’t win!!!

  • Brionna Green  says:

    I love you both so so much you both are the best!! I hope I win!!! But if I don’t that is ok it’s about having fun!!!!!!

  • Zahraa mohsen  says:

    Good luck all❤❤

  • Harshini  says:

    I want this giveaway pls I actually love all of your videos.

  • Samden sherpa  says:

    I can just hope that I win this giveaway Anyway thanks for the video. ❤you all and your videos

  • Maurene Ellein  says:

    Hi I’m from PH this giveaway is so much helpful for us student so hopefully I win godbless more subbies goodluck to everyone

  • Alexus gonzalez  says:

    I would raelly like to win but if i dont ill still be happy cuz im a big fan i love wacthing your video’s i raelly hope i win this giveaway

  • Amadita  says:

    Hi, my name is amadita. I am from Indonesia, and i really hope i’m win!!!
    I love you sachi!!

  • Amadita  says:

    I love your channel.

  • LaLaDiLaLaDa  says:

    I really hope I will win because I really need school supplies I really need to save money because we don’t have enough money to buy those. Good Luck Everyone!!

  • Samden sherpa  says:

    Can I win because I even tweeted your giveaway on my twitter and even followed you guys on Facebook, instagram, twItteringham and even subscribed to your channel long time back . So pleaaaasssssse

  • Samden sherpa  says:

    Oh sorry I was trying to say twitter not twltteringham

  • Noura Fouad  says:

    Good luck to everyone!!!!
    Hopefully I win!!!
    Which I will totally not

  • Shanze Ali  says:

    Just entered your giveaway

  • Riham  says:

    I love giveyew

  • Mirelly Quiñones  says:

    Ohhh the day is coming so exciting

  • Linnette Sandoval  says:

    I really want to win it’s been my dream ivle literaly have been watching you since I was so young and you guys would be the only thing i watched I would always beg my parents if I could go to vid con and maybe see you but the would always reject my whole dream is meeting you guys I really want to win and I did enter.i I win this giveaway my dreams will come true and I feel like I act accomplished part of my goal to know that you guys know I am your number one fan you guys are amazing and should never give up on YouTube and follow your dream because you and your family and the definition of prefect

  • abigael  says:

    i am so thankful u guys are doing this giveaway i really hope i win even if i dont win i am so thankful for u guys

  • Amiyah  says:

    I hope I win because we don’t have enough money for school supplies

  • Emilia Kuilan  says:

    I really love your videos and I really hopes my daughter wins.

  • Michelle mcute  says:

    Good luck everyone and girls i love your youtube vidoes especially the one were you guys did the orbezz challenge i mean c’mone who else liked it also give those girls a thumbs up cause they really do an excellent job with there videos

  • Heidi  says:

    this giveaway means a lot to me

  • Melanie  says:

    #bts and I love your hair I hope I win

  • Zamariyah waitley  says:

    Hey I’m so thankful for the video you are amazing

  • Savannah Toppin-Placide  says:

    This giveaway is so great good luck to everyone but I really hope I win as I’m preparing for my GCSE in London so it would really help and entered 12 giveaway and I’ve never won one but fingers crossed and good luck to everyone again❤❤❤❤

  • Ashley Torres  says:

    I really hope I win because unfortunately my family doesn’t have enough money and I’m not going to be able to buy what I need so I hope I win you guy are the best

  • Alexis Avila  says:

    I go hope i win 🙂 Thanks for this !

  • Michelle mcute  says:

    Go team panda

  • Eman  says:

    Cant wait

  • Eman  says:


  • Eman  says:

    I sometimes feel like I have bad luck since I never ever won anything anything in my life but if I still lose that’s ok

  • Eman  says:

    I love kidtoytester and kidtoytestershd

  • Samden sherpa  says:

    Very excited last day of the giveaway

  • Eman  says:

    Hi my name is eman algalham I am going to 6th grade in 3 weeks I can’t wait I live in dearborn Michigan I go to salina intermedeant our mascot is a wildcat we were the basketball state champs in 2016 our school play many sports for example football basketball volleyball swiming and we used to play soccer to but not any more don’t know why I was also burned in the U.S.

  • Eman  says:

    This is a nice website

  • asma luai  says:

    iam soo excited for this giveaway and there is hours left yaay love you guys

  • Rania Akoojee  says:

    I love your videos
    you guys inspired me

  • Hailey  says:

    I have never won a giveaway and if I win I will give it to people who need it ps I really love you shirt

  • Elizabeth  says:

    Hi .I would love to win.I never won a giveaway so it woul be great if I won I know that there is a slim chance that I could win so good luck to everyone

  • Krizzia  says:

    I just entered the giveaway..watched some of you guys’ videos still have to continue with some though…then I came accross this…. cant wait all the other videos though

  • Christin  says:

    I love you guys

    • Christin  says:

      I really hope I win because I have to use my old school supplies and no I’m not lying to you guys.

  • Sky milne  says:

    Hi I love your videos

  • Pakeeza Noor  says:

    I hope i can win

  • Pakeeza Noor  says:

    You you are the best

  • Pakeeza Noor  says:

    I love love love watching your videos and i really really really hope I can win this giveaway

  • Waqas Haider  says:

    I love watching your videos and I am very very very very excited and I hope I can win your giveaway

  • Naydaliz Castro  says:

    You are the best youtubers in the world i have watched all your videos love u guys i hope i win

  • Eman  says:

    1 more min

  • KIara  says:

    hope i win

  • KIara  says:

    may you plz plz choose me

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  • Cashlin  says:

    I’m so excited!!

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    i luv ur Channel ur amazing i luv you!!!!!!!!!!

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    I’m excited for school giveaway I’m so excited to win

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