Poop Candy! | 5-Minute Dungeon Family Game Night

Yumi, Sachi, and Dad play the most epic Family Game ever – 5 Minute Dungeon. If they don’t beat the boss of the first Dungeon they have to eat POOP Candy! Comment below if you think they will win or have to eat Poop!!

Thanks to our friends at Wiggles 3D Games. Go Support them on Kickstarter to get your copy of 5-Minute Dungeon by clicking on this link: http://www.5minutedungeon.com


“5-Minute Dungeon is the most exciting family game night game we’ve played in years, and it literally can be played in under 5 minutes. Kimi who’s 8yrs old regularly pulls out cards before us to save the day.  It’s a fast paced action game that is like playing the card game War but on steroids with a dash of magical creatures and tons of action.  It makes you think, react fast, all while trying to play as a team.  KidToyTesters absolutely recommend this game for others and we give it 5 Stars for Fun and Excitement”.   – Yumi

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