Cracked the Code, the Ultimate Slime Recipe – Blackboard by Boogie Board


Hey guys, we’ve got the coolest Liquid Crystal Paper called “Blackboard” by Booggie Board. It’s pixel-less, non-digital technology that is super easy to write on and erase. You don’t have to charge or plug it in. It’s a whole new way to write, edit, and erase. There is an iOS app that stores everything you draw and makes it easy to save/organize, search, and share. to learn more go to

Blackboard is available online and at major retailers including Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, Barnes and Noble, and Fred Meyer for just $44.99 MSRP

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Custom Cutie Car – Shopkins Design you own car! 😱 OMG


This is so CrAzy! we can’t believe this is happening. Moose Toys has asked us to design our own KidToyTesters Custom Cutie Car!!! OMG! Seriously this is so CrAzy. We need your help with this one. Sketch out some cars or ideas for designs and post them online with the hashtag #Customcutiecar. There will be a super amazing surprise for you if you do. OMG! Limited Edition Cutie Cars Season 2!!! Love you all and thank you for watching our videos and supporting our channel!! – Yumi, Sachi, & Kimi

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KidToyTesters Biggest Holiday Giveaway Ever – Zoomer Show Pony, Fingerlings, Shopkins, Vampirina, Doc McStuffins, Pikmi Pops, Hatchimals, Teddy Ruxpin, Cabbage Patch


This is our Biggest Holiday Giveaway ever and it features all the top toys of 2017. We want to say thank you to all of our fans and subscribers for making 2017 another amazing year. WE passed 300,000 subscribers on YouTube and 25,000 on Instagram. We can’t wait to make even better videos for you guys in 2018.

To say thank you, we put together all of our favorite toys from 2017 into a huge giveaway. If you didn’t get the Christmas present you wanted, then you will if you win our giveaway. The winner will be drawn at random so it’s completely fair for everyone. There are lots of ways to get extra entries so you have a higher chance of winning.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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ROBOT BABIES??? Bizzy Bubs Kawaii NEW from Moose Toys Little Live


The magic of Little Live comes to life with adorable babies who love to play. Introducing Little Live Bizzy Bubs. Cute, colorful and full of personality, they can’t wait to play with you! Watch them bounce, babble, crawl and play the day away! Playdates have never been so much fun as each baby allows their personality shine!

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OZOBOT EVO Yumi & Sachi Learn Coding and battle in an EPIC Robot Race with Dominoes


The Ozobot Evo is a small, smart robot toy that is incredibly fun to play with. Evo entertains right out of the box with autonomous LED lights, sounds and several different modes of play. We designed the biggest Ozobot Race Course ever with lots of coding sections to make our Ozobots race fast, slow, and even spin like a tornado. Ozobot makes coding fun and our only problem was that we ran out of markers to draw more course. Our video highlights just one fun way to play with Ozobot Evo, we didn’t have enough time to focus on all the other amazing things you can do with the Ozobot Evo App. We programmed our Ozobots to do dance sequences with OzoBlockly which was super cool.

Click here to get your own Ozobot Evo:

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Fingerlings Unicorn Party! Fingerlings Gigi the Unicorn


Yumi, Sachi, and Kimi celebrate GIGI the Unicorn Fingerlings day with a Unicorn Party complete with a Confetti filled Pinata. Who do you think will smash the pinata open to free Gigi the Unicorn? #TeamUnicorn #TeamPanda or #TeamBunny.

Buy GIGI the Unicorn:

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