New York Toy Fair Exclusive – NXT BLASTERS not out until Fall 2015

The NXT line will be available at retail Fall 2015.

The new 2015 line includes:

 Annihilator 5000 – A game changer that breaks the rules! With over 5000 rounds of ammo , kids will enjoy a friendly (or not so friendly!) game of blaster warfare that fires over 100 feet and delivers 80 rounds per minute! The Annihilator 5000 also allows 500 shots before needing to reload, perfect for kids who are serious about annihilating their competition! Ages 8+, SRP $29.99

 Force 2500 – Use the Force 2500 to blast your opponent with 2500 rounds of ammo, 250 shots before reloading and a firing range of over 100 feet! Ages 8+, SRP: $19.99.

 Attack Pack 3000 – Double the fun! You and a friend can experience this advanced revolutionary combat system with a set of two blasters that delivers 100 shots before reloading, fires over 100 feet and includes 1000 rounds of ammo! Ages 8+, SRP: $17.99

 QuickFire 1000 – Compact yet powerful, this QuickFire 1000 blaster fires over 100 feet, delivers 100 shots before reloading and includes 1000 rounds of ammo. Ages 8+, SRP: $9.99.

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