New Years Mermaid Giveaway – Win an Apple iPad Mini + Toys + More

Happy New Year!!! to celebrate the arrival of 2016 Yumi & Mermaid Sachi are giving away an iPad Mini, Pie Face, Shopkins Season 4, Bath and Body Works, Earrings, and more of our favorites.

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6 comments to New Years Mermaid Giveaway – Win an Apple iPad Mini + Toys + More

  • Madison  says:

    iPad mini

  • Galilea  says:

    #love you guys do you yumi have a boyfriend

    • KidToyTesters  says:

      Hi, no I don’t have a boyfriend yet 🙂

  • Shieka Deguzman  says:

    It’s so nice of you KidToyTesters to make some giveaways…Hope we all who registered or something get all what we wanted…I hope I can a giveaway stuffs you bought…

  • Haile  says:

    Hi I am Haile and I am 10 years old I love your videos like the girl back to school give away I loved it.You are so caring to give away all this stuff that’s so nice of you.I always wanted to win a giveaway from your channel and I hope I do.Byyyy

  • rutha  says:

    hi iam a big fan I love you iam your biggest fan ever please pic e I don’t have friends or ipad or phone pls love you guys

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