NEW Shopkins Season 3 opening of 3x 5 packs | KidToyTesters

❤❤❤ Shopkins Season 3❤❤❤
Shopkins Season 3 reviewed by KidToyTesters Sachi. The wait for Shopkins Season 3 is finally over. I found 2 Ultra Rares in this video. The new Shopkins Season 3 categories include Hats, International Food, and Stationary. There are over 140 Shopkins Season 3 characters to collect with 9 categories.

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Shopkin Toy reviews trying to find the Ultra rares!! Shopkins Season 3, Season 2, Season 1, Blind baskets and Toy playsets. The Shopkins So Cool fridge, Shopkins Supermarket, Shopkins 12 packs.

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