Make Your Case Cell phone case maker- New York Toy Fair Exclusive

Make your case is the first kit for customizing your own cell phone case with tons of customization. If you can think of it, you can add it to your personalized case.

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How does it work? Simple. Insert your chosen color into the Case Maker, press to mold a case and once the mold has set, you can make it your very own. From adding a selfie to decorating your pet’s picture to creating and expressing just how you feel that day, the Case Maker celebrates that kids see phones as the latest must have accessory in self expression. Compatible with iPhone 6, iPod Touch 5, iPhone 4/4s, iPod Touch 5/5c/5s and Samsung S3/4. Available at Walmart, Toys R Us, Target, Amazon, Kmart, Fred Meijer, and other major US retailers. Ages 8+. Price $24.99

Case Maker Refill – One silicon refill and one mixing rod.
Available in five colors (pink, blue, purple, green and white), the refills let you create a new case for every occasion.
Age: 8+; Price: $4.99

Decorator accessory sets:
Great ways to create and decorate cases using proven creative approaches for a new look every time. Each set includes the main unit plus snap on cases.

Case Designer: Spin Art – Includes four colored cell phone cases with four protective backs, nine design sheets, one activity sheet, one spin base and three bottles of paint.

Case Designer: Décor Tape – Includes four colored cell phone cases, four protective backs, eight design sheets, five assorted décor tape rolls and one activity sheet

Case Designer: Paper Crafting – Includes four colored cell phone cases, 2 Pattern Punches and 12 decorator sheets to create a work of art every time.

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