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  • Jourh  says:

    Hiy name is joury I am 12 years old I love you guys I love all your videos epically your orberz video I love it so much I am such a big fan I love you so much xoxoxo
    Love from joury

  • Bong Zhen Hui  says:

    Hi KidsToytesster i really hope that i can win these because I luv them and also i could play with my siblings the other reason is i always tried to win but I could not so I really hope you can give me this chance to win it please…

  • Ava A.  says:

    Congrats on 100,000!

  • Emma Grace Smith  says:

    I love your videos and how energetic you are Love u guys

  • Lavinia  says:

    Hy i enter .
    My name is Lavinia and i love your V ideos in your youtube channel.
    Congratulation for 100.000 subscribers and thank you for this giveaway.the presents are awesome and you are awesome . I Live in Italy in Lombardia City and i usually see in the afternoon your V ideos every every days.
    I want to winnnnnn.good Luck.

  • america jimenez  says:

    hi i am so happy about the giveaway.

  • Leenah ali  says:


  • Leenah ali  says:

    You allways giveaway cool things and Ilove!!!!! your videos!!!!!!! Sooo much

  • kahdeiaha  says:

    Your videos are great i justed watching them and i cant get enough

  • Jacob  says:

    Plz can I have some

  • Emeteria Granado  says:


  • Elle  says:

    I would really like to win the new give away I always aply but never win so hopefully this time it will be me I speed the words to my family and they subscribed

  • Mikayla.G  says:

    I love all the giveaways so much thank you for spending your own money you deserve it

  • Nicole  says:


  • Kellie  says:

    This is awesome thanks guys

  • Allie  says:

    I luv ur vids hope I win I donated all my toys and my birthday is on February 10 I’m turning 12 congrats on 100,000 subscribers


  • Allie  says:

    Also I want to say my favorite word ur channel is awesomesauce ☺ ☺

  • Allie  says:


  • trinity  says:

    hi I”m trinity. Your videos are awesome and entertaning. You should countine you what you are doing because you make awesome videos.

  • Hadiyah Whitfield  says:

    Hi my name is Hadiyah I’m 11 years old and u would love to win this giveaway

  • Kortney  says:

    I love kidtoytesters. The videos are great. You guys are awesome….

  • Heitzel Diaz  says:

    Good luck everybody I hope you had fun with this….and I hope I win to donate the prizes to my sister friend since he is in a hospital because of a sickness I don’t really know about…I’m praying for him since he is only 5 years old…:(

  • jenny  says:

    Congrats on 100k

  • KALIYAH M  says:

    Omg I love you guys so much congrats on 100,000 Subs

  • pamela castillo  says:

    Your give away is so nice but i never won

  • pamela castillo  says:


  • Aisha  says:

    Hi,my name is Aisha and I’m 14 and I am a subscriber.

    I really want to win this month giveaway(February), I want to win because I have entered more than 10 giveaways and never ever won, if you really appreciate this comment,please I want to win

    Hopefully you saw this comment and
    Thanks 🙂

  • kirra  says:

    I love u all so very much!

  • Nikki spence  says:

    Congratulations guys! I’m a huge fan and I love your videos….. Xoxo nikki❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Tannuchopra  says:

    Woo i just love your guys channel so much love yaa!!

  • Tannuchopra  says:

    Love yaa!!

  • Trisha Nicole Lopez  says:

    I love your videos so so so much!!!!!!!!!! I hope i’ll win 🙂 Congratulations for a 100,000+ subscribers!!! You guys deserve it 🙂

  • alyssa  says:

    l love your videos

  • Neftaly  says:

    I love you I hope I win you make me slime every time I am sad

  • Hanie  says:

    Yay Congrats I REALLY enjoy watching your videos they are really exiting and i see that when you guys open or flim videos you guys seem really cheerful and that somehow makes me cheerful too(haha)See you soon bye

  • Cheska  says:

    Congratulations for reaching 100k subbies keep it up guys.

  • Maria Meshell  says:

    Hey. I’m Meshell and I have a younger sister. I really need to win for her. She loves your giveaways sooooo much. Pick me please. Love your channel btw.

  • fleur  says:

    Hi my name is fleur. I have watched every video U have made I enter every giveaway but never win I think I might this time #loveunicorns

  • fleur  says:

    I love ur vide

  • Shedeka  says:

    Please give the give away to me I don’t have a phone or an iPad I am asking you please give the give away to me!~>_<~*



  • paulina  says:

    Ilove alll ur vids i follow all of you guys

  • Smi  says:

    I love your videos!!You guys are awesome.I didn’t win the first one but I hope to win this one!!

  • Jennifer Duran Timonel  says:

    Hi little dolls,I’m so amaze of your videos,photos and giveaways. You two guys are awesome.Keep It up and God bless.

  • Jordan  says:

    Hi my name is Jordan i love to watch you videos and it just makes me happy to watch your videos. I love how the kids have lots of energy so it’s not boring. They make me laugh. Thank you so much for making this giveaway and i hope to see you soon.

  • jasminluna  says:

    I hope I can win because I followed the step that we can win

  • Lynaria Brown  says:

    Hey I’m really excited that you are doing another yet fabulous giveaway with all this cool stuff I love your channel when I’m bored i watch it and I love it is awesome thank you for doing another giveaway.

  • Lynaria Brown  says:

    I’m sorry but I can’t tweet or share on Facebook because I’m to young to have a Facebook and Twitter but I did subscribe to newsletter comment and subscribe plus liked the video and shared it to my Google+

  • Lynaria Brown  says:

    When I subscribed to newsletter and put lynaria10@icloud.Cox I meant .com

  • Racheal Prada  says:

    Congratulation on 100,000 subscribers!!

  • Aisha  says:

    I have entered this giveaway for my sister birthday she will be 7 next month , I have NO MONEY like no money not even a doller.

    She always steel’s my B&BW stuff and I really need that

    I would love if Reed that comment and Thank u 🙂

  • Aisha  says:


  • Sophie Harding  says:

    Done it all except the Facebook and Twitter! Hope I win!

  • Anonymous  says:

    I live in nashville I would like to know if I could win some of your giveaways quote:people are more likely to belive you if you are anonymous

  • Jamie Daley  says:

    Ineed an i pad for my own youtube videos edeting

  • Karen Partida  says:

    Hi I am Karen Love your Videos! I have been watching your videos all the time.I am 11 years old and love the color red.Follow me on instagram it is harminizor1.I entered your giveaway….I just wanted to win the clairs earings.At to win something.God bless you.You are the best…!!!

  • Shayne Hover  says:

    Hi my name is shayne even if I don’t win the give away I want to say thank you for giving me a chance to win
    Ps:congrats for geting 100,000 subs

  • charlene vibbert  says:

    hey I enter the giveaway

  • charlie  says:

    hi i love your vids! they are sooooo cool and i am sooooooo happy that you are doing another giveway!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!

  • Emily Fleming  says:

    Can I be entered into the February giveaway please

  • Jhake O.  says:

    Hi! I joined in behalf of my daughter. Congrats on your growing subscribers! Hoping to win this for my daughter.

  • Emily Walton  says:

    Hi I’m Emily walton and I’m here to say I’m entering the giveaway and you guys are awesome I was looking go for videos and I came upon yours and I subscribed right away but that was like I don’t know a couple years ago love you bye

  • THuy Linh  says:


  • jii  says:

    This is amazing giveaway! My niece will surely love these if i win!

  • Geeza  says:

    i entered my name is Geeza Mae from the philippines..
    i love you videos.. they make me happy seeing you smile and enjoy.. Please just continue youtube.. Love you all

  • Jennifer Weiner  says:

    I hope I want for my family.My family likes everything you put up there. I love Monster High too.

    • Jennifer Weiner  says:

      It is sapost to be :I hope i win for my family.

  • Kylene Demapr  says:

    i want to win this giveaway all the things u broght are cool and i want to the camera minion or any of those this hoe i win btw ypu guys are so funny thats why i love watching all of your videos

  • Isabella  says:

    Congrats or congratulations

  • Valerie  says:

    I love your videos thanks for the giveaway

  • Adriana  says:

    Hey, girls! 🙂 I’m loving your YouTube videos, you’re great! Ps: I want to win!!! 😀

  • tegan  says:

    hi my name is tegan im 10 years old and i love to watch you videos and also congrats on 100,000 subscribers

  • thomara p  says:

    i enterd

  • Leenah  says:

    I love your videos and the giveaways and I think you do a lot for us ,congratulations on 100,000 subscribers

  • Allie  says:

    Congratulations on 100,000 subscriberso
    Hope I win
    u r channel

  • Kylee  says:

    Congratulations on 100,000 I love u guys and your videos I’ve been watching for a long time I’ve seen all your videos

  • Akua  says:

    Your videos are amazing and me and my sister enjoy watching your videos I hope I win this giveaway also because those prizes are really really cool and I really want to have them for me and my sister top use. Ilysm!

  • Katie DeLoach  says:

    Dear kidtoytesters,

    Thank you for making your videos and I hope I will get a chance to win the 2016 February giveaway and am glad that you made it to 100,000 subscribers

  • Caitlyn  says:

    Hello,my name is Caitlyn and I’m 12, my family has never been rich but we have enough for phones. Congratulations for reaching 1000,000 subscribers. I wish you many more. And Hey thank you guys sooo much for doing another give away. I hope some time this year I can win one from at least ONE of my subscribed youtubers. But on to the point. You guys inspire me so much and I try to make sure I watch all your pleeeaasse consider picking me. Thank you for reading this comment. I hope you and all your family are blessed with good health. -Caitlyn

  • Martynka Zielinska  says:

    I love your videos i dont have a instagram :○( but i want to start a youtube channel plz plz plz plz plz plz thx see ya later ♥♥♥♥:○)

  • Martynka Zielinska  says:

    O ye i will love to have the camera as i said ◇◇◇◇◇♡♥★☆♡♥♥♡★☆

  • Lizzie  says:

    Hello my name is Lizzie I was dying in the video it was halairious I would really love to win it would mean a lot I made sure to subscribe I also found another unicorn lover like me yayyyyyyy keep making awesome funny videos bye love Liz

  • Siobhan Marrin  says:

    Love you Yumi and Sachi!! You guys are so much fun to watch and I enjoy all of your funn videos!! I would love to win your giveaway!

  • Maeve  says:

    I commented on the video and if you pick me please assure me it’s because I am a loyal follower I try to watch as many videos as I can and love to get informed on things before I buy them I am so upset and worried that I wont get picked for being a fan but for what I said and im not the only one saying these things and im making a big deal out of nothing I’m not saying Please Please pick me I’m saying I entered the contest and would be happy to win.

  • Maeve  says:

    BTW im not saying pic me cause i love lush but you should do an all lush mega giveaway even if i don’t win its still cool.

  • Sada_Wada  says:

    I love your videos!!! You are so awesome and I am a big toy fan so I would love to win this but could luck to everyone else!!!

  • chelsea stewart  says:

    I love ur videos ur so pretty a d energetic and I hope to win a giveway

  • mianicka Grace gamboa  says:

    I want to win this giveaway. I’m gonna give those toys to my cute little cousins and those that are left will be mine

  • Haley U  says:

    Hey congrats on 100,000!!

  • Esther Kim  says:


  • Aisha  says:

    Guys please I never ever won or won anything off of YouTube and I really really really really want to make sure that I win this , I would really appreciate it very much for you to give it to me
    🙁 🙂

  • Alyssa Fernandez  says:

    I hope i will win this feb give away cause’ i just turned 12 this DAY!! FEB 28!! And i really want to win so bad and hope you will pick me

    • Alyssa Fernandez  says:

      P.S : I never won any giveaway and this would mean a lot if i win your give away

  • Ma  says:

    It’s like the worst day of my life I am so sad….your videos are kinda making me smile so I am entering. The problem is I am ditched by my friends because they say I have no cool toys and stuff

  • Ma  says:

    Yay!I want like everyone to win so everyone can be happy

  • Yesseniah  says:

    I really love your videos you guys are amazing

  • Lyrick  says:

    Your vidios really cool !!

  • Angel araiza  says:

    Kidtoytesters i love you videos

  • rionah  says:

    Please pick me to get the iPad because I love yall. and your videos and pictures of yall. so please pick me.

  • Kaidence  says:

    Hi yumi you make me happy when I watch kidtoytesters

  • Shalom  says:

    Hi I am shalom and I really want to win.Have been subscribed for a while and love your channel.#Unicorns (closest to unicorn emoji

  • Mia chavarria  says:

    Hi I’m new and I hope that I win the will mean soon much to me. I’m 15, you’re videos make me smile. I’ve never won anything. I’m a big fan.

  • ramla rafaqat  says:

    umi I am your fan and sachis to I just love unicorns urnicorns are my life I don’t know how to spell ur names so if it is wrong I am, really sorry

  • Alyssa  says:

    i wop i ein the giveayas

  • Valentina alonso  says:

    Hey my name is valentina I love your videos so much I watch them every day 247 you guys are amazing and cool and you guys look strong and I love you so much

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