Interview #2 with Seea Founder and Fashion Designer Amanda Chinchelli – KidToyTesters (Yumiko)

Today was awesome……. I got to meet a famous fashion designer from Italy who has the coolest job in the world. Amanda Chinchelli is the founder and creator of Seea Clothing. Amanda shows us some of her designs, neoprene, one piece suits, kids rashguard, and even an exclusive sneak peek at a 2015 rashguard.

Check out The Seea Website via this link:

“The name Seea comes from my love for the sea,” explains founder and designer, Amanda Chinchelli. “As an Italian, I pronounce the name ‘see-ah’. It’s a feminine word, with a musicality and beauty to it.” Cut with waves in mind, each suit reflects a female surfer’s needs, so why leave your style on the beach? Simply put, Seea is a celebration of the rhythm and grace of women’s surfing, and the magic of riding waves.

“We are women… We are the graceful sliders of the Seea.”

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