Go Go “Tomogo” or “Tomago” from Disney’s Big Hero 6 ToyReview by Yumiko

Disney’s BIG HERO 6 GO GO TOMOGO Poseable Action Figure 4″.  9 places where you can move it, 4 snap on “mag-lev discs”, and totally poseable.  For Ages 4+

Little confused about the name of this toy,  it says Go Go Tomogo on the back, and Go Go Tomago on the front.  Tomogo or Tomago?  Toys R US have it listed as Tomago, and ebay sellers have it as Tomogo?

Also Movie Accurate?  Moviecally accurate?  What’s the right word?

Super cool figurine with lots of details, and just $9.99 at stores already.  Can’t wait for the film to arrive in November.  Check out my Toy Review of Baymax here: http://youtu.be/NHeY5uKU-Rs

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