Girls Back To School Supplies Haul + Givewaway!!! -KidToyTesters

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Rules for the Giveaway:

1. Must be subscribed to this Channel.
2. You must Like/Thumbs up this Video.
3. Earn more contest entries by Tweeting the giveaway, commenting on the blog, or “liking” my on Facebook

Leave as many comments as you want, but make each comment different. Winners will be chosen at random. This contest is open to everyone, including our International fans!!!
Contest ends on Friday 6th September.


Check out my Boys Back to School Giveaway I’ll be posting soon!

This is the 3rd time I’ve had to upload this video,  for some reason YouTube uploads aren’t working very well today.  I saved the comments from everyone on the earlier videos and they will be counted in the final giveaway.

4 comments to Girls Back To School Supplies Haul + Givewaway!!! -KidToyTesters

  • cesia bermudez  says:

    is there gonna be another school giveaway in the end of july? because thats when most kids in my state eniter school in next year

    • leenakamoto  says:

      Hi Cesia, Yes I will do another Giveaway this summer 🙂

  • Braylyn  says:

    Please watch my videos on my channel thanks!!!!!!

  • mishayla  says:

    I love your videos when are you going to do anothers giveaway

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