Five Nights At Freddy’s GIVEAWAY – plus Casepack unboxing


You guys have been asking for more Five Nights at Freddy’s so here is an awesome FNAF GIVEAWAY. I couldn’t find any FNAF Pinatas so I made a Giant Freddy head with my mom. It’s filled with FNAF stuff for a huge Giveaway.  Good Luck Everyone!

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220 comments to Five Nights At Freddy’s GIVEAWAY – plus Casepack unboxing

  • Alysda Fernandez  says:

    Hope i’ll win it

    • Kristen Angeni  says:

      I hope I win so badly

      • Ma  says:

        Please pick me im yo number one fan

    • Gabby  says:

      I wish I could win it I have the mystery minis but I don’t have all of them plz plz pick me !!!

    • nairy  says:

      Well its absolutely fine if I don’t win but it would be nice I just subscribed right now and by the that was cool that you made your own pinnatta great video

    • fnaf foxy  says:

      Hope I win

      • Mia  says:

        I really want it but if you don’t pick me it ok if you pick me yay but it ok that you did not pick me I understand but I wish the other people a good luck

    • MONICA THOMAS  says:

      I hope I win too because June 18 was my birthday and I LOOOOOVVVVVE fnaf

      • ribecca walker  says:

        so don’t care

        • Constanza  says:

          Freddie chica Bonnie toy Bonnie toyFreddie toy chica mangle puppet Endo golden Freddie spring trap balloon boy Weathered Bonnie weathered chica whether the Foxy weathered Freddy purple man shadow Bonnie shadow Freddie nightmare nightmare Bonnie nightmare chica nightmare Freddie nightmare balloon boy nightmare mangle nightmare golden Freddie nightmare

    • Angela  says:

      I hope I win Im a huge fan and i really want the five nights at freddys case please come through

    • Inese  says:

      We all hope but if I don’t win which I never do I’m a loosed then Alyssa I hope you win to good luck everyone

    • Leo  says:

      I am six. My name is Leo. I am learn to type now. Please I love your show and I love FNAF so much. I love you.

    • Gavin Johnson The FNAF FAN  says:

      I hope I win cus I love your givaways so much!!!!!
      But since its fnaf I really want to win mainly for the bonnie plush cus hes so cute andhes me fav out of all of them.I really want to win because I would like to get every thing bonnie,!!! I love your vids and giveaways!!!!!!!!
      PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE LET ME WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and good luck to everyone :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    • Rediculouse foxy  says:

      Me too this is my first time doing this

    • Nasley Bartley  says:

      I relly want to win

    • Tristan  says:

      Please please pick me I
      am 7 years old

  • Alysda Fernandez  says:

    Pick meeeee

  • Alyssa Fernandez  says:

    Oh its Alyssa Fernandez not alysda lol
    But i wish i’ll win this giveaway

  • Armando Ramirez  says:

    First to like and comment yay

  • Adrian Gonzalez  says:

    I am so excited for this giveaway

  • Karina  says:

    Can u guys please help me win this i been waiting for a giveaway my hole life and i really hope +kidtoytesters would pick me

  • Patience grathoff  says:

    I hope I will win because I love five nights at Freddy’s and I have nothing saying I do love them

  • David  says:

    U da best I really hope u guys get 100000000000000000000 subscribers

  • Perla  says:

    I hope I will win

  • Karina  says:

    Ho kidtoytesters its me ur number 1 fan i really love ur vids and i was wondering if u would pick me as ur winner cause i really like ur videos i turned on ur notifacations on so i can get notified and all u girls are really preety and ur little brother is so adorable so can u please pick me

  • Vincent Johnson  says:

    Your the awesomest YouTuber ever I love watching your videos they calm me down and make me laugh and get suprised thank you so much for making silly and awesome videos keep it up bye

  • Perla  says:

    This is my first time tell me if I win on Instagram and on the website I put my username tell me if I did it wrong please

  • Jaelin  says:

    Hopefully I will win this one because I’m a huge fan of five nights at Freddy’s and a huge fan of yours!

  • Sophia  says:

    Hello peeps!! I’m Sophia and me and my two friends ari and Ariana love FNAF!!! My favorite animatronic is toy bonnie Ari’s is foxy (Yumi….. I know right) and Ariana’s is fready Well….. All of us love fready Of coarse! I hope we win!!!!
    your lil’ sis is adorable!!!!!

  • Sophia  says:

    it the same person!!!!!
    I love all of the things!!!!’

  • Kayla cornelius  says:

    Hey it’s -kayla Cornelius I wish I win I love FNOF it’s life I have it on my sister computer and on her phone wish I win love you byeee

  • Alaznee  says:

    Ho folay i win this is my first time sighning up so hofolay i win and we do not have any thos stuff were i live byeee

  • Lee  says:

    I’ve been subscribed since 500 subs

    • Alyssa martinez  says:

      Can I please please win I am only 9 and I am a huge fnaf fan I have the second game I have neverEVER won anything on YouTube and I will be so so happy if I win.

    • Chad  says:

      Please pick me it is my b day and your graet so please pick me

    • laura  says:

      I love your guys channel it makes me laugh and happy

  • Hailey  says:

    Hi I really want to win it would mean alot

  • Jett Bell  says:

    Hi i been a sub since 200 subs i love your vids

  • Hailey  says:

    I hope I would win this please pick me

  • Naomi  says:

    Hey kids toy testers I didn’t get to finish typing what I tweeted this is an excuse I accidentally pressed go I’m on my tablet so I have to tell u I need this so bad I haven’t gave you friend her present yet for her b day she is li,email a sister of me and she LITERALLY LOVES FNAF REALLY SHE LOVES CREEPYPASTAS AND ALL! So plz I beg of u I never won a giveaway and you b day is this Tuesday but I need to give it to her it would mEan so much love u guys hope u get so many subscribers no one can imagine love you all and god bless u

  • Maysa Bell  says:

    Omg..your super nice for doing this!!You are AMAZING on YouTube and really genorus!!I really love Fnaf and im hiped about Sister Location i have been subed since 500 subs!!I rember when you did the Zootopia vid it was so funny and made my day welp see you in your next vid!!❤

  • melissa  says:

    I love your videos please I want to win please please please please please please please please I watch your videos all the days

  • melissa  says:

    Let me win please let me win let me win let me win let me win let me win please

  • Cameron  says:

    Hi plz pick me btw it’s cameron_jack_2006

  • rosa maria  says:

    Plz be me bc my friends want a toy bc they love five nights of freddy and i want one two so yea and like ur family and u guys r funny and cool i watch ur videos everyday like them and yea bye

  • GUFSTER  says:

    Just entering for my beautiful nine year old princess Sarah. She subscribes to you and loves your vids.

  • Eric  says:

    Can you pick me please I love fnaf and I want chica

  • SuperPikachu10  says:

    Hope to win thats alot to win

  • Kristen Angeni  says:

    Ohh yeah you all are very awesome I watch your videos every single day

  • Kristen Angeni  says:

    Please pick me I’m begging you please I subscribe to your channel and its finish but…. If you didn’t pick me its okay I will just………. Get my own but….. It’s still expensive in Singapore

  • Derek  says:

    Can’t wait to see the winner

  • Cesar CARRANZA  says:

    I hope I win it because I been waiting for a give way because this is my first give way please i want to win please pretty please

    • chris  says:

      I want to get it so i can open it with my dad i havent seen him for a year he missed 2of my birthdays

  • izzycatskadoodl  says:

    Yumi I think this is an awesome idea and I will defently do a video to tell my followers to subscribe to your channel and enter to win

  • Reacts!Games!Landon!  says:

    I have a question if I did get picked which is most likely not gonna happen knowing my luck. But if I did how would I get the prize?

  • Jacob  says:

    I might win this im in idaho

  • jazzy cervantes  says:

    I hope I win because I’m a big fan of fnaf and you guys I’m like a #1 fan off you guys

  • samantha  says:

    Im not really counting on wknning cause k never win gjveaways but I might just try

  • Alexander aragon  says:


  • laura  says:

    I love your channel it makes me happy

  • Blurry  says:

    I really hope that i win its not everyday u can go to the store and buy all these things. Every tine i walk into Hot Topic i see the freddy hat i love it so much. Plz pick me❤

  • Hermione Jimenez  says:

    I adore you you are the best you are so funny fun generous in cooperative I love your videos so so much I hope I will win because I Elise play Five Nights at Freddy’s because I love it so yeah I hope I win bye.

  • dylan  says:


  • dylan  says:

    I LOVE UR VIDS btw

  • Andrea Iorio Rodriguez  says:

    Hope I win

  • Alexander  says:

    I hope I win because I have been asking my mom for over a PS love you channel

  • Angel Young  says:

    Please be me !!!!

  • miriam betancourt  says:

    I hope i win because i have never qon a give away .

  • miriam betancourt  says:

    Yay i entered im ao happy i hope i win

  • miriam betancourt  says:

    Pick me pleasee i really want to win

  • miriam betancourt  says:

    OMG r they going to make a video of who wins

  • Monica Garcia  says:

    I hope I win I been watching you since 2014 I love your videos so much so so so much I love you ✌

  • miriam betancourt  says:

    Pick me please kidtoytesters because you guys are amaing and u guys are so funny especially yumi and sachi ur so pretty i like shopkins like aachi and fnaf like yumi so can u guys pleaseee pick me with cherrys on top

  • miriam betancourt  says:

    i know im not gonna win

  • jennifer  says:

    I need this for my NEW cannel,jennifer and a creeper.I hope I win.

  • John  says:

    I hope win the hat.

  • John  says:

    Oh and I love all your YouTube videos.:)

  • Joseph Duke  says:

    I dont care If I dont in but I will be happy I tryed :3

  • Alexa sanchez  says:

    I did it yes!!!!!
    I love yalls videos and five nights at freddy’s!!!
    P.s i love chica and foxy!!!

    I could not find a fox emoji.

  • Angel araiza  says:

    I want to win

  • chris  says:

    Hey i relly love your videos they are so funny thank you so much for makeing them so if i can win thank you so much good luck everyone

  • jordiesmith  says:

    i don’t care if i win or not

  • Morgan Jensen  says:

    Like how you guys engorged me to geet the freddy I will subscribe all your videos thanks

  • Kaylin  says:

    I hope that I win the case full of Five Nights at Freddy’s so I can open them with my Sister!

  • Mallory.DeLassus  says:

    I hope I win if so I will show it off on my you tube channel.

    P.S. my entire family watches u and we enjoy it so much

    When we saw your giveaway we new we had to enter

  • Mallory.DeLassus  says:

    Hey it’s me again I wanted to tell you that I am your #1 fan and I LOVE Five Nights At Freddy’s

  • Mallory.DeLassus  says:

    Also I hope you guys get to 1999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999990 subscribers me and my family love watching you guys

  • Isabella  says:

    I hope I win

  • Isabella  says:

    I don’t have toys I need to win

  • Oliwier  says:

    I really want this toys beacous i love fnaf 😀

  • Maysa Bell  says:

    Love yalls vids and i cant find any thing sept blindbags and dog tags

    • Jenny  says:

      it doesent metter if I win, I am just happy that i have a chanse!

  • Jett Bell  says:

    Love yall vids cant only find fnaf blind bags and blind bqgs

  • Jennifer  says:

    Please pick me I love five nights at Freddy’s

  • Morgan  says:

    OMG I hope I win!!!

  • Leilani  says:

    Good Luck everyone!

  • Ysabella zaranda  says:

    I hope I win cause I’m a big fan I watch your videos day and night but if I don’t win at least I tried

  • Nicole Schatz  says:

    HELLO KidToyTesters im really happy that not only you made thia contest but i can participate in it , I LOVE FNAF and hope i win if not oh well thank you anyways for taking your time to make this contest and allow people to participate in it❤️

  • Nicole Schatz  says:

    Also keep up the good work on the fantastic videos

  • Crystal alegria  says:

    Hope I win

  • Crystal alegria  says:

    I also love all your videos

  • Crystal alegria  says:

    Y favorite animatronics are foxy,bonnie,freddy and chica

  • Vanessa  says:

    plz choose me I have none of fnaf things

  • Kimberly  says:

    Please can you pick me beacause I never got something from a give away or my name on a vido

  • Kimberly  says:

    Please can you pick me beacause I never get pick I wish you can pick me

  • Kimberly  says:

    Please can you pick me beacause I never get pick but I try to

  • JIMMY RIVERA  says:

    HI please hope I Windows I live in a small house with a little bit of stuf I real ly hope That I Windows so That I could put it in my room

    • Naomi  says:

      U know u have to be grateful even thoe u have a little of stuff

  • Grace  says:

    its nearly my birthday and i really would like these for my birthday. I really like your videos, im a big fan of you and i hope i can win!

  • Augustine  says:

    I open i really win because I don’t have any fnaf stuff

  • Wendy  says:

    I hope I win bc u guys are the best people in the world I hope I win love u guys

  • Alex  says:

    Guys I believe in all of you if you win congrats

  • Savannah  says:

    I love five nights at Freddy’s

  • Savannah  says:

    My favorite character is foxy

  • Alicia Mackenzie owens  says:

    I hope I went because my birthday is so close

  • Alicia Mackenzie owens  says:

    I love you guys so much I want you all day long

  • Dashyla Gent  says:

    Please tell me if I won on Instagram my Name is dashylagent

  • kaiyahanle  says:

    I want b to win soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad

  • Albert  says:

    Hey Yumi and Sachi and Kimi and your guys littrl brother i really support your guys channel alot and ehen you guys always make videos they make me lauh and happy and i hope i win because i had a asthma attack and it could be cool if i win because it would so much help and everone good luck and i love you YUMI AND SACI AND KIMI AND YOUR GUYS LITTEL BOTHER LOVE ALL and i subscribe to your guyses channel already subscribe to your channel and i love you guys❤❤❤❤

    • erica  says:

      just becas you had an asthma attack dosent mean that yoll winn

  • Andres  says:

    I want to win cause I don’t get a lot of fnaf toys
    I beg to God to bless me with luck
    God bless you all

  • Andres  says:

    I want it cause my birthday close

  • Shopkins lover  says:

    Please choose me I love all video you have
    Hope I’m win cause my birthday is on June 28,2016pls.pls.pls

  • Nisha Rana  says:

    Please make me win I really like giveaways but I have never received one

  • Nisha Rana  says:

    Please choose me you are the best

  • Nisha Rana  says:

    I really like your videos

  • Nisha Rana  says:

    I am a big fan of you

  • Nisha Rana  says:

    Your videos are the best

  • Nisha Rana  says:

    I hope you will make me win and reply

  • Nisha Rana  says:

    Please please

  • Nisha Rana  says:

    I wanna win

  • Nisha Rana  says:

    I hope I win

  • Nisha Rana  says:

    I always get attracted towards your videos

  • Nisha Rana  says:

    I think your videos are the best videos on you tube

  • Nisha Rana  says:

    Please choose me please please please please please please please please plwase

  • jordyn  says:

    i think u are super cool and i love ur videos
    good luck everyone

    • Ashley  says:

      I really want to win all of the plushes

  • jason peterson  says:

    please choose me please

  • Mangle  says:

    U dont have to pick me….. im not saying “plz pick me” im saying have fun and choose whoever u want to.

  • fnaf caylee  says:

    I LOVE your videos iv only been watching for 3 months but already seen almost all of them. I also LOVE fnaf I learned about it in 2nd grade and now I’m in 4th and I’m a great artist so I would send you some fnaf pictures if I knew your address, not only that but others!

  • Alexandria Amador  says:

    Please pick me I have no fnaf stuff

  • Ella  says:

    Omg I hope I win because I hope that i get a foxy plus

  • Evelyn Reynoso Salas  says:

    Plz pick me because i really want to get those blind bag figures because i don’t have enough money to buy those so if you do i will appreciate you so much ;D

  • Allison  says:

    My two boys and I would absolutely love this to do together we all love fnaf in my house !!

  • Danniela Aguilar  says:

    I wish good luck to everyone it would be nice to win so maybe I can get foxy my fav animatronic and you are awesome love your vids too.

  • Nisha Rana  says:

    Please choose me

  • Jaelin  says:

    Hopefully I win because I’m a huge fan of yours and a huge fan of FNAF

  • Alicia Mackenzie owens  says:

    Please don’t send me the prize if I win

  • Savannah  says:

    I never get picked on a giveaway before
    My favorite characters are Bonnie Freddy and foxy.

  • Savannah  says:

    I love your videos so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have a foxy plush and a Bonnie plush too
    You are so amazing

  • Savannah  says:

    I love five nights at Freddy’s 123 and 4

  • Savannah  says:

    Can I please have everything.
    I hope I win

  • Savannah  says:

    You’re videos are so much fun to watch. If I don’t get everything it’s ok. But if I win I will be happy

  • Savannah  says:


  • Savannah  says:

    Good luck everyone in this giveaway.

  • Savannah  says:


  • Savannah  says:

    Your amazing.

  • Augustine  says:

    If I win can I get the b
    Lind box

    • erica  says:


  • Jason  says:


  • Damiana andreea  says:

    I Hope i won beacouse i’m from and we dont have them bere and it’s hard to get them from Amazon and i like foxy to

    • Damiana andreea  says:

      I am from romanian

  • Michael  says:

    Can I please woin I don’t have none of them I loovve fnaf

  • Michael  says:

    Your da best

  • Dymond  says:

    Is it over?

  • erica  says:

    i never get picked and i tried on Amazon to get the vinyl figures but i cant! :(
    im sad

  • erica  says:

    i realy do want them and we tryd and tryd but it wont work

  • erica  says:

    :( :( :(

  • Raul  says:

    I hope I win I have wanted won for 15 years so I hope I win

  • robert  says:

    I love your vids and fnaf so i hope i win plz i never won a giveaway

  • robert  says:

    Good luck to everyone wear

  • robert  says:

    Thas alot of stuff thank you

  • robert  says:

    You are so nice to all of us thank you i hope i win and good luck to everyone

  • Morgan mckinley  says:

    I hope I win

  • Vivian  says:

    BTW I love ur videos and I hope I’ll win. U guys are so funny and I love it. Can u plz make more fnaf videos if u can!!

  • Vixen  says:

    Omg Pls pick me immmm your biggest fan!!!!

  • Vixen  says:

    and….my birthday’s today! 😀

  • Vixen  says:

    Foxy <—

    Chica <—–

  • toph  says:

    i hope i can win so i can make collage money on youtube

  • toph  says:


  • toph  says:


  • Dymond  says:

    These will be some GREAT gifts for my friends

  • ZOEY  says:

    I ly you guys wacth old and new video so I can watch you everyday

  • ZOEY  says:

    Love you guys and I just wanted to say ty for having this giveaway

  • Scott  says:

    I have been watching u for years

  • chris  says:

    hey guys all i want is this because ive been through alot the past months i could really use something good so please help me or at least sub to my channle

    • Winsome chan  says:

      Hope I win

  • Sabrina  says:

    My daughter would love this for her birthday that’s coming up on July 17th

  • Brianna Rose  says:

    Me and my brother entered. We fly hope we win! Good luck y’all!!

  • Keira Johnson  says:

    I really hope and want to win I don’t have any mystery minis or the stuffies.


  • Hermione Jimenez  says:

    I love you guys I like five nights at Freddy’s and I really like to win you guys make me laugh for challenges and make me smile I hope you guys like the toys that you open and I wanted to say I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love you guys you are the best i love your videos too

  • Leo  says:

    Hi I am Leo. I am six. I am learn to type now. I love your show I love FNAF I love you.

  • Constanza  says:

    If I don’t win I will still be happy for the winer because Sometimes you don’t always get what you want The winer will be so happy

  • Tiliyah  says:

    I hope I win I love you guys yall are so funny

  • Tiliyah  says:

    I never win because I never no how to win you told me I was excited

  • Sophie  says:

    I hope I win because I love FNAF and I don’t have any FNAF merchandise so I hope I win!

  • Sophie  says:

    and on top of that, I love watching your videos and I love your content oh and when I saw the giveaway go up I got so excited!

  • Sophie  says:

    and it’s ok if I don’t get picked cause I got a birthday coming up in like 8 more days,but I won’t get all the stuff you guys offered…still I wish everyone else good luck!

  • Sophie  says:

    I’m in Missouri and I’m not counting on winning cause I never win anything but i’m hoping to win and i will try!

  • Foxythepiratefox  says:

    I wish i could get it bilnd boxeo

  • Yesenia  says:

    Hope i win but i doubt it cause theres a whole lot of people, me and my siblings don’t own any fnaf things, were huge of fnaf but i just hope we win this giveaway.

  • Angelique Williams  says:

    FNAF!FNAF!FNAF!Thanks Yumi and the rest of the Kid toy testers for this giveaway, as well as all the other giveaways! I haven’t won one yet but that’s not what matters, it’s the fact that you guys are so awesome and I love watching and supporting you guys on and off the channel! Thanks again!!!! Ps Yumi, Sachi #Unicorn4Life

  • Hector Moreno  says:

    Hi yumi sachi kimi you guys always make me laugh when I’m mad or sad.My uncle just passed away in his sleep I was heart broken and so sad the last time I ever saw him was in the hospital the next two days they told me he passed away.later those days I had no smile on my face but when I saw your videos like the gross tincan challenge and the finding dory challenge they gave me a smile and made me happy and they made me forget the sadness I had thank you for making awesome videos they really make someone smile.

    • Angelique Williams  says:

      Omg! I’m so sorry! I know how it feels to have a loss like that and I hope you feel better! I’m sorry for your huge loss. I loss a uncle too, he burned in a steaming tub of water and when he finally got to the hospital it was too late. Uncles are special there not as strict as your parents, and yet the relate and bond with you enough to keep you on track! Please feel better and I hope your family has a blessed day as you deal with this great loss of a family member, and a friend!

  • Alexzandra Saunders  says:

    I am a fnaf fan and i love kidtoytesters too im hopeing i win but i may not we never know

  • Moonstar  says:

    You’re the best toy reviewers and really fun please consider picking me for the contest I will be the happiest person in the world because I really love FNAF I even customized lps and MLPs like FNAF I also drew the characters so please consider me in the contest

  • marcy  says:

    I really want to win these for my son. I can’t work and can’t afford much for him I had a stroke and then my husband left me it’s hard enough being in a wheelchair

  • mariah/shimmer the dragon keeper  says:

    I really hope I win I never win things I hope I win so badly.

  • bradley  says:

    i hope i win because i like fnaf so much.but the thing is that i dont have anthing fnaf

  • Gavin Johnson The FNAF FAN  says:

    I hope I win because its really really really me favorite thing and I have no of it so
    PLEASE !!!!!!!!!
    And good luck to everyone:)))))))))

  • Angelique Williams  says:

    Everyone please give Hector Moreno some love! He is seriously grieving right now and we as a community need to support him after losing such a wonderful human being, for an uncle! Hector stay strong and be happy!

    • Hector Moreno  says:

      Thank you so much for the support

      • Elias  says:

        I love five nights At Freddy’s so I want to win.

  • William miner  says:

    I would love to win

  • Daisy Francis  says:


  • Alliyah Leblanc  says:

    Please i really pray i win this vid was made on my b day and it would be the greatest thing in the world if i won

  • arizonahawkins  says:

    I really hope an d pray that I win beacause I never win anything all my family members have been terific kid and I have not and I have ten brothers and sisters

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