FNAF GIVEAWAY New Playsets Five Nights At Freddy’s lego building Challenge

Yumi & Sachi challenge each other to build new FNAF Sets the fastest. Comment below who you think will win! We are also giving away all the FNAF sets you see in the video.   Thanks to our friends at McFarlane Toys for providing all the Five Nights At Freddy’s Toys featured in this video.

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103 comments to FNAF GIVEAWAY New Playsets Five Nights At Freddy’s lego building Challenge

  • joshua DE luna  says:

    Girls can u plz give the foxy one to me

  • Rahlynn Bonnet  says:

    I love your videos

  • Mahaylee  says:

    Hi I love your vids so much you guys make me smile can I have shout out and I really want to win a giveaway I never did

  • Brittany aragon  says:

    I love u guys so much please a shout out and would u rather have a panda or unicorn

  • lauren  says:

    i carnt wate for the winner

    • william  says:

      I love your video

  • hadil  says:

    cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool love it xoxoxo

  • Saniya  says:


  • Saniyah  says:

    I love your video so much and I hope I win and can you do a shopkins give away please

    • Aliyah  says:

      Hello I love your vids and I love fnaf I hope I win XD

  • Kimberly cordova  says:

    I love you I hope I win cud I love fnaf and love to build legos.Stay awesome and cool and please do more fnaf vids and other challenges love you

  • Tanya Sachdeva  says:

    Your videos are always on point.Love you guys so much ❤❤

  • Alaznee  says:

    Hi sachi and yumi i wish everybody good luck in entering the giveaway

  • Shirley Hopper  says:

    Yay fun!

  • Kayleigh  says:

    Love all your videos and hope I win love you guys

  • Clara  says:

    I love ❤️Watching your videos everyday

  • Sophia  says:

    Oh my gosh I LOVE fnaf (five nights @ Freddy’s ) it’s such a fun game I am excited to see the winner but question why does it have to be October 15 it’s so long

    Can I please be in a shout out

    QUESTION who likes fnaf more yummi or sachi

    • KidToyTesters  says:

      WE both Love FNAF, but have been really busy making videos and haven’t had time to play lately

  • Gr  says:

    So excited!

  • mercedes  says:

    Can’t what till I find out who won!

  • Nikola  says:

    I reaky want to win you Guys are awsome

  • Trinity  says:

    Cant wait

  • Trinity  says:

    I cant wait fir thw winner love you guys

  • Emily Fleming  says:

    I watched every video and I am a massive fan of your channel and I really like the video of you two doing the pop the balloons on the water and I hope I win this giveaway because I am massive fan of the Freddie stuff

  • Krissy cole  says:

    I think yumi will win. But in the long run they both do by having fun. Great giveaway.

  • Brooklyn  says:

    I am a massive fan I really want to win this as a gift for my little brother for his birthday:)

  • Keira Johnson  says:

    I’m am your number one fan. I watched every video and I love unicorns and pandas. I can’t wait to see who the winner is. Me and my sister are very big fans of Five Nights At Freddy’s. I really hope I win and if I don’t win I will still be happy I tried. I love your YouTube channel.

  • Jett bell  says:

    Yall are the best man yall have the best channel forget pewdipie and markipler

    • Jazmyn  says:

      Ok please shot me out I love you and I will aways lobe you guse my name is “Jazmyn” my little sister loves you to her name is “reyna”you should make a video were you just read comments

  • naomi estevez  says:

    Another giveaway? Aaaaw you’re so cute girls!

  • Rob  says:

    I hope i win i lov five nights at freddys lego set

  • Rob  says:

    Hi i hope i win i love five nights at freddys

  • Alek  says:

    I like your videos so much I want to be the winner I never Bought these toy’s before my mom wouldn’t let me please say I’m the winner I will do anything for those sets please

  • Jazmyn  says:

    OK my sister said”I lobe you keep making your videos and do not stop”and she loves you so I say do what she says

  • Jett bell  says:

    Bessssttttttttt evvveeeerrrrr

  • Jett bell  says:

    Do u have younow

    • izzycatskadoodl  says:

      I hope I win

  • Celeste  says:

    I hope I win

  • Sheila Ritter  says:

    I think Sachi will win!

  • Imtisal  says:

    I love ur videos me and my niece watches them when ever she comes this is going to be a really fun giveaway

  • Leonie Wanner  says:

    I love your Channel,there are very cool videos. I really like FNAF but I thonk the Game is really Scary. I can´t wait who the winner is,I hope I am.Yesterday was my birthday and i really hoped that I become the FNAF The Office Set,but I dont get it. So I Hope I get it now.

  • Rylie  says:

    I love the foxy pirate cove thing and mangle 8 bit they are awesome if possible can I win one ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Leonardo cruz  says:

    I want to win the pirate cove plz

  • brayden hamlin  says:

    omg i hope i win because i never win sumthing in a contest

  • Tomaa  says:


  • Lara Olmstead  says:

    Omg my little sister is obsessed with fnaf it would be an awesome bday present for her cuz her bdays in 3 weeks

  • Rylie  says:

    I don’t have any toys and my sisters there birth day is coming up and we are massive fans we don’t have much money and my sisters really like Legos and five nights and Freddy’s if possible I would love it if I could win and give them a awesome gift thx love you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Arnav jaggi  says:

    Hey, Nice video and toys!! I hope I can win!!

  • Kyra williams  says:

    I love you guys so much!!!!

  • Rylie  says:

    Ill be cheakin nag in every day lol you guys are so pretty love you hope I win lol I’m not but still I wish ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rylie  says:

    I really like the 8 bit things

  • Rylie  says:

    Uhh I can’t wait till the winner

  • lakesha hodges  says:

    my derther love fanf she love your vodes she love you

  • GottaMinecraft27  says:

    Can you give me the Show Stage,Pirate Cove, Backstage, and the Office??? Please???????????? I want those I don’t have any of the sets yet.☺☺☺

  • Wendy  says:

    Ik that I’m not going to go get it but I wanna try if I do win this well be amazing if I dont then that’s OK because there will be a next time

  • Grady  says:

    Can you please let me win because I have not very many five nights at Freddys

  • Jeannette  says:

    I hope i win, i will gibe this to my son he realy love five nights at freddy’s and he like building bricks , so i hope i will make him happy by winning this give away . I hope i win

  • Dazzling Dymond  says:

    I really really really really enjoy FNAF so i really hope i win.BTW I love you guys.you make me laugh all the time.

  • Jett bell  says:

    I hope i win i cant wait for the winner

  • Kinsey  says:

    I love you guys so much.I’m so exited.

  • Rylie  says:

    Omg I went to the store and found one of these and it was so expensive of course knowing my parents I can’t get it I hope I win this lol ❤️❤️

  • ani  says:


  • cass books  says:

    Boomers Next Step

  • Logan B  says:

    Hello I love fnaf good luck to all the people who entered

  • Brice B  says:


  • Iveta  says:

    Oh my god you soooooo cool!!!
    And I very love Five Night’s at Freedy’s!!! Omg i can’t to wait!

  • Saige  says:

    I hope I can win I have never in my life won a giveaway

  • Red the Red Bird  says:

    I really hope I am able to at least win one thing…. even though I’m actually really just expecting nothing. It’s obvious I won’t win since you guys have sooooo many fans! I’m definitely not getting one! I just know I won’t!

  • Red the Red Bird  says:

    I really hope I get one! I’m not really expecting one of the bricksets, because you guys have sooooooo many fans, that I probably won’t get the chance to have one! I’ve just really wanted one ever since it came out! Please give me the chance to win one! I really want one to buikd and if I do I will do a video on it and I will put you guys in the description saying to susubscribe to you and in the video as well I will also give out a big special thanks to you guys for giving it to me! Thats if I would get one, which I am %99.9 sure I won’t get one…

    • Red the Red Bird  says:

      T_T T_T T_T T_T these are crying faces to show how I was feeling while posting this since I can’t post emojis… T_T

  • Natalie  says:

    I think that Yumi is going to win and I do that will be greatest thing that ever happened to me every time I watch your video u guys make me happy smile and if I don’t win at least I tried thank u for ever thing

  • Natalie  says:

    I think yami is going to win and I just wanted u to know that u make me happy watching your video make me smile and I love fnaf I loved it ever since it came out and I’m your number one fans when things are wrong I watch your videos and that make me happy not just me,me and my sis thank u so much

  • Christopher  says:

    Hay uhh I’m a boy and just saying does it all come all together with blind bags or without the blind bags because I only want the blind bags.I was wondering that you and your family are the best..

  • Christopher  says:

    Hey guys I wanna win please I live you guys and my parents cant afford money to buy me stuff and ive never hotten fnaf toys please send me something

  • Jett bell  says:

    Yallare cool panada for life

  • jacob castic  says:

    i want to win

  • Maliek  says:

    I relly whant anything but the backstage because I just don’t like withered chica

  • Ewuraba Ansah  says:

    U guys are awesome and soo sweat❤❤❤❤ I really hope i win❤❤❤

  • Brandon Miles  says:

    I love your fnaf videos there funny and cool I hope you choose me if I win I would like pirate’s cove and the stage from McFarland Toys I will see you in any other fnaf videos bye.

  • arizonahawkins  says:

    I love your channel and my favoriate animals are panda and unicorn I cant choose what I want to be for halloween so I will be both I really hope I win by the whey can you please give me a shout out

  • arizonahawkins  says:

    I am also going to some of freedy this halloween please pick me for your givaway winner please please please

  • Dazzling Dymond  says:

    11 more days…So excited. i hope i win because i absolutely love fnaf

  • garret browning  says:

    I entered

  • elaine  says:

    Love your video you and your sister should do the eat it or were it you and your sister are awesome and the best kind kids in the world

  • Jennifer M. Weiner  says:

    Kid toy testers I love your channel and I’m a massive fan. I’ve never won a giveaway. I’m happy for who ever wins.

  • iveta  says:

    Oh my i very want these Five Night’s At Freddy’s pack and blind bags oh my!

  • Rylie  says:

    Wow wonder what it’s like to have money lol just realesed the new plushes of coirse can’t Get them Lucy you winner you get nice things ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rylie  says:

    Can you do a give away on the new plushes for fnaf like nightmares and puppet ect

  • yomesh  says:

    I love your channel and you guys are awesome. I just hope win this

  • Rylie  says:

    So when is the winner going to be

  • Elaine Hernandez  says:

    Hi I just love all of your video so much you and your sister are awesome and so amazing I think at you and your sister should do the eat it or were it challenge at would be so cool you and your sister are so kind keep up the good wor

  • Mariama  says:

    I will love to win.Its my brothers birthday soon and he will love this . THET DONT SELL IT WHERE I live⭐❤ I love your channel and adore your smiles. Your always happy ; which make me want to smile.Love your channel

  • Brianna  says:

    Cool I live fnaf cooooooooooooool the sets are also a little more expensive so it would be cool to win also it would be kinda like Christmas!!!!!!!! Cooooooooooooool !!!

  • Brianna  says:

    Also can you do a jurassic world giveaway I also LOVE jurassic world too or jurassic world lego give away they would both be coooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!! I will suscribe and like your channel!!!!!!!!!

  • sierradean  says:

    i am a big fan by your back to school giveaway and i hope i can win

  • josie  says:

    I really want all of them i ask my mom for it but she never gets it :c

  • freddy  says:

    Hey guys are doing the set to me .

  • Laila  says:

    I hope I win and I love you guys so much

  • Heather Pedigo.  says:

    Can I plz have the back stage my address is 104 Lille way and you and your sister are so cute

  • Heather Pedigo.  says:

    Can I plz have the backstage and the show stage


    I would love to get a golden Freddy set and I love all your new vids

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