You guys have been so amazing watching all our videos that we want to give you a chance to get your own Fin Fun Mermaid Tail. We love our mermaid tails and you will too. Also make sure to watch the whole video, we are announcing the winner of or Five Nights at Freddy’s Giveaway! Good Luck!

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282 comments to FIN FUN MERMAID Tail GIVEAWAY – Plus FNAF Giveaway Winner

  • Ava  says:

    Dear kidtoytesters my name is David and I am your fan of you

    • Safa  says:

      I would love to get a tail please
      Love from Safa I even subscribed your news letter

    • laura  says:

      every one good luck and my name is laura im your fan

      • laura  says:

        and i whould really want a mermaid tail

        • Yari  says:

          Yes everyone should want a mermaid tail I’m 9 I want one

      • laura  says:

        i live in canada and love to swim in summer

    • Ashley  says:

      Hi iam a fan of you to and I hope to get the mermaid tail

    • Nancy  says:

      I hope I win I love to swimming my name is nancy good luck

      • Fancy  says:

        I mean fancy sorry hope I win good luck

    • jordan liverpool  says:

      hi im jordan and i would love a tail even though i am a male livinng in trinidad and im a huge fan

    • jordan liverpool  says:

      i never win anything but i still try i live in trinidad

    • Lesly  says:

      Please I want a mermaid tail I beg my mom but she says no and I LOVE mermaids I have a poster . I am literally obsessed with your channel and my phone is restricted and I can’t comment on your videos and I get mad because i want to tell you girls that your are awesome

    • Lesly  says:

      Sorry to bother you again but I forgot to say that I’ve entered so many giveaways and I never win and I’ve wanted a tail since I was 5 but I can’t afford it because my parents need that money hopefully I win because I never do your all beautiful kisses I really want to win I’ve literally cried so many times because I’ve lost all of the giveaways and it would be my whole entire life if I win I’ve liked sooo many of your videos

    • jordan liverpool  says:

      im not going to win am i

    • rawyda  says:

      I all ways wanted a mermaid tail

    • ravon  says:

      please please please please please please chooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooose meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • jordan liverpool  says:

      we all are winners

    • jordan liverpool  says:

      im a loser

  • Andre  says:

    I hope in win good luck to me

    • AaliyahRussell  says:

      I wish I win too

    • Hunter  says:

      Good luck

  • Alaznee landeros  says:

    Hi yumi and sachi if i would get the gift card mirmaid tail that would be awsome so i could review it on my youtube channel i really wished i could haved won the fnaf giveaway to. Reveiw it too

  • Perla  says:

    Hope I win me and my family are going to the river and me and my sister want one so I really really like to win and it will be my first time winnig so hop I win so please pick me

  • Priscila  says:

    Omg I really wish I can win because I love to swim and I am really happy because I am going to swimming class and I really want a fin PS I really really really really love you guys

  • Jordyn  says:

    Hi I really hope I win and good luck to everyone else too

  • Chianne  says:

    I love swimming this is my dream

  • Alondra Caballero  says:

    Hope I Win ive always wanted one of those good luck to everyone

  • Lynaria Brown  says:

    Hi I really hole I win and good luck to everyone

  • jazzy cervantes  says:

    I hope I win I love to swim a lot and I lots of luck to everyone ps love u guys!

  • Kayla cornelius  says:

    I love to swim I hope I win i really want a blue one I live in Vegas and its always hot here and I go swimming everyday

  • Isha  says:

    I really want to win because I really love to swim and you people really looked like a real mermaid PS love to watch you people

  • Isha  says:

    PS I live in New Zealand

  • Sophia  says:

    Hi guys my name is Sophia I really really really wish from my heart to win cause I’m going in 2017 to a swimming class and I really loved u from my heart really !!! I wish I had this give away and plz plz I’m begging u both (yuwi and Sachi)
    Love u guys❤❤❤
    Good luck to me ^_^

    • Joey  says:

      hope u win good luck

  • Adrian  says:

    I would really love to win my family does not have enough money to get me a tail and I only have flippers but if I don’t win I will under stand because there is more people in the world

  • Cassidy head  says:

    Omg I wish i could win because I have allways dreamed of being a mermaid and I love to swim

  • Lynaria Brown  says:

    I’m eleven and I’m a size 14 for the mermaid tail I want a destiny tail and a monofin pro thank you fin fun and kidstoytesters you’ve made my day and I really hope I win.

  • Liasophia Queen  says:

    I never I had one before and my mom dId I can’t have one if I win I will be happy

  • Camila  says:

    I love you guys and for a long time i have wanted a tail its just i have not Been able to get one love your videos

  • Naomi  says:

    I need to a give a present of my friends b day plc I need for my friend and yumi love the braces ☺☺☺☺

  • Arianis  says:

    U guys are the best of all i love your vids and u al inspire me i hope i win thanks for everything

  • emily pettersen  says:

    I hope I win I love swimming good luck to everyone that enters. I hope I win.

  • Melany  says:

    I really want a mermaid tail

  • Melany  says:

    I really want to get the mermaid tail

    • Brianna  says:

      Omg I love your videos so so much you guys make me and my parents day and I love you guys as mermaid tails and I really really want one I’ve been dreaming of getting one but I’ve never got one and you guys are the only YouTubers like whatever give me when your videos Rock and I love them so please so please can I have one or get one

  • Adrian  says:

    I really like to swim and I love mermaid’s. I would love to win the mermaid tail

  • Gabby hill  says:

    My parents will never give me money to but one so I will never get one anles I win this contest

  • Karina  says:

    Dear KidToysTester,
    I entered last time but i didnt win so i enterd again,but i hope i win this time im really hoping i could win i watch all ur videos and i love them but i hope u pick me this time i really wanted to win the five nights at freddys cause i love five nights at freddys and i really want to get that mermaid tale for my sis cause shes been waiting for one of them and i want to give her one for her birthday cause her birthday is somewhere around August plse pick me this time.

  • Ceniya  says:

    I hope i win i have enter so many contest to get one but did not win

  • Jamie Williams  says:

    Hi I’m katelyn and I am a fan and I always wanted a mermaid tail but I never got one:-(

  • sandy  says:

    i love you and u hope I win the giveaway of fin fín i am so excited I just love you

  • pam  says:

    Dear kidtoytesters
    You are so kind your doing this giveaway.i would love the mermaid tail.I’ve been trying to find it.If I get chosen thank you and if I don’t can you please reply where I can buy it from.

  • jennifer  says:

    cince I didn’t win the last one I will try this one.I wish every one good luck!please check out my channel Jennifer and a creeper.

  • Mikayla Morganelli  says:

    I love your channle

  • Cloe  says:

    Hey my name is Cloe Phillips, and I’m super excited about the possibility of winning the mermaid tail. I love to watch your videos 🙂

  • Julia H  says:

    Hi Yumi and Sachi I <3 watching your vids you guys are so amazing and do a great job at toy reviewing and all the other things you do on your channel. You guys are also so entertaining to watch. I've never entered a giveaway before and I decided I wanted to enter this one because I <3 your channel and I really want to get the new clown fish mermaid tail and I don't l know if it will still be there at Christmas time so I probably won't get it unless I win a giveaway. I've been wanting a tail for a year or two now and I especially want one now with the limiteds. So please pick me for the giveaway and goodluck to the others.

  • Princess Mia  says:

    Omg I am such a big fan of yours I always watch your videos I just you guys you guys always inspire me thank you. and you guys are really pretty but I don’t know why I always say that but anyway it would mean the world to me if you picked me

  • Berenicelopez  says:

    Hey yumi and Sachi if I win I just will said thanks and I think I was one of 10 people that subscribe to you channel and I will want a fin I never have one so i love u guys and u make me laugh every day and plizz pick me this time I never win something

  • lamia  says:

    Please pick me I’ve been watching u scenic 2003 my dream is to be a mermaid I want to be one so badnd and if I don’t in i hope me day I will get one thank you so much for this opportunity I love u .!!!!!

  • Kaitlyn  says:


  • Yarilet  says:

    I love u guys so much I want a mermaid tail I wanted one from when I was small my mermaid tail is the aussie green blue tail

  • Yarilet  says:

    Wish me luck

  • Chloe  says:

    I wish i could win cause I’ve been wishing for a mermaid tail everyday in my life?!?!?!

  • Jasmine A.  says:

    I would really like to win a mermaid tail so I can finally swim like a mermaid like all my friends. I hope luck is on my side. Thank you.

  • lamia  says:

    I’m a dreamer a lot of people who know me know I love mermaids and I wish I wish I had tail it’s my dream to become a mermaid I’m thankful for the opportunity and the goodness in you both I am looking forward to seeing who won I hope and pray that you pick me thanks again

  • Aliyah  says:

    I did everything to enter I find you guys very funny and interesting you guys are gonna get very big on YouTube on day and I an gonna be there when it happens bye-love Aliyah

  • Neha agarwal  says:

    I would really love to win I entered in the fnaf giveaway couldn’t win nor could my friend so I am really hoping I win this time as my birthday is in august plus we are going to go to beaches and resorts so I would be so happy if I win.p.’s. I love you guys a lot sachi and yumi and best of luck to me and everyone else participating in the competition.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  • Leslie  says:

    I jope i win because there is so much i could do with a fin fun mermaid tail and good luck to and to every one els

  • Sage  says:

    Hey kids toy testers i have been watching you for a while and really enjoy your videos i would like to win this giveaway because i love mermaids and swimming i will not be mad if i dont win and i wish everyone entering good luck and if i win i would like “maui splash”

  • Diana yante  says:

    Hey guys my name is diana and I love your Channel I you yummi and sachi I really love swimming and bye the way love your family sachi your so funnyand so are you yummi love the braces and sachi love your hair hope I win t Hanks for the chance you guys

    • Raquel  says:

      Hi omg i cant belive if you pic me my dream will como true (no presure) i always wanted to be a mermaid i love u guys i hope u pic me

  • sidrah  says:

    Hi there I am sidrah I am 9 years old I love to swim it’s the best thing I am so happy we got a pool I really was hoping to get a tail I wanted wene I was Yung I am a subscriber I love all your videos I like thumb all I wish I win thx.

  • sarah  says:

    Hi there I am sarah sidrahs sister I think she left a comment to win I wish I can win the giveaway she always begs everyone to get on she loves to play in the pool if I just win you guys are going to make her so happy you don’t even now I just wish she wins

  • samrah  says:

    Hi my name is samrah I love your channel so much every time u post a video I have to watch it. I want the tail because my little sisters loves mermaid tails and she wants one so bad but my parents have a hard time finding her one I hope I win keep smiling bye.

  • nannette  says:

    my name is Nannette and I am really nerous. I have never gotton a shout out before, I hope a get one. I been asking for a finfun mermaid tail for 5 whole months, I really want to get one for my sister and me.

  • Olivia  says:

    Omg cant breath rigt now omg hi kidtoytester may i pls have the mermaid tail my name is olivia it os my dream and i am a singaporean

  • Evelyn  says:

    Hope i win i always wanted a fin fun mermaid tail

  • Cassie B  says:

    Hey guys I would really enjoy a fin fun mermaid tail because I have been wanting one for years now but I could never afford it. Also I would use it a lot. I also love your channel and please give me the chance thanks. This is my dream to have one.

  • Joanna  says:

    I really want to win because ever Saints I was a little girl my dream would to be a mermaid

  • destiny  says:

    Hi I watch all I your videos and I hope you could send the final to me

  • kaylee  says:

    Hey I loveeee your videos and my pet cow does too and my 10 animals I really want a fin fun tail because I have a dream of becoming a mermaid

  • Sue  says:

    If you give it to me if you do I’m not putting pressure on you but it’s your choice but if you choose me it might give me a better life.

  • Sabrina  says:

    I want a mermaid tail ! !!!!!

  • Sue  says:

    If you give it to me I’m not putting pressure on you choose whether you want but if you do give it to me then it might give me a better life.

  • Gwyneth  says:

    I really love your guys videos they make me smile! I did everthing to enter this contest.. I hope I win!!!! I really want a new mermaid tail because my other one is too small and has a hole 🙁 hope I win and good luck to everyone love you guys

  • Nakeya  says:

    Hi I’m,Nakeya and I will love too win a tail I think yall are awesome and great youtubers and I hope I win cuz yall are amazing nice talkin to u bye

  • Saniyah  says:

    I never win no giveaways ever but I hope I win this one

  • Ashley  says:

    I hope I win I really love ur vids I really want a mermaid tail

  • Joey  says:


  • Joey  says:

    omg love the teenage tshirt and love the cute braces withe the dyed hair love it

  • Berenicelopez  says:

    Pizzz Sachi and yumi I was the 10 first person to put subscribe button and I’m 11 years old and I never have a fin and I have search a fin on stores and I never have found it and I love ur channel and pizz can I win so if I Winn I will sent u a cool thing ok so pizz can I WIN

  • Kelly  says:

    im Kelly and i never had a finfun mermaid tail i have bin practicing to get a mermaid tail i know i wont win because i have bad luck but i wish every one good luck thank you girls for the chance of winning

  • Chloe smith  says:

    I just subscribe to you because you have a amazing channel I think your the best also lovely tails I entered the giveaway good luck for me! 🙂

  • Sharlize  says:

    Dear Yumi and Sachi I have been told that I have a curse of jinxed but I swear that I don’t have it for 2 years I’ve been wanting the mermaid tail but my family couldn’t afford it so please if you would give me the chance so I could go swim and be a wonderful mermaid I’d would thank you so so so so much for that opportunity I love watching your show you also inspired me that maybe making my own YouTube channel you are so funny and creative If you gave me the chance to win I would cry so much thanking you!!!!!Thank you for listening!!!!

  • Helen  says:

    Hey sachi and zumi I love you so much I wish I have a mermaid tail since I was 4 and if I win I will love you guys so much more and please say hi for me to kimi,enzo and tell them I love them so much.

  • Trinity  says:

    Hey guys I love your channel you guys are the best! I have a channel too It’s called The Trinity show I just wanted to let you know that this is my first time entering a giveaway. So if I win this is going to be a very lucky time doing this! I hope you guys pick me. By the way I love fin fun mermaid! Also if you want to check out my channel typ in… Cara Watkins The Trinity Show!!! I love ur hair!

  • katie  says:

    hi. ive always dreamed of being a mermaid and now is my chance please.

  • Sophia Grimley  says:

    I’ve always wanted one but since my dad can’t afford it it’s been my wildest dream to have one I’m a huge fan of u guys ever since but if I WIN u will make my day luv u guys U GUYS ARE SOooo AWESOME LUV U GUYS my address is thx for being u guys see ya and hope I WIN

  • Cloey Staggs  says:

    Hi im so excited for the giveaway i love mermaid tails been dreaming for a ling time Sachi and Yummi yall are so sweet !!!!! Yall have inspired me to make my own channel i am so excited cant wait! Hope everyone wins i love your channel!!!!

  • Alicia  says:

    I hope

    I win,although it doesn’t matter as long as you took part

  • Cassandra  says:

    My daughter has always wanted one and then she’s trying to save her money so I thought this would be perfect to give to her

  • Nya  says:

    Hey guys my name is Nya and I love your channel I hope I win thanks for the chance you guys

  • Nya  says:

    And you guys have great hair and you guys are so sweet

  • Hannah  says:

    It’s truly been my dream to get one of these Tail hopefully I get lucky enough to win and whoever else wins I hope they enjoy the tail and cherish it and be thankful for it because they get one good luck everybody ☆\(^ω^\)

  • Lillian  says:

    I want any color size 10 12

    Plz pick me I asked my mom but she doesn’t have enough money to pay for one so plz pick me

  • Lillian  says:

    I want Maui splash plz if you pick me

  • kathren  says:

    i hope i win i wanted a mermaid tail for so long 🙂

  • Gamerlife33  says:

    I love your guys channel all of your videos make me happy, it would be cool to win this because I never win these when I enter them. Good luck to all!

  • Samantha  says:

    I really love mermaid tail. I hope I have one.

  • Samantha  says:

    I’ve been begging my mum to get me a mermaid tail but she said it is to expensive. I hope I have one. !

  • Avalos  says:

    I really want a fin fun and now the new one is out OMG I hope/wish we could all win but there can only be one winner. good luck to all the people who are doing this

  • Avalos  says:

    I really want a fin fun and now that the new one’s are out OMG I hope/wish we could all win but there can only be one winner. Good luck to all the people that are doing this. I don’t care if I lose at last I’m doing this for the fun.

  • Margaret Burch  says:

    Dear kidtoytesters I love your videos and I love that your so kind I really really really hope I win I’ve always wanted a mermaid tail but never had enough money my parents don’t have enough money to get me one we own a pool but my parents want to move so I’m really hope ing to win to make the most time of it and if I don’t win congrats to who dose win good luck everyone

    I love you kidtoytesters your videos are awesome ❤️

    Have a great summer everyone

  • Ewuraba Ansah  says:

    Plsssss pick me has the winner cause i never had i scine i was 3 now i am 11 and still not gotten some can u pls pick me i hope i win Thank u ☺

  • Ewuraba Ansah  says:

    Hi guus I love your channel and pls pick me as the winner i really hope I win

  • Mirya Robertson  says:

    Yes! I’ve always wanted a mermaid tail,but now and days their very expensive. I’ve want to be a mermaid since i was 2,but everyone tells me that their not real. But i know that their real,i may not have sicentific evidence,but i believe thats their real and thats all.

  • Maddison  says:

    My Little Sister Would Love This She Always Ties Her Feet Together With Hairties! Lol

  • Holidae  says:

    My name is Holidae and I love love love your channel and I want to win so so so bad

  • Nichole Wilson  says:

    Dear,Toytesters thanks for have a finfun mermaid giveaway and to the people who enter like me good luck and thanks again toytesters

  • Vivian  says:

    I hope I win and congratulations to the person who won the FNAF giveaway u guys are so cool and I love swimming but I never swam with a mermaid tail before so I’m hoping I’ll win I love ur veideos they are an inspiration. Love u guys!

  • Anna  says:

    hi I’m a big fan of ur channel and I hope u pick me for a mermaid tail I always wanted one and good luck to everyone who also wants one byee!!!!!

  • Rachel  says:

    I don’t have enough money to get one so I really hope I will win

  • Lola  says:

    You guys are amazing! i hope i win, because I’m a full fledge mermaid fan and when i saw you mermaid videos i went nuts. I’ve pretty much watched every single video you’ve ever made. Whoever wins this will be the happiest person on the planet.

  • Takqen  says:

    I hope I win I ❤❤❤❤❤ you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Takqen  says:

    I really wish I win or my will drop and I love your video

    • Takqen  says:

      I really hope I win or my heart will drop and I your video,s

  • shelley  says:

    plse I relly hope I can win I will do anything to win plz I am a supscriber you guys are my only hope plz and congrats for the one who won the fnaf plz love shelley love you guys so muhc you are in the bootom of my heart.sand I mean it…

  • Mannat Somal  says:

    hey guys I love your channel I hope I’m the one that wins because I always wanted to swim in a mermaid tail. Yumi and Sachi Rule!

  • Mannat Somal  says:

    hey guys, love your videos and I hope I win because I love swimming! you guys are so cool yumi and sachi rock!

  • nefretity  says:

    i hope i win i real want one ive been wanting one for 2 years

  • nefretity  says:

    i hope win i wanted one for 2 years please chose me

  • nefretity  says:

    i want color maiu splash

  • zyria  says:

    can i win the mermaid tail please i really want won i watched your channel since i was 77 im 10 turning 11 am and really want it for my birthday pls the mermaid tail from fin fun are very expinsive pls can i win plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!

  • Angel  says:

    Hallo i am angel i always dream become a memraid and i am 6 years old i hope i get a fin fun mermaid i want orange colour and my size is xl small thx i hope i get it

  • Samantha  says:

    Hi I have been living my life with legs. I really want to have a mermaid tail.

  • Lacay Marxian Lawrence  says:

    I love your vids and i am a big fan i always watch your vids

  • Reign  says:

    I hope i win amd i love your vids they are amazing

  • Reign  says:

    And i always watch them

  • Maame Akroma Ansah  says:

    Can i pls i a tail

  • Maame Akroma Ansah  says:


  • Kaitlyn  says:

    For years now i have always wanted one of these tails. I have been constantly watching h2o and mako mermaids hoping that one day i could have a tail too and thanks to you i have a chance to get one.

  • Michelle  says:

    Can I please win I love mermaid tails also keep up the good work.

  • Hermione Jimenez  says:

    love you guys and I would love to win the mermaid tail because I always wanted to be a mermaid because I am in a swim team and you guys do lots of giveaway and I loved that and can you pll pick me you are the best ❤

    • Shehlu  says:

      Love you guys from the moon and back,I hope I win because it was always my dream to be a mermaid. ♡♡ and kisses!

  • Jillisa Lobato  says:

    I am 13 n have always wanted to be a mermaid and my mom said im to old n i never got to experience it. I love mermaids and when ever i go to the pool i play mermaids and my name is merrinah. andi have a black tail purple bra and a really beautifulnecklace it is a shell. I love you girls so much and i absolutly love the videos you make. Hope fully i can win. <3

  • Amanda Kosik  says:

    Hey! I love your videos! Watching them always makes me smile. You guys are awesome! You’re great inspirations. You guys are so kind for even doing giveaways so thank you. I have always wanted a mermaid tail for about 4 years now but its hard to find affordable ones. They are so neat and I love to swim. I really want a mermaid tail.

  • Camila  says:

    I love you guys! I just hope I win because being a mermaid has always been my drean. And if I don’t that’s okay because at least I tried!

  • Mannat Somal  says:

    Hey guys, I love your videos and I hope I win. Your videos are so funny and also I love swimming! I watch u guys everyday. and ROCK!!!!

  • Gabriella  says:

    Since I watched h2O suddenly a mermaid(I don’t know if that’s the name in English but I hope you know what I mean) I have been obsessed with being a mermaid some day sounds stupid but is real, ao I really really wish to win this giveaway

  • Aliyah Murphy  says:

    Dear kidtoy testers i can watch your videos over and over and over and over again becuse you guys are the on that inspire me to succed my goals and keep me confident even when this are wrong and i thank god for u guys i will continue on and work my way to college god bless u hope i win byesorry i just so happy

  • amy  says:

    Hi kidtoys testers your videos are so so so so so amazing after school I ask my mum if I can go on my tablet she says yes I say thank you then I go on YouTube and watch you guys becouse your amazing and mask my mum if I can go swimming and she says yes I hope everyone a good luck and a best of wish to hope you guys win good luck and good luck kidtoytesters to find the winner 🙂 :D✉

  • Maya  says:

    Good luck to everyone entering! And thanks to kidtoytesters for this amazing opportunity! Let’s all remember it’s not all about winning, they are so kindhearted that they’re using their money to buy a tail for someone else. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!!

  • Emily Hin  says:

    GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!! It’s a chance but I hope I win (like everyone else). Thank you so so so so so so sooooooo much IF I win.

  • alexa  says:

    hello I’m a huge fan and ive always wanted a mermaid tail scince I was 6 years old and now I’m ten

  • Callen  says:

    I hope I win because my dream is becaming a mermaid

  • Madi  says:

    Hi I have been watching you guys since u guys started. I want a mermaid tail because I wanted it for so long but I cant afford it. I have to live with my cousins because I don’t own a house yet. If I win this it will make my biggest wish come true

  • Elisha  says:

    Hi i would love to have a mermaid tail i have begged my parents to buy it but they said no

  • Jazz-Ann  says:

    Can you please pick me for the contest? I have never got a fin fun mermaid tail before . My parents say its to much money, so I will be really happy if I got one. Jazznn

  • Rocdessa  says:

    I hope to get a mermaid tail because I never got one before all of my other friends have one but me so I will the happiest girl in the world if I won! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Morgan  says:

    Hi I hope to win the contest so I can get my first and only mermaid tail. I love you guys so much. You guys always puts a smile on my face. Thank you for everything!

  • Ashley  says:

    Hi my name is Ashley I want to win this contest because I want give it as a gift to one of my friends because she is like a sister me and repay her back for all the things she did for me.

  • Ann  says:

    I hope win the contest because I am poor. I never get anything because my family does have enough money for things when I told my parents about fin fun mermaid tails thet said that they have enough money so I entered this contest to test my luck I hope I win! Good luck everyone.

  • Lilian  says:

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    search in google for; ideas by Loocijano

  • jenna  says:

    its Lindsey daughter Jenna PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I RELLY love to watch you mermaid videos with mermaid tails I want to be one to it would be a dream if i got a finfun I’m getting into swimming lessons it my moms email down there PLEASE IM DIEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!anways bye


  • Ellie Matthews  says:

    I really really want to be a mermaid that’s my dream! But I don’t mind if I loose.who ever wins well done!! GOOD LUCK on this. I’m such a big big big big big big big big big big big big FAN so yeah you guys are amaze and I love you so YEAHHHHHHhHhHhhH!

  • Ellie Matthews  says:

    Oh I forgot you guys make dreams come true thanks if I win!

  • Olivia Lopez  says:

    Hi kidtoytesters my name is Olivia and I am A really big fan of your YouTube channel and I just want to tell you that it would be a dream come true if I go the gift card for the mermaid tail and I am hoping with all my heart that I win the gift card for the mermaid tail. Let me tell you about my story…… When I was 7 I was on YouTube and I saw a mermaid tail I thought that it was so cute and I really like it so I asked my mom and dad if I could get it but I couldn’t get it. I have been dreaming about the mermaid tail ever since and now I’m 11 so I really really really hope that I can get the chance to win the mermaid tailso I hope u see this and you can understand my dream also you can hit me up on Instagram: @creative_soul2005 I hope to see a mermaid tail soon#mermaidsforever

  • Laila  says:

    I hope I will win and my name is laila and I am a fan and I really want one and I’m 6 years old please give it to me i will be sad like these emojis

    • Ellie Matthews  says:

      Please don’t try to bribe them that’s not fair

  • Mia  says:

    thank you guys so much

  • Josseline  says:

    I am yout biggest fan I hope you guys pick me because I would like to win

    • Josseline  says:

      I also love swimming

  • Mia Arlington  says:

    I subscribe to channel since 2015 and i would really appreciate if i ever got something from a awesome channel i watch everyday over and over i love yall so so so much and i hope i win any questions about mermaid tail my size is 12 or 14 and everybody go subscribe to this channel cause there the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Madi  says:

    Hi my name is Madi. I want the mermaid tail because I wanted it for so long. But I’m not able to get it because I cant afford it. I have to live with my cousins because I don’t really have a house yet. If I win this giveaway it will make my biggest wish come true.

  • Naima James  says:

    I love u guys your vidz r amazing and I would love to win a mermaid tail because when you wear your tails u look so pretty and I want to look as pretty as u

  • Cloey Staggs  says:

    Hi im cloey i love to swim its one of my hobbys i have been looking at mermaid tails for almost a year i am so looking forward to this and good luck everyone!!!ps: i will be making a video of this if i win i cant wait!!!!

  • Cloey Staggs  says:

    Congrats !!!! For whoever won the fnaf bag and toys +plushies Yay!!!!

  • Cloey Staggs  says:

    And also i took swimmin lessons for this and i sighned up for mermaid mania !!!! And i would love a mermaid tail for my pics !!!!

  • Tejilah  says:

    Hi my name is Tejilah and I wish I will win because I never win any giveaway I wish I will win because that is expensive in the Philippines and we have no money to buy that mermaid tail because we are not reach and I wish I will win

  • TIONNEE  says:

    I am your favorite fan I wathink your videos every day evenow at night time.❤. I love yall

  • rionah  says:

    I am your favorite fan I love watching your videos it’s funny and it makes me laugh. I hope you give it to me because I love yall.❤

  • rionah  says:

    And I am in a swimming team and I teach kids how to swim every day. ❤

  • Sonya  says:

    I love you guys and thank you for your giveaway to give a chance to all of us i will never win but i will try and good luck to everyone 🙂 I love you guys

  • Jacqueline diaz  says:

    Hi yumi and sachi I hope to get the mermaid tail because I always wanted one I love you guys❤

  • Allissady Mermaiden Of The Pacific  says:

    Hello Yumi, Hello Sachi!
    I’m Allissady (Uh-Lis-Uh-Dee)
    I am 11 years old, and I love your channel. I would like to win the giveaway because I’m trying to get one for me and my cousin Trinity. I have wanted one for 2-half years. I want the Blue Tang (Dory) Tails so bad! I’m afraid I won’t get enough money for it before they end the Blue Tang. So please help me out and help me Win! x3 I hope ya’ll have a good day! Good luck everyone!
    Kisses -Allissady ❤️

  • Akeelah  says:

    I Hope I win plz good luck me and everyone else

  • Akeelah  says:

    My name is Akeelah and I Love u guys you guys are my idols

  • Akeelah  says:

    I Hope I win I’ve been waiting for this for so long

  • Akeelah  says:

    You guys are my idols I Love you

  • Akeelah  says:

    My favorite video is the eat it or wear it egg roulette

  • Akeelah  says:

    Purple is my favorite color

  • Akeelah  says:

    Follow me on at queenakeelah

  • Akeelah  says:

    What up

  • Akeelah  says:

    I Love you like sooo much

  • Akeelah  says:

    These girls are so pretty

  • Akeelah  says:

    Lol sashi looks pretty in the mermaids tail

  • Akeelah  says:

    Can u tell I want a mermaids tail

  • Akeelah  says:

    I Love mermaids

  • Akeelah  says:

    Lol I only love to be a mermaids

  • Akeelah  says:


  • Akeelah  says:


  • Akeelah  says:


  • Akeelah  says:

    G Chico

  • Kelly  says:

    I really like ur youtube videos and i really want to win a mermaid tail because they are soooo cool and i like the artic blue one

  • Kelly  says:

    I really like the mermaid tail i have dreamed of have one of them and really want to win the artic bule because i really like the color

  • Akeelah  says:

    I just love you guys

  • Oscar Jr. Pardo  says:

    Hi kid toy testers my name is nicole and i am agreat fan of yours we can all meet some day i love your videos
    I hope i win the give away because it is my dream to be a mermaide ever-since i watch your videos and i hope you pick me .
    I hope my dreams come true and so do yours 🙂
    I hope you liked my message

  • shada  says:

    you have the best movies I never had mermaid tail and never will I wish I had one you guys are so kind I been watching so many mermaild movies I never got one sad face I have been criying waaaa I can’t order one.

  • Luke Young  says:

    I hope to win The Amazing Fin Fun Tail, and I am British will i still get it sent to Me?? Congratulations To The Lucky Winner of The FNAF giveaway,Wish The Best to Everyone who entered!

  • Maria celeste  says:

    I really want one but my mom said it’s to expensive so I can’t have one but if I have re money then I can buy it but I don’t have any money

  • Ava Wyatt  says:

    I wish I could win. I have been hoping for one for four years and never got one. My name is Ava. Please pick me. I have never ever had one and i’m nine. If you pick me I will email you my information. Don’t worry I told my family. Good luck to you all bye.

  • Maame Akroma Ansah  says:

    Pls give me a Mermaid tail colour Artic blue side 12 I hope iwin

  • Maame Akroma Ansah  says:

    Pls pick me I really want to win cause when I 9 I told my parents said they won’t buy me some now I am 13 and I have till not gotten some pls pick me I hope u win love you guys

  • Jana  says:

    Ever since fin fun came out I have been asking my mom just for one mermaid tail.I have been asking my mom to enter me in a contest but they always would end up being over and I have had entered 7 times not kidding and if I win I will be going out of my mind. This is all true.And if I don’t win I will be soooooooooo happy for the person that will win.And once again this is all true!

    • Jana  says:

      I ment if I win I would be sooooooooo happy

  • Isabella Pineau  says:

    this mermaid tails are boss and you gyes are boss so it would be so good to get one of thiese thanks for the opratunity

  • Sharon  says:

    I nerver hadea marmaid tail and I relly want one

  • Jeanie Casanova  says:

    Dear kidtoytesters my name is Jeanie and I want to say that I love yours video but I was a little late to watch this video I had no time to check my social medias.I wish I win this give away because I had wait more than you can’t image.Love u kidtoytesters . Sincerely Jeanie.

  • Jeanie Casanova  says:

    Dear kidtoystesters my name is Jeanie and I love ur channel . I always wanted a mermaid tail I am still waiting to win one u can’t image for how long I am waiting to win one .

  • Karen  says:

    I really wouldn’t want to win the mermaid Tail gift card because I would be really really happy and it will make my day. I love watching your videos and I will review the mermaid tail

    • Karen  says:

      Sorry I meant to say I would I am very sorry

  • Nehomi  says:

    Dear kid toy testers my little sister has always wanted a mermaid tail she has been wanting it for a long time but we just never had the money but anyway good luck to every one❤❤❤❤

  • Adle boocock  says:

    Hi I love you guys , I am a massive fan of fin fun but my family can’t afford a tail for me..we don’t have much money . I would REALY like to win my dream is to be a mermaid, but I understand there are many others like me with not much money so i will understand if it is not me . Good luck to everyone bye xoxoxo 🙂

  • Makayla  says:

    I wish I can meet you guys love your videos lol

  • Jasmine Lugo  says:

    I love your chanel
    I hope I win
    I ve always wanted a fin fun mermaid tail because I love the little mermaid movie

  • Lizet  says:

    Love you guys am addictedto see all your videos

  • emely figueroa  says:

    I love your videos you guys enterten me when ever i see your videos and i will also like to win the mearmaid tail
    thanks you are the best

  • Sharday  says:

    My name is sharday because of you guys I’ve gone mad on mermaid tails I’m 9 years old. Thank you for being amazing

  • carolee dussard  says:

    hey kidtoytester my name is carolee plz that me win my mom wont buy it for me

  • Audrey  says:

    I have wanted one since I was 3 and I never got one so it would be awsome to have one.p.s. I love you guys

  • Sarah  says:

    Hope I can win but best wishes to who does win

  • Audace Wright  says:

    I hope I win this for my little sister.

  • Daisy Francis  says:

    Love yu guys❤❤❤❤

  • Nguyen Ha Doan Anh  says:

    This is like my dream when I was 4 …. And still now , I’m crazy about them. ,,,,,,,,, I’m your biggestttttt fan in the universe

  • Kalia  says:

    Dear KidToyTesters,

    I just have to say you guys look amazing in the tails!! I love your videos because I love watching you try out new toys and you always come up with creative ideas for your videos. Your Mermaid Slime Bucket Challenge video is by far my favorite:) I would love to win the mermaid tail and it would be extra special because you would be giving it to me! If I don’t win I hope whoever does win has a good time with their new mermaid tail!

  • Kaitlyn  says:

    Hi Yumi and Sachi,

    Your videos are amazing! You guys look like you have a lot of fun testing the newest toys and I think that is what makes your videos so special. I love fin fun mermaid tails and I would be reeeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyy happy if I won this contest!

  • Kaitlyn  says:

    Hi Yumi and Sachi,

    Your videos are really good and it looks like you are having fun testing toys.

    I love fin fun mermaid tails and I would be reeeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyy happy if I won this contest!

  • Kelsey D  says:

    You Guys are The best! I love to watch your videos on YouTube and I try to like every one I watch. Thank you for giving these away and good luck to all in the contest. I hope you guys do more of these. I’ve been wanting a fin fun mermaid tail since I was 5 years old. I’ve always been obsessed with mermaids and they just fascinate me! I hope I win but again good luck to all who entered the contest.

    Love you guys,
    Kelsey D.

  • Kalia  says:

    Hi Yumi and Sachi,

    Your videos are really good and it looks like you are having fun testing toys.

    I love fin fun mermaid tails and I would be reeeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyy happy if I won this contest!

  • Kalia  says:

    Dear KidToyTesters,

    I love your videos. Your Mermaid Slip N’ Slide video is by far my favorite! I have been in love with mermaids forever and if I win i will be super happy and it will be even more special because you will be giving me the tail. You guys are a true inspiration! Good luck everybody!

  • Kaitlyn  says:

    Hi Yumi and Sachi,

    I love your videos. You are very creative and funny! I have been I love with mermaids for along time and it would mean the world to me if I win a mermaid tail, but if i don’t win I am happy for whoever does:) You gals are very kind, generous and inspirational!

    • Kendyl Hef  says:

      GOD BLESS❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • lexis chappell  says:

    Hi yumi and friend she really wants a mermaids tail but she can’t get one because they are so much money. I love your videos they are the best you are the only YouTube. I watch all of your videos

  • lexis chappell  says:

    Sorry I meant to say was. I love all of your videos they are the best. Your the only YouTube people I watch. I watch all of your videos

  • Takqen  says:

    I am 8 and love to swim and I hope I win and good luck to everyone❤

  • Madason  says:

    Hey Yumi and Sachi,
    i love your videos on youtube. I am entering for my cousin. she loves mermaids. Her birthday is coming up soon. Thank you guys so much for having a giveaway. if I win I know she’ll love it.

  • Madason  says:

    Does anyone know how much money is on the gift card???

  • jenn  says:


  • Kimimila White  says:

    I love watching your videos I just sit down while eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner and watch them. I hope I win this giveaway because i’ve always wanted a mermaid tail. i love wathcing mermaid tv shows like H20 Just Add Water and Mako Mermaids. Love you guys bye.

  • Princess Anne  says:

    Hey Yumi and Sachi,
    I love your videos
    I watch them every day…..

    You know when I was 4 years old I wish that I will be a mermaid someday or have a fin fun someday,because I really really really want have a fin fun…

    Bye Yumi and Sachi,wish that you see my letter for you,again BYE……

  • Kendyl Hef  says:

    Hi YUMI and SACHI
    I am in LOVE ❤️With all of your vids Espesally your mermaid videos!!!!!
    I have always dreamed of having a mermaid tail! But getting one from you would be 10 times better!!❤️
    If I don’t win I will still be Super happy and still LOVE your vids!! ❤️
    Keep on … Making me happy, having fun and inspiring me ❤️. GOD BLESS❤️
    I❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Mermaids. Wish me LUCK. I❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️YA’LL

  • Kendyl Hef  says:

    PLEASE LET ME WIN❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    GOD BLESS❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Kendyl  says:

    Please help me win because my mom finally let me enter a contest so I’ ve never won.


  • morgan raison  says:

    You are the best youtubers and I hot bullied a lot so you make me smile

  • BreP!as  says:

    I would like to get one for my cousin with cancer………P.S her favorite color is teal

  • Bre Plas  says:

    I fixed my name lol

  • Linda  says:

    Hi I’m holding to win this Becuase my mum said if I win she will take me to Hawaii and I can swim in it and she will say you can do the mermaid kick and also you guys are FABULOUS 🙂

  • Milo Howser  says:

    Wow, they look so realistic. My daughter would love the Golden Scale mermaid tail. ?? Thanks for the fun video and the giveaway!

  • Jenner  says:

    Hey hry

  • Nikola  says:

    Hay i can win that please I dream about that

  • ChappyNV  says:

    I love your videos. I watch them all. I really want a mermaids tail so I can give it to my friend that can’t afford one.

  • Sherry Martindale  says:

    My 5 year old granddaughter and I love your channel on YouTube for Kids!!!!! You have the best personalities and are just precious!!! Thank you for the chance to win, but more importantly, thank you for making your videos for us to enjoy watching TOGETHER

  • Jenner  says:

    Hi there I’m going to have a better idea of what I am

  • Hannah  says:

    Omg i can’t wait I’m so excited to see who is the winner of your giveaway (*^*) i really hope i win but if i don’t i would like to congratulate the winner and all of those who entered the giveaway (^~^)also thank you so much for making these giveaways

  • kelsey castillo  says:

    wish i win i really want to us it for the beach

  • Natalie  says:

    Dear KidToyTesters,

    I love your videos!! Every time I’m having a not-so-good day I watch one of you guys’ videos and you guys always cheer me up no matter what. I hope that I can win a mermaid tail. You guys are amazing and hilarious!! Love ya!!

  • Ariel  says:

    Hey guys I would really like mermaid tail I have been wanting to get one for 3 years.It would be great to win,but if I don’t I would like to give a round of applause for whoever that win.Thanks Ariel.

  • Ryan  says:

    I’m gonna be honest, I would love to win a mermaid tail because I know I’ll never get the chance to on my own(my family is broke) so it would mean a lot to me if I won a mermaid tail!
    I’ve loved mermaids since I can remember and have always wanted a tail but I have never been able to get one and I know I will probably never get another chance to get one.

  • Fabiana  says:

    My ñame is Fabiana i just watchOS your vídeo and i ABSOLOUTLY HAD ro subscribe to you becarse you ARÉ amazing………i real y would be grateful if i won the mermáis tail because my parentes died and i live with my aunt she doesnt Havre the money to buey me one…….. ti would mean A LOT for me if i won

  • Hannah  says:

    2 more days yay so excited (;ω;)

  • Aina  says:

    I am Aina I live in Bahrain and I hope I win

  • Mel  says:

    I can’t believe how much progress KidsToysTesters made and I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohappy for them! I hope you guys become the next big thing! LOVE YOU YUMI AND SACHI!#!#!#!#!#!#!

  • K'Lynn Carrington  says:

    KidToyTesters, u guys are the bomb! just watching your vids make my smile, no matter how crazy the vids get. you guys are so creative, and I like that about you guys! If I do win this giveaway, then thanks, if I don’t, then congrats 2 the winner, either way, keep it up on the great youtube vids. Cya Later. 😛

  • Hannah  says:

    crossing my fingers >~<

  • Natalie  says:

    Hope I can win the this giveaway! I have entered so many giveaways before and I haven’t won any of them, but I hope that I can win this one!! Good luck to anyone else!

  • Brenay  says:

    Hey Yumi and Sachi,

    Love you guy’s videos! My favorite one so far is The Dirty Diaper challenge, it was hilarious! My name is Brenay, (bra-nay), and I have entered soooo many giveaways before and haven’t won any. I am kinda bummed about it and sometimes I cry a little bit, but I am getting over it so I entered this giveaway so that I could have a chance again. So I hope you guys can pick me to win.

    Love, Brenay

  • Brenay  says:

    It’s my birthday tomorrow and I hope that I can win a mermaid tail!! Love ya guys!!!

  • Kendyl  says:


  • Sophia  says:

    Luck to you all I never win a lot so I hope I win this but I’m glad for the people that win

  • Jenner  says:


  • Maame Akroma Ansah  says:

    Plsss I really want a Mermaid tail plssssssssssss I really hope j win love❤❤ u guys

  • Hannah  says:

    I really hope i win but good luck to all

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