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Mermaid Magic turns YARN YOSHI into MERMAID YOSHI | How to make a Mermaid Tail Craft

Mermaid Girl Yumi shows you how to make your own custom Mermaid Tail for amiibo Yarn Yoshi from the new Nintendo game Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World.

Click below to download the Free amiibo Yarn Yoshi Mermaid Tail Pattern:

download amiibo yoshi mermaid tail pattern



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FNAF DIY Tutorial | How To Make A Freddy Fazbear Plushie for $5.00 | Kid Crafts

FNAF Tutorial | How To Make A Freddy Fazbear Plushie for under $5.00. In this Video Yumi shows you how to make your own custom Five Nights at Freddy’s Freddy Fazbear Plushie. You can pick up super cheap bears from the $1.00 store or Dollar Tree and you only need a few more supplies to make this super cool custom plush doll.

download freddy fazbear pattern button

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How to make SHOPKINS Rings & SHOPKINS Earrings | Shopkins Jewelry DIY

Sachiko teaches you how to make some super easy DIY SHOPKINS Rings & Shopkins Earrings. You can use all of your favorite shopkins and turn them into Jewelry

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Making Felt Animals Owl, Fox, Raccoon, Kitty Cat by PomTree | Kid Crafts

Our friends Sidney & Maddison stopped by to make some super cute Felt animal crafts by Pom Tree. Owl, Fox, Raccoon, Kitty Cat, and felted keychains too. These were perfect crafts for a sleepover or for a party. Comment Below which Felt Animal is your best!

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Loom band Christmas Tree Ornaments with Baymax

loom band christmas tree

Here is my loom band Christmas Tree, or actually a tree that I have decorated with a bunch of really cool loom band things that I have made.

Comment below with your favorite things made with rubber bands like Baymax, Infinity bracelet, mickey mouse, super heros, pencil, elsa, rainbow unicorn, etc..



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New Rainbow Loom Infinity Bracelet by KidToyTesters

Yumi from KidToyTesters shows you how to make her Rainbow Loom Infinity Bracelet.  This is my own design,  feel free to make your own and send me a photo.  I would love to feature your photo on my facebook page or include you in a future video.

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