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We’re heading to Hawaii for a vacation with Moose Toys, Shopkins, and our favorite Shopkins YouTubers Disney Car Toys, Grace’s World, Lou Lou Vitt , and My Froggy Stuff. You can follow our adventure with the hashtag #SPKVaca8.

Thanks again to MooseToys for making this Dream getaway come true
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BASHING Giant Chocolate Bunny- Surprise Eggs |Shopkins Cupcake Queen Target Exclusive Kids Clothing Line


Yumi, Sachi, Kimi Bash Giant Chocolate Bunnies, and Chocolate Eggs filled with Shopkins Season 7 Surprises. Whoever finds the Golden Shoppie wins a huge Shopkins Cupcake Queen Clothes Haul from Target. Checkout all the Cupcake Queen Clothes & accessories❤

This video is sponsored by Moose Toys

Comment below who you think will find the one of a kind GOLDEN SHOPPIE? #TeamUnicorn #TeamPanda #TeamBunny

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Real Gold and Diamond Shopkins Oonies Challenge

Exclusive behind the scenes tour of Moose Toys at Toy Fair 2017 in New York. One of a Kind REAL Gold and Diamond Shopkin of the Year #WinnieAward. This is being auctioned off on ebay for charity. Plus new Oonies from Moose Toys.

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Yumi and Sachi along with some of your favorite YouTubers give you the exclusive reveal of Shopkins Season 7. They have to Smash cupcakes to see who finds the most Shopkins Season 7. The winner gets to open up surprise new Shopkins Season 7 Playsets and blind bags. There are all new Party Teams, including Surprise Party, PJ Party, Picnic Party, Princess Party, Fancy Dress Party, Summer Pool Party, Wedding Party, Disco Party and the Hollywood Limited Edition.

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SHOPKINS SEASON 7 All Star Collection, New Shopkins Shoppies Play Doh Surprise Candy

Kimi and Sachi open up the brand new Shopkins All Star Collection with Season 7 Glitter Shopkins!! Who is going to win the challenges and get to the Shopkins first? #TeamPanda or #Team Bunny?

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GINGERBREAD HOUSE DECORATING CHALLENGE | Hatchimals Giveaway Winner | FNAF Pokemon Shopkins

Yumi, Sachi, and Kimi compete in the Gingerbread House Decorating Challenge. They each have a different theme (Shopkins, FNAF, Pokemon) to build. Who do you think will win this challenge? #TeamUnicorn #TeamPanda #TeamBunny. The winner gets a surprise NumNoms Toy. Stay until the end for the winner announcement of our Hatchimals Giveaway!

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