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Sister Location FNAF Play Doh Challenge | KidToyTesters

FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY”S SISTER LOCATION is here. Sub to join #TeamPanda:

Yumi and Sachi compete to see who can make the best Five Nights at Freddy’s Sister Location Play Doh Figures. Comment below who you think should win this FNAF CHALLENGE. #TeamUnicorn or #TeamPanda

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SHOPKINS SEASON 7 All Star Collection, New Shopkins Shoppies Play Doh Surprise Candy

Kimi and Sachi open up the brand new Shopkins All Star Collection with Season 7 Glitter Shopkins!! Who is going to win the challenges and get to the Shopkins first? #TeamPanda or #Team Bunny?

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SHOPKINS Season 6 CHEF CLUB Play Doh Challenge

Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club is the newest season of Shopkins, and it lets you collect your Shopkins characters in a whole new way! Yumi & Sachi challenge each other to the world’s first ever Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club Play Doh Challenge!!! Comment below who you think will win. #TeamUnicorn or #TeamPanda!!

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Shopkins Halloween Pumpkins World Play Doh Day Challenge

Happy World Play Doh Day! To celebrate Sachi and Yumi challenge each other to make Play Doh Cakes with hidden Shopkins Season 5 Halloween Pumpkins. Vote in the comments which cake is better!

Then watch to see who can destroy their Play Doh cake and open all the SHOPKINS HALLOWEEN PUMPKINS first

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PLAY DOH TOWN Giant Surprise Play Doh EGG and Play Doh Town Pet Store

Yumi & Kenzo open a Giant Surprise Egg filled with different Play Doh Town sets. I wonder which ones they will get.

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Christmas Surprise Play Doh Eggs | KidToyTesters

Sachi and Kimi open up a bunch of Surprise Christmas Play Doh Eggs. I wonder what toys they are going to find.

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