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Disney Animators collection Frozen Elsa, Ana and Cinderella Olaf, Sven Mini Doll Playsets

I got a Surprise Christmas Present from Disney today and it’s awesome. Watch as Elsa and Cinderella save Ana from runaway Sven with Olaf’s help.

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Disney FROZEN Sing Along Elsa Doll Review – KidToyTesters

Kimi tests out the newest Singing Princess Elsa from Jakks Pacific. Elsa sings the full version of the song “Let It Go”. You can put the mike up to her mouth and she sings, when you take it away she stops. This is the perfect Karaoke Duet Toy!!! We totally love it.

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Disney Frozen Elsa’s Ballroom Glitzi Globes with Magical Giant Snow Glitzi Globe – Toy Surprise Eggs

From the Glitzi Globes Collection, this is the new Disney Frozen Glitzi Globes Elsa’s Ballroom playset. Includes a magical mega snow glitzi globe and a no-mess globe maker. Create your favorite Frozen characters then display them on the Icy Castle Elsa’s Ballroom and watch them sparkle with this fantastic snow glitter dome. Includes figurines of Princess Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven and Hans.

I’m also unboxing toy surprise eggs from Glitzi-Globes, Peppa Pig blind bag with Zoe Zebra, Disney Fairies with Tinkerbell, Barbie and Play Doh Stamper Princess Ariel of The Little Mermaid.

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Balloon Surprise #2 MLP, Disney Frozen, Shopkins Season 3 – Onion Challenge

Balloon Surprise #2 MLP, Disney Frozen, Shopkins Season 3 – Onion Challenge.

Sachi and Kimi play Balloon Surprise again, this time there is one Season 3 Shopkins Blind Basket hidden inside. The winner is the one that finds the Shopkins Season 3 Basket, and the Loser has to eat a RAW ONION. Yuck!!!

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Disney Frozen Ice Blast Princess Elsa Doll Review | KidToyTesters

Disney Frozen Ice Power Princess Elsa Doll Review. This Elsa doll is super cool, she shoots 3 different ice crystals from her hand. The details on her face are really beautiful in this toy and we highly recommend it.

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Ultron vs Hulk | Ultron Sings Disney’s Frozen Elsa Song “Let It Go”

Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron Hulk Mask, Fists, and Ultron Voice Changer Mask Toy Review. PLUS BONUS special behind the scenes clip of Ultron Singing Disney’s Frozen Elsa Song “Let It Go” entry for Hit TV Show “The Voice”.

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