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Care Bears Season 2 starts on February 5th (Netflix)

care bears cousins Season 2 on netflix

Yayyyy!  Care Bears have been picked up for Season 2 on NETFLIX!!!!     We are super excited and can’t wait to see all the new episodes.  Click on this link to go watch now

All of your favorite care bears are back bringing tales of caring and sharing to a new generation. And now the Care Bear Cousins are here to join the fun!  If you didn’t know already, KidToyTesters are official Care Bear Ambassadors.  We’ve done lots of charity work in 2015 with their #ShareYourCare campaign raising thousands of dollars for Earthquake victims in Nepal and Donating Hundreds of toys and warm fleece blankets to the Open Door Mission.  We strongly encourage you to “Share Your Care” each and every day...

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Surprise package from the movie Legends of Oz, Dorothy’s Return

KidToyTesters Yumiko & Sachiko receive a surprise package from Summertime Entertainment, makers of the movie Legends of Oz, Dorothy’s Return.  Totally love getting surprises in the mail.  Click to see what we received, and also let us know if you want us to do another giveaway!

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Transformers Age of Extinction conversation with Mark Ryan voice of Lockdown – KidToyTestersHD

Super cool, we met Mark Ryan the voice of several Transformers including Lockdown, bumblebee, Ironhide / Hoist, Jetfire at #BritishFestival. He was super friendly, and grew up pretty close to our home back in London. Can’t wait to see if Hasbro resurrect his character Lockdown in the next Transformer movie.

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Maleficent movie review – this film just turned the world upside down

angelina jolineI waited almost a whole week to go see the very much anticipated Maleficent movie! Thanks to the bad weather we’ve been having here it just kept getting delayed! So tonight I wanted to go but we had karate and I thought there was no way I could skip that … But because I hurt my foot bad they decided we could go!! Hooray!!
It was all I thought it was going to be and more! I loved it! My sister Sachi went too and she even loved it!
The movie had amazing visual effects…lots of action, some romantic bits, and funny bits…all in all a good balance to please very kind of viewer.
Okay so if you haven’t seen it..don’t read on as there will be spoilers! The beginning was not what as I  thought what it would be…it showed Maleficent as the opposite of what we all picture her to be...

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