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Drive Thru Pranks!! Unicorn Frappuccino

Ordering Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccinos with a Unicorn Prank

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How do MERMAIDS celebrate Easter?

Fin Fun Mermaid Girls Yumi & Sachi show you how Mermaids Celebrate Easter. Who is going to get the most Seashell Whistles and good luck for an entire year? #TeamUnicorn or #TeamPanda

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Fin Fun Mermaid Tail Giveaway Winner | Little Live Pets Surprise Chick Easter Egg Challenge

Sachi and Kimi take the Blindfolded Easter Egg Challenge to see who can find the most Little Live Pets Surprise Chicks in 1 minute. Will they find the Limited Edition Golden Chick Lucky Clucky? Sachi announces the winner of our MERMAID TAIL GIVEAWAY, are you the lucky one?

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1000 Layers Challenge – 1000 Layers Of Stickers On Our Face

Yumi and Sachi take the 1000 LAYERS CHALLENGE and put 1000 layers of stickers on our FACE…. Yeah, that’s going to hurt when we have to peel them off. We also do the Blindfold Drawing Challenge on Scratchy Scratch paper. #TeamUnicorn Vs #TeamPanda

Thanks to Purple Ladybug Novelty for sponsoring this video. Click here to get your own super awesome stickers and scratchy scratch paper. You can get 10% off with our code KIDTOY10

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Mermaid Blindfold Makeup Challenge Steven Universe GIVEAWAY with Amethyst Michaela Dietz

Check out our most epic YouTube collab with Michaela Dietz who voices Amethyst on Steven Universe. We partnered with the Cartoon Network to give you guys a huge surprise giveaway of Steven Universe Toys and SWAG. Michaela is even going to sign some stuff for you guys. This was such an epic video to shoot, we had so much fun hanging out with Michaela. Comment below your favorite part of this video

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Sister Location FNAF Play Doh Challenge | KidToyTesters

FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY”S SISTER LOCATION is here. Sub to join #TeamPanda:

Yumi and Sachi compete to see who can make the best Five Nights at Freddy’s Sister Location Play Doh Figures. Comment below who you think should win this FNAF CHALLENGE. #TeamUnicorn or #TeamPanda

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