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Happy Birthday “Talking Ginger” aka Maria Bamford!!! – Talking Tom and Friends

It’s April 8th, which is KidToyTesters dad’s birthday and Maria Bamford who does the voice of Talking Ginger on Talking Tom and Friends: The Animated Series.  She’s also featured on animated series like “Adventure Time,” “Word Girl,”and  “Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness,”

To Celebrate I’ve decided to do a super cool Q&A with KidToyTesters Dad and Maria Bamford today.  

Q:  What does Ginger do on his birthday?


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Happy Birthday Tom Kenny + Q&A with the voice of Spongebob Squarepants

005-TTB-screenshots-0Goofy, clumsy, and hilariously dopey, TALKING HANK is a dog that you can’t help but love; especially since he’s voiced by animation legend Tom Kenny (aka: Spongebob Squarepants.)  You can find Hank getting into trouble each week on YouTube via Talking Tom and Friends: The Animated Series.  – new episodes resume March 13th!

Created and produced out of Vienna by Outfit7, Talking Tom and Friends: The Animated Series features an all-star voice cast including Tom Kenny (“SpongeBob SquarePants,” “Adventure Time With Finn & Jake”) as Hank, Golden Globe®-nominee Colin Hanks (“Life In Pieces,” “Fargo”) as Tom, Lisa Schwartz (“Party Girl”) as Angela, James Adomian (“Comedy Bang Bang!,” “Gravity Falls”) as Ben, and Maria Bamford (“Lady Dynamite,” “WordGirl”) as ...

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SKYLANDERS SUPERCHARGERS take to the racetrack with Max Chilton

Superstar Professional Race Car Driver Max Chilton hit the track at the Laguna Seca Mazda Raceway to Celebrate the launch of Skylanders SuperChargers. His car was painted with the latest Skylanders SuperChargers graphics to give him that little extra burst of speed. Check out all the race day photos below.

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Meeting Peyton List from Disney’s Jessie, Hot Rods, Rat Rods, custom Harley Davidson Bikes & Octopi

Meeting Peyton List from Disney’s Jessie, tons of fixed up race cars, hot rods, Harley Davidsons and much more.

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KidzBop Concert & Interview, These Kids Rock!!! #DreamBigSingLoud

The amazing KidzBop Kids Ashlynn, Bredia, Grant, Jayna, and Matt performed at the Ralston Arena in Omaha Nebraska.  We had amazing front row VIP seats giving us the best view of the most incredible singing and choreography we’ve seen in a long time.

These guys are seriously much better live than many chart topping artists.  They’ve out sold Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and countless others and when you see them live, it’s obvious why they are so successful.

After the concert we had some time for an exclusive interview with them and snap some pics.  If you ever have a chance to see them perform live, you should beg your parents to buy you tickets.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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Interview #2 with Seea Founder and Fashion Designer Amanda Chinchelli – KidToyTesters (Yumiko)

Today was awesome……. I got to meet a famous fashion designer from Italy who has the coolest job in the world. Amanda Chinchelli is the founder and creator of Seea Clothing. Amanda shows us some of her designs, neoprene, one piece suits, kids rashguard, and even an exclusive sneak peek at a 2015 rashguard.

Check out The Seea Website via this link:

“The name Seea comes from my love for the sea,” explains founder and designer, Amanda Chinchelli. “As an Italian, I pronounce the name ‘see-ah’. It’s a feminine word, with a musicality and beauty to it.” Cut with waves in mind, each suit reflects a female surfer’s needs, so why leave your style on the beach? Simply put, Seea is a celebration of the rhythm and grace of women’s surfing, and the magic of riding waves...

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