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ROBOT WARS MiP vs Star Wars BB8 | Sphero vs WowWee

ROBOT WARS MiP vs Star Wars BB8 | Sphero vs WowWee. We challenged MiP by WowWee Toys and BB8 by Sphero to a 5 lap race. Both are super awesome robots that are in our top Holiday Toys for 2015. Who do you think is going to win?

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HUGE DISNEY SURPRISE BOX – Disney Infinity 3.0 Unboxing

We were super excited to meet Disney executives in NY to talk about the launch of Disney Infinity 3.0. They gave us some exclusive figures in July, and now we have a massive surprise package from DISNEY, and I think I know what’s inside.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Info:

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Mars Pop Game review and gameplay by Outfit7 the makers of Talking Tom

Yumi plays Mars Pop for the first time and goes on a winning streak. Want to challenge me, my username is KidToyTesters Yumi.

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It’s 2124 in Neo Mars, Mars Pop from the makers of Talking Tom pits you against the best in the World!!!

Mars Pop is a super addictive bubble pop game that offers simple Facebook login by Outfit7 Limited.    Outfit7 are the same guys behind the “Talking Tom and Friends” franchise with over 2.8billion downloads.   Mars Pop is the worlds’ first bubble shooter game that offers true real-time, multiplayer competition.  The game automatically connects users of similar skill level so you are always challenged just enough to keep it fun.  If you are an expert, super pro, or just a beginner you are going to love this addictive game.  You can compete against friends or anonymous gamers around the world.

mars pop screenshotMars Popmars pop bubble pop screenshot

mars pop gameplay screenshotSelect one of 2 character types “Jet” or “Eve”.  Both come with super cute sidekick flying robots. You win by lining up 3 bubbles of the same color...

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How to turn any Google Map into a Pac Man Game – Early April Fool’s Day 2015


Totally Awesome, Google Maps have enabled Pac-Man mode today. Just open up google maps,  search for any location, then click on the pac-man icon.

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Cubetopia Island Rush Apple iTunes App and interactive play tent by Playhut

playhut cubetopia island rush game

At the New York 2015 Toy Fair, Yumiko demonstrates the Cubetopia Island Rush Apple iTunes App and interactive play tent by Playhut.  The game is already available for download in the iTunes store, and the tent will be available shortly.  Go to for the latest updates on this product.

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