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Skylanders Imaginators LiveStream + Q&A with Yumi, Sachi & Kimi

Yumi #TeamUnicorn and Kimi #TeamBunny take on another level of Skylanders Imaginators. Sachi is moderating the LiveChat and answering all of your questions. What is our favorite food, book, movie? Ask anything and we will try to read out all your comments.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dinosaur Battle TMNT Half Shell Heroes | KidToyTesters

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dinosaurs T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Robo Raptor, Pterodactyl battle it out with Yumi & Kenzo.

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Eon’s Hunt for the Power Blue Skylanders SuperChargers | Autism Awareness Day | Autism Speaks #LIUB

Kimi and Sachi go on an epic adventure with Eon to find the new “Power Blue” Skylanders SuperChargers to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd.

Thanks to our friends at Activision for sending these to us.

The new series of blue and white Skylanders SuperChargers “Power Blue” toys reflect Autism Speaks’ Official colors. They are available at participating retailers in the US, and Europe now, and available in Canada on April 1st. The Power Blue Skylander SuperChargers feature SPLAT, TRIGGER HAPPY, and their SuperCharged vehicles SPLATTER SPLASHER, and GOLD RUSHER.

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First Ever DOLL FACE SWAP Monster High, Barbie, Ever After High, Disney Princesses | KidToyTesters

Yumi, Sachi, and Kimi make the first ever Doll Face Swap video. We had so much fun making this video, it was so hard to not laugh everytime we were shooting video. I hope you like this as much as we did.

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Pie Face Showdown, Nerf Mega Mastadon, Fur Real Friends Torch Blazin Dragon, trolls | Toy Fair 2016

Sachi takes you on a walk through the Hasbro booth at Toy Fair 2016 in New York. She plays the newest Pie Face, Pie Face Showdown, shoots the super giant Nerf Mega Mastadon, Nerf Rebelle Bow, eats Marshmallows with Torch my blazin dragon by Fur Real, dances with a Troll, and shows you all the newest The Littlest Petshop Toys for 2016. Which toy is your favorite?

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Buzz Bee DESTINY (20 Darts in 2 Seconds) | Cyclonic & Jaguar | Toy Fair 2016

Yumi takes you inside the 2016 New York Toy Fair to see all the new Nerf guns in the Buzz Bee Toys booth. They have some super cool prototypes like the Walking Dead Branded guns, and of course these 3 super awesome Air Warrior Guns that I show in this video. The single shot Jaguar, the fully automatic Cyclonic, and the amazing 20 darts in 2 seconds Air Powered Destiny. The Buzz Bee Toys Destiny isn’t available yet but will be later this year. It’s super awesome

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