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SHOPKINS SEASON 5 FULL CASE Opening | Fruit Loops Challenge | TMNT T-Sprints BeBe Bartoons

Yumi and Sachi take the Fruit Loops Challenge and the winner gets to open a full caseof Shopkins Season 5 Blind Bags.  Comment below who you think will win?

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BOOGER BALLS CHALLENGE | Potato Sack Race | DIY Boogers

Hey Guys to celebrate #InternationalNosePickingDay Yumi, Sachi, Kimi, and Kenzo had an awesome Booger Balls Challenge with our friends Maddison & Sidney. It was super slimy gross fun, and we can’t wait to do it again. Everyone got 3 chances to hit the target and you Kidrobot Blind Boxes when you win. Who is going to get the most blind boxes? Sorry for the audio, it was so windy we almost couldn’t film anything!

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The CUP CHALLENGE 2 | TMNT Dart Guns NERF | Blind Bag Monday Ep 55

Blind Bag Monday Ep 55 is our version 2 of the Cup Challenge. This Time Yumi and Sachi are shooting TMNT T-Blasts Dart Guns to see who can knock the most cups off the table. The winner gets to open up a full casepack of Kidrobot labbit or yummy world blind bags.

Comment below and vote who you think is going to win!
Also Ask us some questions, we are going to shoot a Q&A video to answer all of your questions.

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Thanks to our friends at Playmates Toys & KidRobot for supplying the toys featured in this video.

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ORBEEZ CHALLENGE | Warheads Challenge | Mermaid Splashings Blind Bag Monday Ep 54

Sachi and Yumi take the Orbeez Challenge. The girls have to find Blind Bags hidden in a giant tub of Orbeez with Blindfolds on. Who will get the most Splashlings Blind Bags and win? The loser has to take 4 sprays of Warheads Super Sour Spray.

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MINION TIME BOMB | Blind Bag Monday Ep53 Shopkins Minecraft Yokai Watch

Yumi, Sachi, and Kimi disarm a Minion Time Bomb Surprise. They have to carefully peel back every layer and get a blind bag before the 90 second timer goes off and blows everything up. Will they disarm the bomb or will it blow up?

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Cup Challenge | SHOPKINS Minecraft Super Heroes Disney Tsum Tsum Deadpool | Blind Bag Monday Ep52

Hi Guys, we had some issues uploading to YouTube yesterday so Blind Bag Monday Ep52 is a little late. In this episode Yumi & Sachi pick random numbers from a cup and get to find the hidden blind bag in the corresponding numbered 16 red cups. I wonder who is going to get the best blind bags. Comment below and vote who you think got the best blind bags.

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