Boxing Glove Challenge Shopkins Season 5 Yummy Food | Blind Bag Monday Ep58

Yumi, Sachi, and Kimi take the BOXING GLOVE CHALLENGE for Blind Bag Monday Ep58.  The Girls have to try pick up as many Blind Boxes as they can in 1 minute using giant Blow Up Boxing Gloves The Winner gets to keep their KidRobot Adventure Time Blind Boxes, Night Riders Blind Boxes, Ferals Blind Boxes, and Yummy World Blind Boxes.  Whoever gets the most Blind Boxes gets the GRAND PRIZE a Shopkins Season 5 Mega Pack, Shopkins Season 5 12 pack, Shopkins Season 5 5 pack, Shopkins Kinstruction Fruit & Veggie Stand, and Shopkins Kinstructions Fashion Boutique Play sets.  Comment below who you think will win this Challenge?

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