Back to School Giveaway 2016 + YouTube Silver Play Button for 100,000 Subscribers

Thank you guys so much for following our adventures this past year!  We can’t believe that we passed 100,000 subscribers on YouTube in February and are now passed 175,000.  We love you guys so much and it’s because of you that we are able to do what we love most which is making videos of our adventures and challenges.  In this year’s Back to School Giveaway we’ve thrown in lots of our favorite things like an iPad Mini, Instax Camera, Tokidoki Backpack, Lush, makeup, and lots of awesome stuff.

This Giveaway Ends August 31, 2016 at 5pm CST.  One winner will be selected at random (  Please don’t write to us asking us to pick you because we really have no idea who will win.  This giveaway is for all of our fan no matter what your situation is or how much you need these school supplies.  We want to be completely fair to everyone!  Good Luck! and we can’t wait to read your fanmail and comments on our next video!

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520 comments to Back to School Giveaway 2016 + YouTube Silver Play Button for 100,000 Subscribers

  • evelyn hernandez  says:

    Love your YouTube channel

    • Karla Mondragon  says:

      hi guys i love your channel i think you are the best youtubers you really get me with that hairbrush i always wake up at least 10 minutes late for school but i will hopefully change that this following year

      • Andy Gonzalez  says:

        Hope I win

      • Hopkinsr163  says:

        Hi guys I Ur channel and vids you’ve got the best smiley faces ive ever seen and I wantto win this for my best friend Katie who is fighting cancer I hope I can win this for her xxxxxxxxxx love u guys xxx

      • Hopkinsr163  says:

        Hi guys I love Ur channel good luck everyone else I hope I can win this for my best friend Katie who is fighting for her life with cancer I hope I can get her all these gifts hopefully I can xxxxxxxxxxxxxx love u guys xxxxxxxxxx

    • Dyondrae  says:

      Yes me to

      Hop. Win I will do what ever I never won a give away before hop I do this time have a great summer toytesters

    • isabel hernandez  says:

      nice last name

    • Rycell  says:

      I can’t figure out how I make a comment so I’m just replying! So I hope you guys reach the desired amount of subscribers in the future…. I know you guys could do it

    • Hannah Kennedy  says:

      Yeah u guys are like my FAV UTUBE CHANNEL!!
      (But I really hope I win!!)

    • Raneen Bali  says:

      You guys are awsome

    • Raneen Bali  says:

      Hi guys you are amzing lam supperexited l defenetly love your youtube chanel so much i left a coment on you tube l hope you read it l realy want these suplies they are super cute and cool l hope hope to win please

      • Raneen Bali  says:

        I Live in palestine so we dont have target or walmart

    • Raneen Bali  says:

      I live in palestine so we dont have target or walmart so that is why l need them so much l Love you guys and good luck l hope l will win

      • Fancy  says:

        Omg So sorry

    • Raneen Bali  says:

      I Live in palestine s o we dont have target or walmart l hope l win because l want these suplies for a long time l Love you guys

    • sonia  says:

      Hi kids toys testers keep up your good work love u all

    • elizebeth  says:

      hope i win

    • Laarnie  says:

      Hello @kidtoystester I would like to win cause I will give that to the street children thanks that could use a big help thanks plss. Pick me there are a lot of children in our street so that could use help cause they only have one paper and pen

    • Dominique Newsome  says:

      Love your youtube chanel are you guys going to start doing vlogs

    • kalayah Tonia boone  says:

      I hope I win because that suff is Reilly cool and I love pandas and yonucorns and my mommy don’t have to buy my stuff and she going to be Riley happy.

    • Ashley lipscomb  says:

      who won by the way yumi and sachi plz give me a shout out

  • maeve peterson  says:

    so excited

    • Keria  says:

      Me to

    • Katie  says:

      Im also very excited about the give away i hope i win all those Supplies that i realy realy need for school=)lol:)

  • Jesse smith  says:

    Hi i am jesse smith I love ur vids u guys are awesome and have i have watched u guys forever I entered because I could use a lot of this stuff and I can give some to poor families that need this thank you guys and have a blessed day!!

  • Mirian  says:

    My kids love watching ya Chanel ya are so sweet funny

  • Clarissa Flores  says:


  • Josiee Lee  says:

    This is so nice of you guys!!! Good luck everyone!!!

  • Arianne  says:

    I love you my two sisters Watch you guys

  • Brianna Tapia  says:

    Love your videos so much

  • Brianna Tapia  says:

    I love your videos so much

  • Adriyana  says:

    I really want to win I need it really super duper bad

  • Shalaiah lee  says:

    Omg guys I love u so much you guys r so funny yumi I love u but I’m all for pandas I love u guys hope you guys have a good school year!!!!

  • Crystal  says:

    I love yall so much been here since last year!

  • casia  says:

    I never miss a vid u alway have grate vido i been gowing throw alot and you vidos help thanks

  • shehlu  says:

    You guys are super duper awesome and I love you guys!

  • Bella  says:

    I really hope I win I love your chanel

  • arizonahawkins  says:

    I really need that suff I never get anything

  • Katherine  says:

    Hi I love you guys are the best youtuber I lovebyou girls thumbs up ☺

    • Emmalissa  says:

      Yah girl irk its so true there the best!!!!!!

  • Karen Morales  says:

    Love the giveaway

  • Mirya Robertson  says:

    May i enter this wonderful giveaway.

  • Denika Decoste  says:

    I love you guys and I’m so glad you got your silver play button

  • nihad  says:

    i love you

  • Estefany  says:

    Thanks for the giveaway

  • Cassandra garcia  says:

    Wow thats a lot

  • Jacque-lynn Pope  says:

    My sister lovvveee you guys are so adorable

  • Asli  says:

    I love you both and please continue making videos

  • cristal cordova  says:

    i love you you are sooooooooooooooo awesome and do you guys have met and greet day because a i want to meet you guys sooooooo bad

  • cristal cordova  says:

    love you

  • Asli  says:

    I love you and I hope you all have a great rest of you summer and great beggening of you school year✂️❤️❣☺️

  • Gurln Kaur  says:

    Really very excited about this giveaway

  • Ewuraba Ansah  says:

    Can u pls pick me as the winner pls i really need th is things I really hope i win

    • Ewuraba Ansah  says:

      Sorry u said I should not beg sorrybut thanks u guys are awesome love ❤ u guys ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Natalie  says:

    Love you

  • Ewuraba Ansah  says:


  • jazlyn  says:

    This is Awesome

  • Jeanette Torres  says:

    I love ktt

  • Tiliyah  says:

    I love you guys and I hope I win I watched you videos about the blind bags and blind bags are awesome but I hope I win the giveaway

    • Valeria Mendez  says:

      Congrats !!!!!!!!

    • Emma  says:

      You guys are the best

    • Grace  says:

      I would really love to win this give away xx love you both so much xx

  • Arreanna Lloyd  says:

    Congratulations and thanks for this huge giveaway your doing.

  • Alyssa  says:

    You guys are my fav if I don’t win its alright but like it would literally be the coolest thing in the whole world and team unicorn

  • Dennyse Rizo Castillo  says:

    I love you guys so much. I’ve been watching you for a really long time. Hope I win this give away love you

  • Rose Jackson  says:

    You guys are so sweet and hilarious..Keep putting smiles on people faces. Never loose those smiles.

  • Leytsa Rianne Perez  says:

    this would so cool to win! love your videos ^-^ Team unicorn <3

  • Samantha montalvo  says:

    Ily so much hope I win the giveaway I have a low chance but itz all good good luck to everyone

  • Candance Gregoire Pierson  says:

    Hi guys I enter this and God bless to you guys. Happy back. To school bye

  • Candance Gregoire Pierson  says:

    I am not entering sorry and if you me thanks I would not want me

  • Karen  says:

    I love your videos when I’m sad you too my day upside down I wish I can win this giveaway hopefully a miracle will happen

  • Veda davi  says:

    It would really help if i won so we don’t have to spend so much money on 5 kids.

  • gabriella  says:

    i hope i win the give away because i need a backpack really bag anyway love your vids

  • Jasmine  says:

    I hope I win because I still haven’t gotten them yet and I thing it would be cool since all the stuff you got was amazing and will help the winner in school.GoodLuck to everyone else. And I love your videos and ily

  • Alena Lee  says:

    Good luck everyone else i hope i win probably not but good luck and i love your channle shachi and yumi you inspired me to be a youtuber (soon)!!! No matter how old you are you can never love tmnt, shopkins, twoziea, nom nums, tsum tsums, fnof, and alot more!!

  • Arianna williams  says:

    I love your channel you guys are so awesome I love you guys so much and I hope I win the blind bags are so awesome and I hope I win the giveaway
    Hugs and kisses

  • ashley gonzalez  says:

    congratulations for the price yhu guys deserve it for making really cool videos i love yhu vuhs i watched most of yhur videos i really hope i win but good luck to anybody that enters you guys are so generous for doing this give away

  • Makayla  says:

    Love your videos lol love you

  • Neveaha iglesias  says:

    You guys always get good things

  • Anna  says:

    OMG you guys are awesome I watch every single video and the coolest ones are the mermaid ones I love mermaids, unicorns, and pandas and I am a subscriber and I hope that I win the giveaway PS, I love you guys!!:)

  • Gurbir  says:

    hey kid toy testers i love school it is absolutely great i am about to go to 5th grade hope I win and I don’t win I congratulate the winner.P.S love your vids

  • Jenny Lee  says:

    new subscriber ! love your videos . keep doing you i hope i win

  • jasvir singh grewal  says:

    Hey kid toy testers I love school so do I love your videos.I am about to go to 5th grade and I hope I win if I don’t I congratulate the winner.

  • Kristine soller  says:

    Hi I’m Kristine I love your YouTube channel and videos what I want is the camera love kristine

    • Kristine soller  says:

      And fake nails and iPhone case love you so much and I hope I win

  • MaiChia Lee  says:

    Love you guys if I didn’t have you I would be bored and not entertain thank you so much for being there for me!

  • MaiChia Lee  says:

    Love love you all! Hopefully I win.

  • amira sullivan  says:

    hey this is awsome! I’ve never entered a giveaway but this would be great. im going 2 the 8th grade.

  • Sarayd  says:

    I love you guys,you guys are the best I love all your videos they are very awesome and fun to see. I’m really happy for you guys because you guys reached 100,000 subscribers and I can’t wait to see more videos in the future because I know you guys are gonna be very successful in life!!! And hopefully I win the giveaway I will be very thankful for everything

  • Zoe  says:

    You guys are so AWESOME! I love watching!! Please pick me for the back to school giveaway!

  • Alanna Carlson  says:

    I love you guys hope I win but good luck to everyone.

  • Karla Mondragon  says:

    HI guys i love your channel im a new subscriber i think you guys are the coolest youtubers ever im going to stay subscribed to you until you stop making videos please dont stop making videos keep up the good work

  • Sarah-Jane  says:

    Omg!!!!!!! I can’t believe you’ve gained so many subs in the past months! I wish the best luck to all!

  • Jannah  says:

    I love you guys

  • Daniella Zamora  says:

    I love yall so much I always watch yalls videos and I hope I win I’m so eexcited- Daniella Zamora

  • Destiny Kruczewski  says:

    Love you guys so much keep up the funny videos

  • Tamari  says:

    I love you guys and hope i win but you guy are awsome and i glad
    you got and award for 1 million subscribers❤ by the way the rainbow emojis for the Unicorn because I don’t have the Unicorn emoji on my phone

  • Tamari  says:
  • Destiny Ferreira  says:

    Hey Im destiny_lovestar Sachi And Yumi seen me on musically And instergram i Have been watching Your channel for a very long time And im starting to actually make my own im so happy that You Guys got Your own sliver play button i knew You Guys could do it And good luck to everyone in this giveaway:3

  • lamia  says:

    Hey I’m interested in this giveaway in need of school supplies and your give aways are always appreciated and I hope I win and good luck to all of you!!!!! BTW I followed your Instagram love you both kisses!!! The emojis where my favorite thanks for the opportunity!!!!!✌✌✌✌

  • Camilla  says:

    You guys are awesome i love to watch your videos

  • Oscar Jr. Pardo  says:

    Hey kid toy testers!!
    I watch your videos and i totally love all of them i really hope i win the giveaway cause i really need school suplise to use in school because my family cant aford school suplise because they spent there money to put me in school so i really hope i win!!

  • Oscar Jr. Pardo  says:

    Oh and i need to ask how do you enter the giveaway

  • yariela  says:

    omg I love you guys and I enjoy your vids I hope I win

  • Isabelle hercher  says:

    I’m am entering the give away!!!!!
    Love you Yumi and Sachi
    Got my fingers grossed!!

    • Diana  says:

      Omg yumi,sachi I’m a really big fan of urs sorry if I spelled your name wrong but I hope I win this giveaway because I’ve never won before and this would mean a lot and if I do win I would want ur autograph but this would mean the world to me because are family really needs a lot but one thing I forgot to mention is that congrats on your silver play button im so glad and I agree with pardo says and I hope I win and I’m wishing every body good luck but I would love everything to have but I would get upset love you guys good luck guys☺

  • Destiny  says:

    I love watching all of your videosU guys are my favorite Subscribers❤I hope i win this giveaway of school supplies because I’m giing to sixth grade and i need alit of supplies,This is why i would like to win this giveawayP.S i love u guys

  • Destiny  says:

    *going* *alot*
    Sorry i misspelled

  • Priscila Sanchez  says:

    Omg I am so proud of all of u guys u have gone so far and I wish ihiys all the luck in the future PS I love u guys

  • Estefania vazquez  says:

    I love yall guys I have seen most of your videos there so cool and I hope I win but if I dont it ok because atleast someone with better luck won

  • Lea  says:

    Who knows I might have a chance to win

  • annie  says:

    Pick me please

  • Jessie  says:

    I hope you pick me thanks

  • Kimberly  says:

    I need to be the winner

  • Jenny  says:

    Dear u can you please send me the package with the supplies

  • dannyell  says:

    I really appreciate it very much please pick me thank you

  • Valerie  says:

    Hi I love watching your videos hope I win and good luck to everyone !!!

  • Roshana  says:

    I love you guys Your so awesome Hope i win

  • Cieba Mariel Baybayon  says:

    OMG ! Hi guys ! I have watched your videos and you guys are soo amazing . You inspire me a lot because of your videos . You two are soo beautiful and gorgeous also . I really hope an pray that I could win in this give away . Keep on creating videos and Take care always ! I LOVE YOU BOTH ! I’m from Philippines by the way hehe

  • Brigitte  says:

    I watch your videos for a long time. But I berly subcribe because I dint have a account so I hade one but I have a lot of fun watching your videos. I hope I win fingers crossed. I’m team unicor . Love you guys.

  • Jezell  says:

    Omg ilu guys so much I entered twice because my dad lost his job so its hard but I hoped everyone gets a chance to win

  • Kelsey  says:

    You guys are awsome and so funny! Good luck to anyone else doing thing although i hope i win good luck

  • Regiena Lumogdang  says:

    Hi guys im regiena.And i want to enter you’re giveaway im from manila,philippines.Congratulation guys you reached 100,000 subscribers and i hope i can win the giveaway.Good luck!

    Love you!

  • Evie  says:

    I really want to win lol probably because I’m short of stuff for school and my parents aren’t buying stuff

  • Madhumidha  says:

    You guys are the best hope I win

  • Lily mai macaskill  says:

    I love you gays so Mach the best I did today was watching your viding

  • Kim Kranjc  says:

    I love you guys! You are so so pretty and if you’ll continue like that you will be really great youtubers!<3

  • Ciera Mack  says:

    You guys are amazing and im team panda

  • Claire  says:

    OMD i love your vids so much, i think its so great that you are doing this. Even i f i dont win that wont change my mind but you guys are so amazing and the world needs more fun people like you.

  • Aleyah  says:

    You are amazing youtubers and very inspiring

    • Takwa  says:

      Me to i hope I win

  • Giovanna  says:

    I will love to win because i really need school supplies and yall seem really kool

  • Abbey  says:

    I really hope I win because I’m starting 7 grade and I need all brand new supplies for school and I could do with winning but it won’t be me anyway so anyway you are amazing and you are my favourite YouTuber

  • Alejandra Velasco  says:

    I really really hope i win the giveaway because my family is not really economically prepared to get me such pretty and cute school supplies so i really really hope i win.Love u guys:D

  • Aminah  says:

    I live in a poor family I had to use my moms phone to do this because I have no Electonics and we struggle to pay the school bills and this would help a lot so my mom can buy me clothes so I don’t have to wear rag because I need school stuff your videos bring light to my day I watch every video of yours you guys are the best

    Ps. The should be an animal that is a panda and a unicorn had a baby #PandaCorn

  • makayia  says:

    I really hope I win

  • Omaris  says:

    Guys Your the Best keep up the good work

  • Gurleen Kaur  says:

    I’m very excited and I hope I’ll win

  • Gurleen Kaur  says:

    really excited

  • Alice Bothwell  says:

    I’m so happy for you guys hitting the over 100,000 subscribers mark you rock!

  • simran  says:

    i subscribed,liked the video, my twitter is simranbff11 good luck to everyone !
    i just entered i hope i win just like everyone else good luck to everyone!
    i really want to win , hoping to win ! i really need school supplies …

  • Julis Seton  says:

    I would love/need these things because I really need these things for school and I must pay it myself. Ily, Julia

  • kennedy jointer  says:

    Hi I love you guys so much and I really hope I win but yea I’m a huge fan of the pandacorns so yea hopefully I win.P.S LOVE YOU THE BRAVES GIRL.

  • Amna  says:

    I love you guys so much and I hope that I win this awesome giveaway

  • I'm Genesis  says:

    You guys are so generous and that is why i love you I wish abd hope that i will win this time and i will pray gor it everyday and also for you those are so cute that i even want to get ot already but still it should be fair to all of us

  • Aqsa  says:

    i really hop i win i love you both thanks for being so amazing and alwys making my day love aqsa

  • lauren  says:

    hi i love your YouTube channel and i have watched every single video u have made, i hope i get lucky in this giveaway. As i need school stuff and i want it please keep making amazing videos and hopefully you gain more and more subscribers Bye !!!!

  • Courtney  says:

    Hope I can win cause I am in urgent need of school supplies and I’m in year 9 going to hear 10 in 5 months and this stuff would help a lot ❤️❤️❤️

  • briana becerra  says:

    Hi guys i think ur do sweet and ur videos are year im going to 6th grade at a new school and im really nervous so winning this eould be great.

  • Precy Vargas  says:

    I really need the Ipad ! And oh my gosh congratulations in your award i am almost 2 years subscriber in your channel and its a big wow to me for you guys love you both and i love sachi she’s responding to my messages in insta . Love you all guys i hope i win

    • Takwa  says:

      I hope I win to i need school supplies to

  • Leah formby  says:

    I am new to your channel,but whenever I am upset I know what to do, watch one of your videos they always brighten up my day.

    Thank you for reading, from your biggest fan!!!

  • Leah formby  says:

    I am new to your channel but whenever I am upset you
    always brighten up my day.

    From your biggest fan please pick me

  • Felicia  says:

    I love you guys I love your videos hope I win the giveaway ❤️

  • Leah formby  says:

    I am new to your channel but whenever I am upset you always brighten up my day please pick me from your biggest fan.Also I am starting secondary school so I hoping for the most support possible

    Thank you pick me please

  • Aaliyha  says:

    Hi i am so excited and i appreciate what you guys do and i congrats you for getting 100,000 subs and i hope that i may win but still someone who really needs this more than me.

  • Arabelle Mhae Basak  says:

    The video was really great… And very exciting… I hope that I can win this giveaway.. But I’ll kust pray it to God.. Because God is the only answer….

  • India Singh  says:

    We pray that we win
    because we will be donating to local schools

  • Sharon  says:

    I love your videos and I really want to win the back to school giveaway but I do not know if I am going to win

  • Adriana ortiz  says:

    You guys are amazing and inspirational to you guys rock I watch your video almost everyday keep making videos love you guys

  • Ariana  says:

    I love your work on youtube and happy that you reached to 1 Thousand subscribers. And I’m also thankful for putting a smile on my face everyday when I need one. I really want the giveaway prize 2. Love u

  • Ellie more  says:

    U guys made me love YouTube u made me want to start a chanel u guys are super awesome!!!!!!!!

  • aoife  says:

    I luvvvvvv ur unicorn team if a panda and a unicorn had a child it would be my fav animal it would be like a pandacorn

  • Garyiel hayes  says:

    I really want to save my mom money but I love your vids #newsubscriber

  • Salma  says:

    I love u guyzzz and i hope that i will win

  • Jessica  says:

    I really want to get something good this year my parents don’t have as much money to get me everything

  • Abdelhamid  says:

    I wish I could win

  • Alyssa  says:

    I love your channel so much!! I always watch your videos and you guys are so awesome

  • Chloe  says:

    I know we’re not allowed u know like for doing this but I pray that I will win this , winning this will be my goal of this year so ya and yes your using a randomiser but it’s ok just putting it out there love u guys I hv been watching since the channel started❤️❤️❤️

  • Perla  says:

    I hope I win

    • Dancer Queen  says:

      Me to

      • erika alanis  says:

        I hope the one that needs it the most wins

  • kati  says:

    I love you guy i hope i win

  • fajjr  says:


  • Jassi  says:

    i love watching your videos it would mean the world to me if i won

  • Dior  says:

    Best stuff ever!
    I love you guys!

  • Dior  says:

    Best stuff ever!
    I love you guys!soooo awsome!

  • Dior  says:

    Also how do you have enough money to get all this stuff for giveaways?

  • Suze  says:

    I hope I win because my family doesn’t have enough money for school supplies

  • Jahnavi  says:

    Team unicorn + panda

  • Dior  says:

    Plz answer when you have a chance

  • kia  says:

    i love you guys so much i always watch you videos

  • Chloe  says:

    I love you xxoxooxox

  • kia  says:

    go unicorns

  • Ericka  says:

    I’m from México so i understand the most of words but i really didn’t understand how can we enter to the giveaway.
    the only thing that we should do is leaving a comment?

  • israh  says:

    Please i hope i can win because i did not win a giveaway in my tire life please love you

  • Berenice  says:

    Pizz give my The supliese i really need them

  • Kaidence  says:

    Hi I love the kidtoytesters I watched all of your videos

  • Tala  says:

    I hope I win

  • Veronica  says:

    You guys are awesome. I’m entering for my lil cousin I hope I can win for her she would love it.

  • Carliyah  says:

    I love your videoa thanks for doing this

  • Raj Gambhir  says:

    I love this giveaway. Its so awesome and cute! It would be the best thing ever if I won but it’s ok if I don’t. I think you guys are pretty generous which is awesome!!

  • Isabel Zamora  says:

    I love your videos good luck to everyone

  • Lizet  says:

    Love you guys am addicted to your videos

  • Ian  says:

    Hope I win!!!

  • Sair  says:

    Love u guys congrats on so many sub’s a.d many more to come hope I win ❤

  • Ashley Chicoine  says:

    Exited!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!! You made my day!

  • Lark  says:

    This giveaway is AWESOME! Good luck to everyone!

  • Lia  says:

    i have tried my best to complete all the types of entries but some i cannot do. Thank you so much for giving everyone this opportunity. i love you guys and your videos. as everyone else i hope to win, but good luck to everyone else. love u guys soooo much xxxxxxx

  • Margentaah  says:

    Awsome yes you are. I love watching all your videos you are great kids. God bless your whole family.

  • Paris  says:

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    Yo biggest fan ever,

    Ashley Chicoine

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    I am so excited for this giveaway and I want to say for doing it because I love your channel. Also, well done on getting the YouTube silver play button, you deserve it.

  • Aaminah  says:

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    I am so proud of you guys to win the YouTube silver play and I have Ben supporting you since day one and all the videos you make me and my friends laugh

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    • Pazebot  says:

      Not to be harsh but isn’t one of the first things they said is please don’t beg because they have no control over who wins the person is picked by a generator(program totally random). It only makes them feel bad because they don’t have enough for everyone.

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    I Sending a warm hug from Viet Nam !!!!
    My IG is @doquynhanh7535

    My Twitter @hungdovan3

    I really hope I can win the giveaway !!!!

    Good luck everyone!!!!

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    • KidToyTesters  says:

      yes the giveaway is open world wide. good luck

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  • ayla  says:

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    Hi guys! It’s me katrina! Im from the Philippines! I just wanna say that I’m really broke and that I didn’t experience any of the stuff that you have in the Giveaway. And If I win I can share with my brothers. If I win I will take it for granted. Im not saying this to make you feel bad or something but I really wanna try those things. I made this account to enter. I’ve been supporting you guys but I don’t have any acc because i thought that it’s not that important. I’ve been supporting you since Yumi is still same my age. That her little sister always helps her out. I’m 11 right now. I wanna help my family from spending money. I want them to save it and don’t spend it to us because we are not rich. My phones even broken. But I just wanna tell you that I love you guys! Even if I don’t win. It’s okay. But I really wanna experience holding that kinds of things.
    (Sorry if I have a bad English)

    Goodluck in the Giveaway!❤

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    Hope I win love u guys so muchu always make my day
    whenever I feel sad all I do is watch u guys

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    Hi my name is catherine I love ur channel I’ve been watching for about 2 year I watch u every day u guys are so funny evertime I feel sad or down u guys make up my day and put a smile on my face thanks for doing that UNICORN TEAM ❤️❤️❤️ u girls are so gorgeous u guys are special to me ur awesome God bless u I love u

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    Hello!! BTW i really think you girls are pretty and cute ❤️❤️ Promise, i really mean it ☺️ I just hope to have a clean raffle. Yes I hope I would win but Its fine if others get it. Lets just be happy for them and not be bitter by unsubscribing and creating hurtful comments ☺️ Let us understand that they are doing this fairly, if we wont get picked just let it go.. We still have a lot more giveaways to join. ❤️

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    • Nidia love pandas  says:

      Hey hey guys I really love your videos and I like the way you guys think of girls to be unique and different and don’t worry about what anybody else says you guys are so sweet and kind of girls at ever watched on YouTube and I would really like to win you’re back to school giveaway because those thingas are vary pretty and so are you two and I from Philadelphia

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    I love this giveaway and i love you kidstoytesters i am so excited for this giveaway thank you so much for doing this

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    Enter me

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    I really need to win this my mom will only buy me pencils and a backpack the rest I have to my and I only make 5 dollar per week for chores my school starts in 2 weeks right now I only have 8 dollar because I just started doing chores please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi,my name is Akeba I’m subscribed to both channels and I really hope I win the giveaway because I haven’t went school supplies shopping because my mother has not been working and we just don’t have it and school for me starts on the 15th and if I win I will be very thankful because I really need it

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    Hey I saw your video on YouTube. I loved everything about it. You guys have so much energy and Is so happy. You have a good personality which made me happy. I guess all I’m trying to say is I hope I win so I can give the supplies to my cousin her family is struggling. Her mom and dad have no money and are divorced. Her and her dad are making food to sell for school supplies. I wanted to help so I entered a lot of back to school give aways. I hope I win so I can make her back to school great and make her and family happy.

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    I wish I can do more I only subscribed to you on YouTube, and subscribed to news letter. I don’t have any other social media but wish I can I hope I win you guys are awesome nice job on reaching 100,000 subscribers and wining the silver play button it would mean everything to me if I won thanks so much 🙂 you guys are amazing!!!

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    Congratulations for the award and I’m having trouble entering but good luck to everybody but I really hope I win that would be awesome but congratulations for the award again but good luck to everybody I really hope I win but thank you so much for this opportunity and its so awesome how you guys don’t that’s awesome!!!! But GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE

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    Thank You Kid Toy Testers for this giveaway! I wish everyone good luck and I hope that whoever wins is truly grateful!!! Thanks again.

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    I really hope I win bc all the school supplies would be so helpful and so would the iPad for doing school work. You guys are so amazing for even thinking about us. Thank you so much

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    When will the supplies be shipped?

  • Arya Walker  says:

    I love your videos they are cool and fun

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    I hope i will i just really hope i get the chance to get these really cool stuff i would so appreciate it and share the items to some of my friends less fortunate

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    Well I wish you all the luck I’m entering for me and my family because this year we are short on money 🙂 and back to school supplies is a problem

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    Hi I really hope I can win school starts in two more weeks and my family doesn’t have money to buy anything

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    Love love I have a unicorn pijama and the shirt says im a unicorn ❤️ And congratulations on passing 100,000 and passing 175,000 Love you girls !

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    I love you guys.I am so glad and happy you got so many followers so happy for you.And I hope I win the school supplies because my school starts after 2 weeks and I have nothing.And Do you know I told my all friends to subscribe to your Chanel because you are the best.

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    Hi u guys I mostly like watch all your vids hope I win LOVE U GUYS!!!!!!!!

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    I Really Hope I win I never win, Btw you guys deserve 1 Million Subs.And the person who gets all the giveaway Prizes should appreciate them.

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    Hi I ‘m from Caracas, Venezuela saw you through a friend and I would like to participate , Greetings !!

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    d my brother

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    OMG all of that stuffs are like kids dream … Or unless my dream . I have entered every single of your giveaways but never and ever win 1 ….. 6 years of buying school supplies is even like a lot like this …….. If I win I could even use them till the rest of my life ( just kidding ) I’m super bad luck last year I entered barely almost every school giveaways but I won none so hopefully miracle can happen to me this starting my first year in middle school and have the coolest school supplies in 6th grade , or unless if I didn’t win then have to for next year and wait and wait ….

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    Love you

  • Valeris  says:

    Love you

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    gud luck to every one who entered and i luv you kid toytester you r my fav

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    Hope i win!!!! *Fingers crossed*

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    I didnt put in my full email for the newsletter portion of the giveaway and it still accepted… I would still like to join the newsletter

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    I love your videos and I hope I will be the winner

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    I hope I can win, I have no money to by school supplies , & I start school soon, love yur videos girls & congrats on the 1k subscribers (:

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    Oooh my god! Y’all are awesome! God bless y’alls hearts.

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    i love you so much all the things in the video are so cute and i am wating this video from along time a go i love alot the bags its so cute i hope i win cause i need this things alot and think you ♥♡
    good luck guys

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    You guys are so cute and I love the holiday candy taste testing video. It’s kind of you to do this give away and you deserved every sub you already got + a lot more. Xx

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    Hi,and you guys have the best back to school giveaways ever!ive never won one but I still enter other giveaways,u guys are one of my favorite you tubers and one of the best,I think u guys can get to 1,000,000 subscribers because u guys are awesome,love you guys so much!

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    could you do more challenges

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  • Kalia  says:

    You gals are super generous!

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    You are my favourite youtubers you guys are so awesome and you siblings are so adorable

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    I love watching your videos hope I win this one I never won a give away hopefully it is my chance to win this one hope you girls a great school year!:-D

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    Congrats on 100,000+!! You guys are so entertaining and have a great channel! When I found your channel I kept watching Bc I love it soooo much!! I hope I could win the giveaway but I am sure there are kids that need it more than me bc there is alway someone that needs more but I would like to be considered. I would use everything! I LOVE your style and the unicorn horn lush product thank u so much for the opportunity!!

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    Hey guys I really like your show and i will love to win your back to school giveaway and I love the way you guys are different and are vary sweet and kind and I’m doing a give way my self with my mom job for the kids in need and one thing you guys make happy by doing this and I’m from Philadelphia

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    You guys ALWAYS leave me speechless from your videos to all the way to your awesome beautiful selves! Never forget that there are other of million people who are going to subscribe to you in the future! I love the both of you to the moon and back! You guys always make me smile and make my day! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! AND GO TEAM PANDACORN!!

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  • Sha  says:

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