6ft Tall My Girls Doll House (www.MyGirlsDollHouse.com) review with Yumiko & Sachiko

Finally we can play with our dolls without bumping their heads.  🙂

Visit the My Girls Doll House Website: www.MyGirlsDollhouse.com
Facebook: MyGirlsDollHouse Page

There are 2 versions available “Sweet Bungalow, and “Country French”.  We have the “Country French” home that a sophisticated exterior with grey siding, white trim, and a red door. The interior is filled with a purple and pink pallet, with a graphic purple room and ballet room upstairs, and two pink rooms downstairs.

MyGirlsDollHouse Country French

My Girls Doll House Country French



100% pine wood frame and standing at 6 feet tall and 5 feet wide,
My Girl’s Dollhouse can hold all your 18-inch doll’s beautiful things.

We would like to say a special thank you to Genn Comm , and  GoodToy, a division of Wicked Cool Toys for sending us this awesome Doll House.

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